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NaomiP 4/26/2007 7:36:00 AM

RM00101 Table Structure

Name Physical Name Type Keyable
Customer Number CUSTNMBR String 15
Customer Name CUSTNAME String 64
Customer Class CUSTCLAS String 15
Corporate Customer Number CPRCSTNM String 15
Contact Person CNTCPRSN String 60
Statement Name STMTNAME String 64
Short Name SHRTNAME String 15
Address Code ADRSCODE String 15
UPS Zone UPSZONE String 3
Shipping Method SHIPMTHD String 15
Tax Schedule ID TAXSCHID String 15
Address 1 ADDRESS1 String 60
Address 2 ADDRESS2 String 60
Address 3 ADDRESS3 String 60
Country COUNTRY String 60
City CITY String 35
State STATE String 29
Zip ZIP String 10
Phone 1 PHONE1 String 14
Phone 2 PHONE2 String 14
Phone 3 PHONE3 String 14
Fax FAX String 14
Primary Billto Address Code PRBTADCD String 15
Primary Shipto Address Code PRSTADCD String 15
Statement Address Code STADDRCD String 15
Salesperson ID SLPRSNID String 15
Checkbook ID CHEKBKID String 15
Payment Terms ID PYMTRMID String 20
Credit Limit Type CRLMTTYP Integer 0
Credit Limit Amount CRLMTAMT Currency 17
Credit Limit Period CRLMTPER Integer 0
Credit Limit Period Amount CRLMTPAM Currency 17
Currency ID CURNCYID String 15
Rate Type ID RATETPID String 15
Customer Discount CUSTDISC Integer 5
PriceLevel PRCLEVEL String 10
Minimum Payment Type MINPYTYP Integer 0
Minimum Payment Dollar MINPYDLR Currency 17
Minimum Payment Percent MINPYPCT Integer 5
Finance Charge Amt Type FNCHATYP Integer 0
Finance Charge Percent FNCHPCNT Integer 5
Finance Charge Dollar FINCHDLR Currency 17
Maximum Writeoff Type MXWOFTYP Integer 0
Max Writeoff Amount MXWROFAM Currency 17
Comment1 COMMENT1 String 30
Comment2 COMMENT2 String 30
User Defined 1 USERDEF1 String 20
User Defined 2 USERDEF2 String 20
Tax Exempt 1 TAXEXMT1 String 25
Tax Exempt 2 TAXEXMT2 String 25
Tax Registration Number TXRGNNUM String 25
Balance Type BALNCTYP Integer 0
Statement Cycle STMTCYCL Integer 0
Bank Name BANKNAME String 30
Bank Branch BNKBRNCH String 20
Sales Territory SALSTERR String 15
Default Cash Account Type DEFCACTY Integer 0
RM Cash Account Index RMCSHACC Long Integer 14
RM AR Account Index RMARACC Long Integer 14
RM Sales Account Index RMSLSACC Long Integer 14
RM IV Account Index RMIVACC Long Integer 14
RM Cost Of Sales Account Index RMCOSACC Long Integer 14
RM Discounts Taken Account Index RMTAKACC Long Integer 14
RM Discounts Avail Account Index RMAVACC Long Integer 14
RM Finance Charge Account Index RMFCGACC Long Integer 14
RM Writeoff Account Index RMWRACC Long Integer 14
RM Sales Order Returns Account Index RMSORACC Long Integer 14
First Invoice Date FRSTINDT Date 6
Inactive INACTIVE Boolean 0
Hold HOLD Boolean 0
Credit Card ID CRCARDID String 15
Credit Card Number CRCRDNUM String 20
Credit Card Exp Date CCRDXPDT Date 6
Keep Distribution History KPDSTHST Boolean 0
Keep Calendar History KPCALHST Boolean 0
Keep Period History KPERHIST Boolean 0
Keep Trx History KPTRXHST Boolean 0
Note Index NOTEINDX Currency 14
Created Date CREATDDT Date 8
Modified Date MODIFDT Date 8
Revalue Customer Revalue_Customer Boolean 0
Post Results To Post_Results_To Integer 0
Finance Charge ID FINCHID String 15
Governmental Corporate ID GOVCRPID String 30
Governmental Individual ID GOVINDID String 30
Discount Grace Period DISGRPER Integer 2
Due Date Grace Period DUEGRPER Integer 2
Document Format ID DOCFMTID String 15
Send Email Statements Send_Email_Statements Boolean 0
User Language ID USERLANG Integer 0
Integration Source INTEGRATIONSOURCE Integer 0
Integration ID INTEGRATIONID String 30
Order Fulfillment Shortage Default ORDERFULFILLDEFAULT Integer 0
Customer Priority CUSTPRIORITY Integer 0
Country Code CCode String 6
Declarant ID DECLID String 15
RM Overpayment Writeoff Account Index RMOvrpymtWrtoffAcctIdx Long Integer 14
Ship Complete Document SHIPCOMPLETE Boolean 0
Cash Based VAT CBVAT Boolean 0
Include in Demand Planning INCLUDEINDP Boolean 0
Version: Unknown or N/A
Section: Dynamics GP
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