QTY Remaining: 
 Invoice: Quantity Remaining = Quantity Invoiced – Previously Backordered – Canceled
 Order: Quantity Remaining     = Quantity Ordered - Previously Backordered - Previously Invoiced - Canceled.
 Back order: Quantity Remaining = Quantity Back Ordered – Previously Ordered – Canceled – Previously Invoiced.
 Fulfillment Order: Quantity Remaining = Quantity Invoiced – Previously Backordered – Canceled
This table contains all the table names, technical names, and user-friendly names for the tables in the Receivables Management module for Dynamics GP


IVC10100 Invoicing Transaction Work IVC_HDR_WORK
IVC10101 Invoicing Transaction Amounts Work IVC_LINE_WORK
IVC10102 Invoicing Serial and Lot Number Work IVC_Serial_Lot_WORK
IVC10103 Invoicing Line Comments IVC_LINE_Comment
IVC10200 Invoicing Payments Work IVC_Payment_WORK
IVC10300 Invoicing Distributions IVC_Distribution
IVC10400 Invoicing Commissions IVC_Commission
IVC10500 Invoicing Taxes IVC_Taxes
IVC30100 Invoicing Batch History IVC_Batch_HIST
IVC30101 Invoicing Transaction History IVC_HDR_HIST
IVC30102 Invoicing Transaction Amounts History IVC_LINE_HIST
IVC40100 Invoicing Setup IVC_SETP
IVC40101 Invoicing Document Setup IVC_Document_SETP
MC020102 Multicurrency Receivables Transactions MC_RM_Transactions
MC020102 Multicurrency Receivables Transactions Debit MC_RM_TransactionsDebitCopy
MC020104 Multicurrency RM Revaluation Activity MC_RM_Revaluation
MC10101 MC RM Distribution Temp File MC_RM_Apply_Dist_TEMP
PA00001 Customer Vendor Master paCustomerVendorMSTR
PA00002 Customer Checks Setup paCustomerCheckSETP
PA00010 Bank Account Master paBankAccount
PA50100 Customer Checks Work paCustomerChecksWORK
PA50102 Customer RM Applied Work paCustomerRMAppliedWork
PA50103 Vendor PM Applied Work paCustomerPMAppliedWork
PA50105 RMPMOpen paRMPMOpen
PT00101 Project Costing Master ptProjectMstr
PT10000 Project Distributions ptProjectDistributions
PT40100 Project Costing Setup ptSetup
RM00101 RM Customer MSTR RM_Customer_MSTR
RM00102 Customer Master Address File RM_Customer_MSTR_ADDR
RM00103 Customer Master Summary RM_Customer_MSTR_SUM
RM00104 Customer Period Summary RM_Customer_MSTR_Period_SUM
RM00105 RM National Accounts Master RM_NationalAccounts_MSTR
RM00106 RM Statements E-mail Addresses rmStmtEmailAddrs
RM00201 RM_Class_MSTR RM_Class_MSTR
RM00301 RM Salesperson Master RM_Salesperson_MSTR
RM00302 Salesperson Master Summary File RM_Salesperson_MSTR_SUM
RM00303 Sales Territory Master File RM_Sales_Territory_MSTR
RM00305 Sales Territory Master Summary RM_Sales_Territory_MSTR_SUM
RM00401 RM Key File RM_Keys_MSTR
RM00500 Extended Pricing Price Sheet Links rmExtPricingSheetLinks
RM00700 RM Report Options RM_Options_ROPT
RM10101 RM Distribution Work File RM_Distribution_WORK
RM10201 RM Cash Receipts Work File RM_Cash_WORK
RM10301 RM Sales Work File RM_Sales_WORK
RM10501 RM Commission Work File RM_Commission_WORK
RM10504 RM Unpaid Removed Commissions RM_Unpaid_Removed_Commissions
RM10601 RM Tax Work File RM_Tax_WORK
RM10901 RM Aging Reconcile Control RM_Aging_Reconcile_Control
RM20101 RM Open File RM_OPEN
RM20101 RM Open File Debit Copy RM_OPENDebitCopy
RM20102 RM Realtime Posting File RM_Realtime_OPEN_WORK
RM20201 RM Apply Open File RM_Applied_OPEN
RM20400 RM Scheduled Payment Header RM_SCH_HDR
RM20401 RM Scheduled Payment Line RM_SCH_LINE
RM30101 RM History File RM_HISTORY
RM30201 RM Apply History File RM_Applied_History
RM30202 RM Apply Reprint Journal File RM_Applied_Journal_Reprint
RM30301 Receivables GL Distribution History RM_Distribution_History
RM30401 RM Scheduled Payment Header History RM_SCH_HDR_HIST
RM30501 Commission History RM_Commission_History
RM30502 RM Batch History RM_Batch_History
RM30601 RM Tax History File RM_Tax_History
RM30701 RM Reprint Statements Header File rmReprintStmtsHDR
RM30702 RM Reprint Statements Transactions File rmReprintStmtsTRX
RM40101 RM Module Setup File RM_Module_SETP
RM40102 RM Reprint Statements Identifier File rmReprintStmtsIdentifier
RM40201 RM Period Setup RM_Period_SETP
RM40401 Document Type Setup File RM_Document_SETP
RM40501 RM Statements Options File RM_Statements_ROPT
RM40601 RM Statement Messages Setup File RM_Statement_Messages_SETP
RM50100 RM History Removal Tempoary File rmHistRemovalTemp
RM50101 Statements Emailed Header Temp rmStmtsEmailedHdrTemp
RM50102 Statements Emailed RecipientsTemp rmStmtsEmailedRecipientsTemp
RM50103 RM Email Statements Header Temporary File rmEmailStmtsHDR
RM50104 RM Email Statements Transactions Temporary F rmEmailStmtsTRX
RMV0100 RM Scheduled Payment Header View RM_SCH_HDR_VIEW
SOP00100 Sales Process Holds Master SOP_Process_Holds_MSTR
SOP00200 Sales Prospect Master SOP_Prospect_MSTR
SOP00300 Sales Customer Item Substitute sopCustomerItemSubstitute
SOP10100 Sales Transaction Work SOP_HDR_WORK
SOP10101 Sales Commissions Work and History SOP_Commission_WORK_HIST
SOP10102 Sales Distribution Work and History SOP_Distribution_WORK_HIST
SOP10103 Sales Payment Work and History SOP_Payment_WORK_HIST
SOP10104 Sales Process Holds Work and History SOP_Process_Holds_WORK_HIST
SOP10105 Sales Taxes Work and History SOP_Tax_WORK_HIST
SOP10106 Sales User-Defined Work History sopUsrDefWorkHist
SOP10107 Sales Tracking Numbers Work History sopTrackingNumbersWorkHist
SOP10108 Extended Pricing Price Group Header sopExtPricingGroupHeader
SOP10109 Extended Pricing Price Book Header sopExtPricingPriceBookHeader
SOP10110 Extended Pricing Price Sheet Header sopExtPricingPriceSheetHeader
SOP10111 Sales Picking Instruction Master sopPickingInstructionMstr
SOP10112 Sales Workflow Work and History sopWorkflowWorkHist
SOP10200 Sales Transaction Amounts Work SOP_LINE_WORK
SOP10201 Sales Serial/Lot Work and History SOP_Serial_Lot_WORK_HIST
SOP10202 Sales Line Comment Work and History SOP_LINE_CMT_WORK_HIST
SOP10203 Sales Order Bin Quantities Work and History sopBinWorkHist
SOP10204 Extended Pricing Promotion Work sopExtPricingPromoWork
SOP10205 Extended Pricing Price Book Work sopExtPricingPriceBookWork
SOP10206 Sales Bulk Print Header sopBulkPrintHdr
SOP10207 Sales Bulk Print Line sopBulkPrintLine
SOP30100 Sales Batch History SOP_Batch_HIST
SOP30200 Sales Transaction History SOP_HDR_HIST
SOP30201 Sales Deposit History SOP_Deposit_HIST
SOP30300 Sales Transaction Amounts History SOP_LINE_HIST
SOP40100 Sales Setup SOP_SETP
SOP40101 Sales Workflow Setup sopWorkflowSetup
SOP40200 Sales Type ID Setup SOP_ID_SETP
SOP40201 Sales Default Process Holds Setup SOP_Default_Holds_SETP
SOP40300 Sales Document Setup SOP_Document_SETP
SOP40400 Sales User Defined Table Setup SOP_User_Defined_SETP
SOP40500 Sales Master Number Setup SOP_Master_Number_SETP
SOP40600 Sales Non-IV Item Currency Setup sopNonIVItemCurr
SOP40700 Extended Pricing Customer Price Report sopExtPricingCustPriceReport
SOP40701 Extended Pricing Price List Report sopExtPricingPLPriceReport
SOP40702 Extended Pricing Base Prices sopExtPricingBasePrices
SOP40703 Extended Pricing Quantity Breaks sopExtPricingQuantityBreaks
SOP40704 Extended Pricing Quantity Breaks For Price S sopExtPricingQuantityBreaksForPriceS
SOP40705 Extended Pricing Generate Dates sopExtPricingGenDates
SOP40706 Extended Pricing Price Book Prices sopExtPricingPriceBookPrices
SOP40708 Extended Pricing Base Currencies sopExtPricingBaseCurr
SOP40709 Extended Pricing Group Currencies sopExtPricingGroupCurr
SOP50100 Sales Process Documents Temp SOP_Process_TEMP
SOP50200 Sales Document Header Temp SOP_Document_HDR_TEMP
SOP50300 Sales Document Line Temp sopDocumentLineTemp
SOP50400 Extended Pricing Promotion Inquiry Temp sopExtPricingPromoInquiryTemp
SOP50401 Extended Pricing Promotion Report Temp sopExtPricingPromoReportTemp
SOP60200 Sales Picking Instruction Cross Reference sopPickingInstructionXref
SOP60300 Sales Customer Item Cross Reference sopCustomerItemXref
SOP70100 Sales Inquiry Restrictions SOP_Restrictions_MSTR
VAT10100 RM Class Intrastat MSTR RM_Class_Intrastat_MSTR
VAT10101 RM Customer Intrastat MSTR RM_Customer_Intrastat_MSTR
paActvty Lock Box Activity Tracking Master paActivityTrackingMSTR
palbCash Lockbox Cash Work paRMCashWORK
palbInvc Lockbox Invoice Work paRMInvoiceWORK
palbdtl Lockbox Setup Details paLockboxDetails
palbmstr Lockbox Master paLockboxMSTR
palbrdty Lockbox Record Types paLockboxRecordTypes
palbsetp Lockbox Setup palbSetup
Bill of Materials Header bmBill BM00101
Bill of Materials Component bmBillComp BM00111
Assembly Transaction bmTrx BM10200
Assembly Component bmTrxComp BM10300
Assembly Serial Lot bmTrxSerialLot BM10400
Assembly Batch History bmBatchHist BM30100
Assembly Transaction History bmTrxHist BM30200
Assembly Component History bmTrxCompHist BM30300
Assembly Serial Lot History bmTrxSerialLotHist BM30400
Bill of Materials Setup bmSetup BM40100
Item Master IV_Item_MSTR IV00101
Item Quantity Master IV_Item_MSTR_QTYS IV00102
Item Vendor Master IV_Item_MSTR_VNDR IV00103
Item Kit Master IV_Item_MSTR_KIT IV00104
Item Currency Master ivItemCurr IV00105
Item Purchasing ivItemPurch IV00106
Item Price List Options ivItemPriceListOpt IV00107
Item Price List ivItemPriceList IV00108
Item Serial Number Mask IV_SerialNumberMask IV00109
Planner Master ivPlanners IV00110
Site Defaults ivRPSiteDefaults IV00111
Item Site Bin Master ivItemSiteBinMstr IV00112
Item Price List Details ivItemPriceListDtl_SBM IV00113
Inactive Items ivItemInactive IV00114
Multiple Manufacture Items Master IV_MFG_ITM_MSTR IV00115
Item Project Phase Options ivItemProjPhaseOpt IV00116
Item Site Bin Priorities ivItemSiteBinPriority IV00117
Item Cost Change History ivItemCostChangeHist IV00118
Item Serial Number Master IV_Serial_MSTR IV00200
Item Lot Number Master IV_Lot_MSTR IV00300
Item Lot Attribute Master IV_Lot_Attributes IV00301
IV_ItemList_View IV_ItemList_View IV00500
Inventory Transaction Work IV_TRX_WORK_HDR IV10000
Inventory Transaction Amounts Work IV_TRX_WORK_LINE IV10001
Inventory Serial and Lot Number Work IV_TRX_WORK_Serial_Lot IV10002
Inventory Transaction Bin Quantities Work ivTrxBinWork IV10003
Inventory Bin Quantity Transfer ivBinQuantityTransfer IV10004
Inventory Purchase Receipts Work IV_Purchase_Receipts IV10200
Inventory Purchase Receipts Detail IV_Purchase_Receipts_DTL IV10201
Stock Count ivStockCount IV10300
Stock Count Line ivStockCountLine IV10301
Stock Count Serial Lot ivStockCountSerialLot IV10302
Stock Count U of M ivStockCountUofM IV10303
Extended Pricing Price Group Work ivExtPricingGroupWork IV10400
Extended Pricing Price Sheet Work ivExtPricingPriceSheetWork IV10401
Extended Pricing Price Sheet UofM Work ivExtPricingPriceSheetUofMWork IV10402
Extended Pricing Promotion Free Item ivExtPricingPromoFreeItem IV10403
Inventory Transaction Batch History IV_TRX_HIST_Batch IV30100
Inventory Sales Summary History IV_SUM_HIST IV30101
Inventory Sales Summary Period History IV_SUM_HIST_Period IV30102
Inventory Transaction History IV_TRX_HIST_HDR IV30200
Inventory Transaction Amounts History IV_TRX_HIST_LINE IV30300
Inventory Transaction Detail History IV_TRX_HIST_LINE_DTL IV30301
Inventory Transaction Bin Quantities History ivTrxBinHist IV30302
Item Serial and Lot Number History IV_TRX_HIST_Serial_Lot IV30400
Inventory Distribution History IV_Distribution_HIST IV30500
Item Lot Attribute History IV_TRX_HIST_Lot_Attributes IV30600
Stock Count History ivStockCountHist IV30700
Stock Count Line History ivStockCountLineHist IV30701
Stock Count Serial Lot History ivStockCountSerialLotHist IV30702
Inventory Control Setup IV_SETP IV40100
Inventory U of M Schedule Setup IV_UofM_SETP_HDR IV40201
Inventory U of M Schedule Detail Setup IV_UofM_SETP_DTL IV40202
Item Class Setup IV_Item_Class_SETP IV40400
Item Class Currency Setup ivItemClassCurr IV40401
Item Lot Category Setup IV_Lot_Type_SETP IV40500
Item Category Setup IV_User_Category_SETP IV40600
Site Setup IV_Location_SETP IV40700
Site Bin Master ivSiteBinMstr IV40701
Site Intrastat Setup ivLocationIntrastatMstr IV40702
Price Level Setup IV_Price_Level_SETP IV40800
Price Group Master ivPriceGroup IV40900
Stock Calendar ivStockCalendar IV41000
Stock Calendar Exception Days ivExceptionDays IV41001
Inventory Landed Cost ivLandedCost IV41100
Inventory Landed Cost Group ivLandedCostGroup IV41101
Inventory Landed Cost Group Details ivLandedCostGroupDetails IV41102
Stock Count Assignment Temp ivStockCountAssignTemp IV50200
ABC Analysis Temp ivABCAnalysisTemp IV50300
Inventory Report Options IV_Options_ROPT IV70500

There are several different sequences that events fire, depending on how you enter data. I'm attempting to document that here.

Existing document - opened by manually changing the SOP Number on a Fulfillment doc

2. SOPTYPE_CHANGE (fulfillment to 5)
3. SOPNUMBER_CHANGE event (fulfillment, soptype=5)
5. SHIPTOADDRESSCODE_CHANGE (fulfillment, soptype = 5)
6. SOPTYPE_CHANGE (fulfillment to 6)
7. SOPNUMBER_CHANGE event (fulfillment, soptype=6)
8. SOPNUMBER_LEAVE event (fulfillment, soptype=6)

 Scrolling through QUOTES using the VCR buttons at the bottom of the form

2. SOPNUMBER_CHANGE (but it hasn't)
3. SOPNUMBER_CHANGE (this time it has)
5. SOPNUMBER_CHANGE (no change)

 Scrolling through FULFILLMENTS using the VCR buttons at the bottom of the form


New quote



Sirs: I have a situation where the SOP Transaction Entry window is open, and programatically I open the Commissions window and the Sales Date Entry window. I need to be able to force the SOP Trans window to the back, or the other two to the front. Is that possible using VS Tools?
Name Physical Name Type Keyable
Customer Number CUSTNMBR String 15
Customer Name CUSTNAME String 64
Customer Class CUSTCLAS String 15
Corporate Customer Number CPRCSTNM String 15
Contact Person CNTCPRSN String 60
Statement Name STMTNAME String 64
Short Name SHRTNAME String 15
Address Code ADRSCODE String 15
UPS Zone UPSZONE String 3
Shipping Method SHIPMTHD String 15
Tax Schedule ID TAXSCHID String 15
Address 1 ADDRESS1 String 60
Address 2 ADDRESS2 String 60
Address 3 ADDRESS3 String 60
Country COUNTRY String 60
City CITY String 35
State STATE String 29
Zip ZIP String 10
Phone 1 PHONE1 String 14
Phone 2 PHONE2 String 14
Phone 3 PHONE3 String 14
Fax FAX String 14
Primary Billto Address Code PRBTADCD String 15
Primary Shipto Address Code PRSTADCD String 15
Statement Address Code STADDRCD String 15
Salesperson ID SLPRSNID String 15
Checkbook ID CHEKBKID String 15
Payment Terms ID PYMTRMID String 20
Credit Limit Type CRLMTTYP Integer 0
Credit Limit Amount CRLMTAMT Currency 17
Credit Limit Period CRLMTPER Integer 0
Credit Limit Period Amount CRLMTPAM Currency 17
Currency ID CURNCYID String 15
Rate Type ID RATETPID String 15
Customer Discount CUSTDISC Integer 5
PriceLevel PRCLEVEL String 10
Minimum Payment Type MINPYTYP Integer 0
Minimum Payment Dollar MINPYDLR Currency 17
Minimum Payment Percent MINPYPCT Integer 5
Finance Charge Amt Type FNCHATYP Integer 0
Finance Charge Percent FNCHPCNT Integer 5
Finance Charge Dollar FINCHDLR Currency 17
Maximum Writeoff Type MXWOFTYP Integer 0
Max Writeoff Amount MXWROFAM Currency 17
Comment1 COMMENT1 String 30
Comment2 COMMENT2 String 30
User Defined 1 USERDEF1 String 20
User Defined 2 USERDEF2 String 20
Tax Exempt 1 TAXEXMT1 String 25
Tax Exempt 2 TAXEXMT2 String 25
Tax Registration Number TXRGNNUM String 25
Balance Type BALNCTYP Integer 0
Statement Cycle STMTCYCL Integer 0
Bank Name BANKNAME String 30
Bank Branch BNKBRNCH String 20
Sales Territory SALSTERR String 15
Default Cash Account Type DEFCACTY Integer 0
RM Cash Account Index RMCSHACC Long Integer 14
RM AR Account Index RMARACC Long Integer 14
RM Sales Account Index RMSLSACC Long Integer 14
RM IV Account Index RMIVACC Long Integer 14
RM Cost Of Sales Account Index RMCOSACC Long Integer 14
RM Discounts Taken Account Index RMTAKACC Long Integer 14
RM Discounts Avail Account Index RMAVACC Long Integer 14
RM Finance Charge Account Index RMFCGACC Long Integer 14
RM Writeoff Account Index RMWRACC Long Integer 14
RM Sales Order Returns Account Index RMSORACC Long Integer 14
First Invoice Date FRSTINDT Date 6
Inactive INACTIVE Boolean 0
Hold HOLD Boolean 0
Credit Card ID CRCARDID String 15
Credit Card Number CRCRDNUM String 20
Credit Card Exp Date CCRDXPDT Date 6
Keep Distribution History KPDSTHST Boolean 0
Keep Calendar History KPCALHST Boolean 0
Keep Period History KPERHIST Boolean 0
Keep Trx History KPTRXHST Boolean 0
Note Index NOTEINDX Currency 14
Created Date CREATDDT Date 8
Modified Date MODIFDT Date 8
Revalue Customer Revalue_Customer Boolean 0
Post Results To Post_Results_To Integer 0
Finance Charge ID FINCHID String 15
Governmental Corporate ID GOVCRPID String 30
Governmental Individual ID GOVINDID String 30
Discount Grace Period DISGRPER Integer 2
Due Date Grace Period DUEGRPER Integer 2
Document Format ID DOCFMTID String 15
Send Email Statements Send_Email_Statements Boolean 0
User Language ID USERLANG Integer 0
Integration Source INTEGRATIONSOURCE Integer 0
Integration ID INTEGRATIONID String 30
Order Fulfillment Shortage Default ORDERFULFILLDEFAULT Integer 0
Customer Priority CUSTPRIORITY Integer 0
Country Code CCode String 6
Declarant ID DECLID String 15
RM Overpayment Writeoff Account Index RMOvrpymtWrtoffAcctIdx Long Integer 14
Ship Complete Document SHIPCOMPLETE Boolean 0
Cash Based VAT CBVAT Boolean 0
Include in Demand Planning INCLUDEINDP Boolean 0

If you receive a "edited by another user" message, try this:

Follow these steps: (be sure to have a complete, restorable backup before starting)

If you need to migrate Dynamics GP from one server to another, run this series of scripts against the database. These were provided by GP, but we can't find the documentation anymore...

As with all information in this site, this is provided 'as is'. Only use this information on a fully backed up system.



This article describes how to remove the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) task from the Reminders window in Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 Professional Edition or in Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 Standard Edition.
The CEIP task appears after you install Microsoft Dynamics GP. CEIP is designed to collect information about how a customer uses Microsoft products and about any problems that customers experience.

To remove the CEIP task, use one of the following methods.

MC020103 Multicurrency Payables Transactions MC_PM_Transactions
MC020105 Multicurrency PM Revaluation Activity MC_PM_Revaluation
PM00100 PM Class Master File PM_Class_MSTR
PM00101 Vendor Class Accounts pmClassAccounts
PM00200 PM Vendor Master File PM_Vendor_MSTR
PM00201 PM Vendor Master Summary PM_Vendor_MSTR_SUM
PM00202 PM Vendor Master Period Summary PM_Vendor_MSTR_Period_SUM
PM00203 Vendor Accounts pmVendorAccounts
PM00300 PM Address MSTR PM_Address_MSTR
PM00400 PM Key Master File PM_Key_MSTR
PM10000 PM Transaction WORK File PM_Transaction_WORK
PM10100 PM Distribution WORK OPEN PM_Distribution_WORK_OPEN
PM10200 PM Apply To WORK OPEN File PM_Apply_To_WORK_OPEN
PM10201 PM Payment Apply To Work File PM_Payment_Apply_WORK
PM10300 PM Payment WORK PM_Payment_WORK
PM10400 PM Manual Payment WORK File PM_Manual_Payment_WORK
PM10500 PM Tax Work File PM_Tax_WORK
PM10600 PM Distribution Void WORK Temporary File PM_Distribution_Void_WORK
PM10801 PM Payment Stub Duplicate PM_Payment_Stub_Duplicate
PM10900 Void Payment WORK Temporary File PM_Void_Payment_WORK
PM10901 PM Void Transaction WORK Temporary File PM_Void_Transaction_WORK
PM10902 PM Tax Void Work Temporary File PM_Tax_Void_WORK
PM20000 PM Transaction OPEN File PM_Transaction_OPEN
PM20100 PM Apply To OPEN OPEN Temporary File PM_Apply_To_OPEN_OPEN
PM20200 PM Distribution OPEN OPEN Temporary File PM_Distribution_OPEN_OPEN
PM20400 PM Scheduled Payments Header PM_SCH_HDR
PM20401 PM Scheduled Payment LINE PM_SCH_LINE
PM30200 PM Paid Transaction History File PM_Paid_Transaction_HIST
PM30300 PM Apply To History File PM_Apply_To_HIST
PM30401 PM Scheduled Payments Header History PM_SCH_HDR_HIST
PM30600 PM Distribution History File PM_Distribution_HIST
PM30700 PM Tax History File PM_Tax_HIST
PM30800 PM Tax Invoices PM_Tax_Invoices
PM40100 PM Setup File PM_SETP
PM40101 PM Period Setup File PM_Period_SETP
PM40102 Payables Document Types PM_Document_Type_SETP
PM40103 Payables Distribution Type SETP PM_Distribution_Type_SETP
PM50100 PM History Removal Tempoary File pmHistRemovalTemp
PM70500 Purchasing Report Options PM_Options_ROPT
PM80100 Reprint Transaction Batch Headers PM_Reprint_Batch_Headers
PM80200 Void Reprint Void Payment WORK PM_Reprint_Void_Payment
PM80300 PM Reprint Void Transaction WORK PM_Reprint_Void_Transaction
PM80500 PM Reprint Posting Journal Apply To File PM_Reprint_Apply_To
PM80600 PM Reprint Distribution PM_Reprint_Distribution
PM80700 PM Reprint Tax PM_Reprint_Tax
PM80800 PM Reprint Transaction Check Register File PM_Reprint_Transaction_Check
PM80900 PM Mass Voucher Apply Temp File PM_Mass_Voucher_TEMP
PM80905 Payables Apply Document Browse PM_Apply_Document_Browse
PM81000 Modified Vendor Class Accounts pmModifyAccounts
PMV0100 PM Scheduled Payment Header View PM_SCH_HDR_VIEW

PO Workflow located here

POP00101 Buyer Master POP_Buyer
POP01303 POP PA Budget IV Items View POP_PA_BudgetIVItems_View
POP10100 Purchase Order Work POP_PO
POP10110 Purchase Order Line POP_POLine
POP10140 Purchasing Manufacturer Numbers POP_MFG_ITM_MSTR
POP10150 Purchase Order Comment POP_POComment
POP10160 Purchase Order Tax POP_PO_Tax
POP10300 Purchasing Receipt Work POP_Receipt
POP10306 Purchasing Receipt User-Defined POP_ReceiptUserDefined
POP10310 Purchasing Receipt Line POP_ReceiptLine
POP10330 Purchasing Serial Lot Work POP_SerialLot
POP10340 Purchasing Bin Quantities Work popBinWork
POP10360 Purchasing Tax POP_Tax
POP10390 Purchasing Distribution Work POP_Distribution
POP10500 Purchasing Receipt Line Quantities POP_PORcptApply
POP10550 Purchasing Comment POP_Comment
POP10600 Purchasing Shipment Invoice Apply POP_ShipIvcApply
POP10700 Purchasing Landed Cost popLandedCost
POP11100 POP PA PO View POP_PA_PO_View
POP11110 POP PA PO Line View POP_PA_POLine_View
POP11300 POP PA Receipt View POP_PA_Receipt_View
POP11310 POP PA Receipt Line View POP_PA_ReceiptLine_View
POP30000 Purchasing Batch History POP_BatchHist
POP30100 Purchase Order History POP_POHist
POP30110 Purchase Order Line History POP_POLineHist
POP30160 Purchase Order Tax History POP_PO_TaxHist
POP30300 Purchasing Receipt History POP_ReceiptHist
POP30310 Purchasing Receipt Line History POP_ReceiptLineHist
POP30330 Purchasing Serial Lot History POP_SerialLotHist
POP30340 Purchasing Bin Quantities History popBinHist
POP30360 Purchasing Tax History POP_TaxHist
POP30390 Purchasing Distribution History POP_DistributionHist
POP30700 Purchasing Landed Cost History popLandedCostHist
POP31100 POP PA PO Hist View POP_PA_POHist_View
POP31110 POP PA PO Line Hist View POP_PA_POLineHist_View
POP31300 POP PA Receipt Hist View POP_PA_ReceiptHist_View
POP31310 POP PA Receipt Line Hist View POP_PA_ReceiptLineHist_View
POP40100 Purchasing Setup Table POP_Setup
POP40400 Purchasing User-Defined List Setup POP_UserDefined_Setup
POP40600 Purchasing Non-IV Item Currency Setup popNonIVItemCurr
POP40800 Purchase Order Generator Site Mapping popPOGenMapSites
POP40900 Purchase Order Document Delivery Setup popDocumentDeliverySetup
POP70100 Purchasing Process Documents List POP_ProcDocList_TEMP
VAT10200 PM Class Intrastat MSTR PM_Class_Intrastat_MSTR
VAT10201 PM Vendor Intrastat MSTR PM_Vendor_Intrastat_MSTR

Microsoft has published a dll called RETRIEVEGLOBALS.DLL that can be used to access user data from inside of Dynamics GP. I'm posting the file here, along with their documentation, so that I don't have to go looking for it. You'll find a link to the file at the very bottom of this post.

Database Connections for Modifier with VBA or Integration Manager in Microsoft Dynamics GP




The RetrieveGlobals9.dll is an ActiveX dll that will return the current

User ID, the current company logged in to, the current SQL data source as well as the current user date in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  The RetrieveGlobals9.dll will also return an ADO connection object that will allow you to connect to Microsoft Dynamics GP Data.    The RetrieveGlobals9.dll will work only with version 9.0 Microsoft Dynamics GP and will only work if one session of Microsoft Dynamics GP is running and logged into.  The RetrieveGlobals9.dll is only for use in Modifier with VBA or Integration Manager that also require Microsoft Dynamics GP to be open and running. 


Installation Instructions


1.   Copy the RetrieveGlobals9.dll to a folder on your machine.


2.   Register the RetrieveGlobals9.dll using regsvr32.exe. Go to Start-Run and enter the path to the regsvr32.exe, followed by the path and name of the DLL. For example:


            C:\WINDOWS\system32\regsvr32.exe “c:\GP 90\RetrieveGlobals9.dll”


If the DLL registers successfully, you should get a message box indicating so.


3.  Write your application code to call the RetrieveGlobals9.dll

Using the RetrieveGlobals9.dll


The retrieveuserinfo class of RetrieveGlobals9 contains the following properties and functions:




The intercompany_id method retrieves the Company ID that is currently logged into Microsoft Dynamics GP.  This will match with the database name in MSSQL. 

Example: “TWO”. 


Syntax: intercompany_id () as String




The retrieve_user method retrieves the User ID that is currently logged into Microsoft Dynamics GP. 


Syntax: retrieve_user() as String




The sql_datasourcename method retrieves the current SQL Datasource name that is being utilized by Microsoft Dynamics GP. 


Syntax: sql_datasourcename () as String




The user_date method retrieves the User Date from the Toolbar in Microsoft Dynamics GP. 


Syntax: user_date () as Date




The status property indicates whether or not a valid connection object can be obtained from the connection property.


Syntax: status As Long


The status property could contain the possible values:


Value                           Description

0                                  A Microsoft Dynamics session is not open

1                                  A connection can be created

2                                  A connection could not be created

3                                  The current Microsoft Dynamics session is not Version 9

131072 (&H20000)     A COM exception occurred during the connection attempt

262144 (&H40000)     The account is locked

65536 (&H10000)       The user’s password has expired




The connection property contains an ADODB.Connection to the Microsoft Dynamics GP SQL Server.  This connection uses the SQL Datasource, User ID and Password credentials of the user currently logged into Microsoft Dynamics GP. This connection does not have a default database specified.


Syntax:  connection As Object


* The connection property will only contain a valid connection object if a Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 session is open and running. It should be verified that the status property has a value of 1 prior to attempting to use the connection property.



 Dim cn
Dim cmd As ADODB.Command
Dim rst As adodb.Recordset
dim prm as adodb.parameter

Set userinfo = CreateObject("RetrieveGlobals9.retrieveuserinfo")

If userinfo.Status = 1 Then
    Set cn = userinfo.connection

    luserid = userinfo.retrieve_user()
    lintercompanyid = userinfo.intercompany_id()
    lsqldatasourcename = userinfo.sql_datasourcename()
    ldate = userinfo.user_date()

    'Use the connection property to get a connection object.
    Set cn = userinfo.connection

    'set the database to the currently logged in db.
    cn.DefaultDatabase = lintercompanyid

    cmd.CommandType = 4 'stored proc
    cmd.ActiveConnection = cn
    cmd.commantText = "myStoredProc"

    'add params
    cmd.parameters.add cmd.CreateParameter ("@paramname",adVarchar,adInput,21,"")
    Set rst = cmd.Execute

    while not rst.eof
        'do something


end if

set cn = nothing


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