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AshleyRP 7/31/2008 12:46:21 PM

Address details don't populate

I have an issue when a dropship invoice is put into GP using eConnect with ShipToName in the sales header. When I populate the ShipToName field, the Ship To Address for the invoice shows up, but I am having to actually click on the lookup button and manually select the Address ID from within GP to get the address details (street, city, state, etc.) to populate. The correct Address ID is there, just none of the information that corresponds with it. If I don't pass in the ShipToName, everything shows up like it's suposed to as far as address information goes, but the incorrect name shows up on the packing slip even though the customer name on the invoice is correct; so I do still need to pass it in. I think I may be missing a trigger or something somewhere in my code that will populate all the necessary information. Here is my code the the header...What am I missing?

With salesHdr


.CUSTNAME = CustomerName

.DOCDATE = Today

.ShipToName = CustomerName

.PRSTADCD = Phone 'ship to address code



.SOPNUMBE = SopNumber


.BACHNUMB = "ColdBlood"


.CUSTNMBR = "294496"


"R" & Shipping

End With


Version: Unknown or N/A
Section: eConnect

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