I am receiving an error and the following dynamics.txt file when I start GP utilities.  I do not receive an error in GP and the mods work fine.  Is this anything to be concerned with?

'(L) dms_Address1' of window 'SOP_Entry' of form 'SOP_Entry'
'(L) dms_Address2' of window 'SOP_Entry' of form 'SOP_Entry'
'(L) dms_CityStateZip' of window 'SOP_Entry' of form 'SOP_Entry'
'(L) dms_ContactName' of window 'SOP_Entry' of form 'SOP_Entry'
'(L) ContactPerson' of window 'RM_Cash_Receipts' of form 'RM_Cash_Receipts'


I'm testing an aspx web page that is attempting to enter a purchase order via eConnect and I'm getting an error "Invalid object name PA10601".  I've found posts online about this error occuring on version 9 but I've not seen anything about it for version 10.  Can anyone tell me how to get around this?

David Eichner


I am pretty new to coding with eConnect, and I am having some issues with trying to integrate orders for our drop shipping customers. I understand the basics, and am able to integrate orders, customers, payments, etc. What I would like to have happen is to have 1 customer file with multiple address id's. For example if our customer's number is 1234 and they have a customer order from them named John Smith, I would like an address id called John Smith as a child of customer number 1234. I would then like to use the John Smith address id for the "Ship to Address" on his order. Whereas the next order may need an address id of Mary Simpson.

I am importing these orders in batches from a flat file. So my question would be this: How do I specify which address id is used for the "Ship to Address" on a per order basis?

If I am not being clear enough, I apologize. Like I said, I'm a newbie. If anyone needs more info just let me know and I will try to be more specific.

Hi all,

 I am new to econnect, and what I'm trying to do is take an xml file, loop through it, and add its customers to an econnect xml doc.

 I started by using their examples as a template, and trying to do all of this in the Serialization sub.  However as a result of this code, I get a econnect XML file, but its the final source record repeated the same number of times the loop ran (450 source records = 450 repeats of the final record).

 Any help would be appreciated, as I'm sure this is a fairly common thing to do.  Even pointing me in the direction of more documentation would be greatly appreciated.




Public Shared Sub SerializeCustomerObject(ByVal filename As String)

Dim serializer As New XmlSerializer(GetType(eConnectType))

Dim eConnect As New eConnectType

Dim customer As New taUpdateCreateCustomerRcd

Dim customertype As New RMCustomerMasterType

Dim i As Integer

Dim textDoc As StreamWriter

Dim doc As XmlDocument

Dim nodes As XmlNodeList Dim elem As XmlElement

'Create logfile

textDoc = New StreamWriter("C:\GPlogfile.txt")

i = 0


'Populate the taUpdateCreateCustomerRcd XML node with customer data


' Create a new XmlDocument

doc = New XmlDocument()

' Load data

doc.Load("C:\eConnect\Projects\VB DOT NET Console Application\bin\CustomerRaw.xml")

elem = doc.DocumentElement

nodes = doc.DocumentElement.ChildNodes



For Each elem In nodes



With customer


.CUSTNMBR = elem(

.CUSTNAME = elem("CUSTNAME").InnerText

.ADDRESS1 = elem("ADDRESS1").InnerText

.ADRSCODE = elem("ADRSCODE").InnerText

.CITY = elem("CITY").InnerText

.ZIPCODE = elem("ZIPCODE").InnerText

textDoc.WriteLine("id =" & i & " customer = " & customer.CUSTNAME)


End With


'Populate the RMCustomerMasterType schema with the taUpdateCreateCustomerRcd XML node object

customertype.taUpdateCreateCustomerRcd = customer

'Populate the eConnect XML document object with the RMCustomerMasterType schema object

ReDim Preserve eConnect.RMCustomerMasterType(i)

eConnect.RMCustomerMasterType(i) = customertype


'increase index

i = i + 1



'Create file and XML writer objects to serialize the eConnect XML document

Dim fs As New FileStream(filename, FileMode.Create) Dim writer As New XmlTextWriter(fs, New UTF8Encoding)

' Use the XmlTextWriter to serialize the eConnect XML document object to the file

serializer.Serialize(writer, eConnect)



Catch ex As System.ApplicationExceptionConsole.Write("Error occurred while creating customer XML document and file")


End Try


End Sub



Hi all,

We have created a nice automated import using eConnect for a client and now we want to sell this little app to another client who does not have eConnect registered.

Is there a way to distribute a .Net Application that uses eConnect without having the client to buy eConnect ?



I am having some problems getting this code to work correctly. I loop through rows in a data set where each row represents one line item for an invoice. I would like to preserve the data in the previous row when it goes on to the next. What happens now is when the code loops to the second row, the first is being overwritten with whatever is in the second. For example, if the first row contains item number 123, it initially goes in as item 123. If the second row contains item number 234, I then have 2 rows of data. Both containing item 234. If a third item contains item 345, I will then have 3 rows of data containing item 345. This data is then written into XML once the sales header is created, giving me incorrect line items in my GP invoice. I'm not sure if this is a VB or an eConnect issue, but it is driving me mad! I have attached my code below. If more is needed, just let me know, and PLEASE help. Thanks in advance!

For Each Module1.dr In dt.Rows

r = r + 1

With salesLine

Quantity = ds.Tables.Item(0).Rows(r).Item(12).ToString

ItemNo = ds.Tables.Item(0).Rows(r).Item(13).ToString

CustomerName = ds.Tables(0).Rows(r).Item(0).ToString

Phone = ds.Tables(0).Rows(r).Item(10).ToString

Shipping = ds.Tables(0).Rows(r).Item(8).ToString


.CUSTNMBR = "294496"

.SOPNUMBE = SopNumber

.AutoAssignBin = 0

.DOCDATE = Today



.QUANTITY = Quantity



End With

ReDim Preserve LineItems(0 To i)

LineItems(i) = salesLine

i = i + 1



I could able to add new entry into Payable Transaction and its distribution using eConnect 9.0 from ASP.NET form. Now, I am loking for adding the note in the voucher No for the reference purpose. I could see the notes added in the physical table (SYS03900) but have no idea how it can be added through eConnect. Please help.


We are getting the following error while implementing eConnect from remote system with valid user id and password existing in SQL server and Dynamics server.


Microsoft.GreatPlains.eConnect Version=
.Net SqlClient Data Provider

Login failed for user '(null)'. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.
   at Microsoft.GreatPlains.eConnect.eConnectMethods.ExecStoredProcedures(String xml)




I have an issue when a dropship invoice is put into GP using eConnect with ShipToName in the sales header. When I populate the ShipToName field, the Ship To Address for the invoice shows up, but I am having to actually click on the lookup button and manually select the Address ID from within GP to get the address details (street, city, state, etc.) to populate. The correct Address ID is there, just none of the information that corresponds with it. If I don't pass in the ShipToName, everything shows up like it's suposed to as far as address information goes, but the incorrect name shows up on the packing slip even though the customer name on the invoice is correct; so I do still need to pass it in. I think I may be missing a trigger or something somewhere in my code that will populate all the necessary information. Here is my code the the header...What am I missing?

With salesHdr


.CUSTNAME = CustomerName

.DOCDATE = Today

.ShipToName = CustomerName

.PRSTADCD = Phone 'ship to address code



.SOPNUMBE = SopNumber


.BACHNUMB = "ColdBlood"


.CUSTNMBR = "294496"


"R" & Shipping

End With


I know I'm probably being a pain with all my questions, but I have one more. Does anyone have some code that they could post for me to look at that will input an SOP payment? Or maybe have an idea of where I can find a sample. I have been very unsuccessful at trying to implement this. I haven't been able to find any sample scripts for this that actually work. Here's what I have so far...

Dim serializer As New XmlSerializer(GetType(eConnectType))

Dim eConnect As New eConnectType

Dim Payment As New taCreateSopPaymentInsertRecord_ItemsTaCreateSopPaymentInsertRecord

Dim PaymentType As New SOPTransactionType

For Each Module1.dr In Module1.dt.Rows

r = r + 1

With Payment

OrderTotal = ds.Tables.Item(0).Rows(r).Item(29).ToString

CustomerID = ds.Tables.Item(0).Rows(r).Item(1).ToString

Order_ID = ds.Tables.Item(0).Rows(r).Item(0).ToString

Card_Type = ds.Tables.Item(0).Rows(r).Item(80).ToString

OrderDateTime = ds.Tables.Item(0).Rows(r).Item(24).ToString

PaymentKind = ds.Tables.Item(0).Rows(r).Item(12).ToString

.Action = 1

.DOCAMNT = OrderTotal

.DOCDATE = OrderDateTime

"W" & CustomerID.SOPNUMBE = "FF" & Order_ID





End With

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