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AshleyRP 7/24/2008 5:11:32 PM

eConnect Address ID's

I am pretty new to coding with eConnect, and I am having some issues with trying to integrate orders for our drop shipping customers. I understand the basics, and am able to integrate orders, customers, payments, etc. What I would like to have happen is to have 1 customer file with multiple address id's. For example if our customer's number is 1234 and they have a customer order from them named John Smith, I would like an address id called John Smith as a child of customer number 1234. I would then like to use the John Smith address id for the "Ship to Address" on his order. Whereas the next order may need an address id of Mary Simpson.

I am importing these orders in batches from a flat file. So my question would be this: How do I specify which address id is used for the "Ship to Address" on a per order basis?

If I am not being clear enough, I apologize. Like I said, I'm a newbie. If anyone needs more info just let me know and I will try to be more specific.

Version: Unknown or N/A
Section: eConnect

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