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 Display Name
RM00101RM Customer MSTR

This table contains nonfinancial customer information. When a customer master record is created, a corresponding record should be created in the RM_Customer_MSTR_SUM table, where year to date, last year to date and life to date information for the customer can be stored.

Required fields:
Customer Number
Customer Name
Address Code
Balance Type
Default Cash Account Type
Modified Date
Created Date

Revalue Customer
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RM00102Customer Master Address File

The Customer Address Master holds the Primary Address ID as well as additional addresses for the Customer.  The Primary Address ID (and any additional ID’s) from the Customer Card must exist in this table.

Table description:
This table contains the address records for each customer. Users can enter an unlimited number of addresses for each customer. Address records are linked to the customer record with the Customer Number field. In addition, each address has an address ID, used in customer master table windows to specify shipping and billing addresses. The same address ID can't be used twice for the same customer record, but can be used for other customers.

Required fields:
Customer Number
Address Code
Shipping Method
Tax Schedule ID
Modified Date

 RM00103Customer Master Summary
The RM Customer Master Summary contains summary information about the Customers. YTD, Last Year, & LTD totals as well as last amounts and highest balances for the Customer. It would normally not be imported into unless you wanted last years or Life To Date information for comparative purposes. The Customer Master Summary totals for unposted Sales/Debits, Cash Credits, Other Sales, Other Cash, On Order, & Deposits Received amounts are recalculated on reconciling Customers. The period balances are recalculated at this time as well. This table contains year to date, last year to date and life to date information for each customer. The records in this table are created when records in the RM_Customer_MSTR table are created. There should be one record in this table for every customer. Life to date information is kept up to date at all time; therefore year to date information should always be reflected in life to date fields
 RM00104Customer Period Summary

This file would not normally be imported into. An exception would be to provide totals for previous periods for years before the product was used for comparative reports to current data.

This table contains sales information for customers on a calendar or fiscal basis, as defined using the Fiscal Period Setup window. Users can enter unlimited period information. No duplicate records can be stored in this table; one record should exist for each period.

 RM00105RM National Accounts Master
 RM00106RM Statements E-mail Addresses
On the Customer Maintenance Options form there are three email addresses, they're stored in this table

This file holds all the class information for a Customer. The primary purpose of a class is make changes to all Customers in a class quickly. The information in the RM Class Master is so similar to the RM Customer Master that it is not repeated here. The 2 fields that are different are documented below. In SBM, this table is not available.

Required fields:
Class ID
Class Description
Credit Limit Type
Finance Charge Amt Type
Balance Type
Modified Date
Created Date
Revalue Customer
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 RM00301RM Salesperson Master

The RM Salesperson Master stores salespeople for vendors and your company.

This table contains information used to define a salesperson record. One record is stored in the table for each salesperson. Year to date and life to date information for the salesperson is also stored in this table.

 RM00302Salesperson Master Summary File

The summary file would not normally be imported into. The only reason normally would be to provide data for comparative purposes before this product was implemented.

This table contains financial summary information such as year to date, last year to date and life to date. One record is stored in the table for each salesperson. In SBM, this table is not available.

 RM00303Sales Territory Master File
 RM00305Sales Territory Master Summary
 RM00401RM Key File
 RM00500Extended Pricing Price Sheet Links
 RM00700RM Report Options
Powers the Customer Email Options form off the Customer Maintenance form
 Display Name
 RM10101RM Distribution Work File
 RM10201RM Cash Receipts Work File
RM10301RM Sales Work File
 RM10501RM Commission Work File
 RM10504RM Unpaid Removed Commissions
 RM10601RM Tax Work File
 RM10901RM Aging Reconcile Control
 Display Name
RM20101RM Open File
 RM20102RM Realtime Posting File
 RM20201RM Apply Open File
 RM20400RM Scheduled Payment Header
 RM20401RM Scheduled Payment Line
Work Tables
 Display Name
RM30101RM History File
 RM30201RM Apply History File
 RM30202RM Apply Reprint Journal File
 RM30301Receivables GL Distribution History
 RM30401RM Scheduled Payment Header History
 RM30501Commission History
 RM30502RM Batch History
 RM30601RM Tax History File
 RM30701RM Reprint Statements Header File
 RM30702RM Reprint Statements Transactions File
 Display Name
 RM40101RM Module Setup File
 RM40102RM Reprint Statements Identifier File
 RM40201RM Period Setup
 RM40401Document Type Setup File
 RM40501RM Statements Options File
 RM40601RM Statement Messages Setup File
 RM50100RM History Removal Tempoary File
 RM50101Statements Emailed Header Temp
 RM50102Statements Emailed RecipientsTemp
 RM50103RM Email Statements Header Temporary File
 RM50104RM Email Statements Transactions Temporary F
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