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NaomiP 4/23/2007 3:22:00 PM

IV Tables

Bill of Materials Header bmBill BM00101
Bill of Materials Component bmBillComp BM00111
Assembly Transaction bmTrx BM10200
Assembly Component bmTrxComp BM10300
Assembly Serial Lot bmTrxSerialLot BM10400
Assembly Batch History bmBatchHist BM30100
Assembly Transaction History bmTrxHist BM30200
Assembly Component History bmTrxCompHist BM30300
Assembly Serial Lot History bmTrxSerialLotHist BM30400
Bill of Materials Setup bmSetup BM40100
Item Master IV_Item_MSTR IV00101
Item Quantity Master IV_Item_MSTR_QTYS IV00102
Item Vendor Master IV_Item_MSTR_VNDR IV00103
Item Kit Master IV_Item_MSTR_KIT IV00104
Item Currency Master ivItemCurr IV00105
Item Purchasing ivItemPurch IV00106
Item Price List Options ivItemPriceListOpt IV00107
Item Price List ivItemPriceList IV00108
Item Serial Number Mask IV_SerialNumberMask IV00109
Planner Master ivPlanners IV00110
Site Defaults ivRPSiteDefaults IV00111
Item Site Bin Master ivItemSiteBinMstr IV00112
Item Price List Details ivItemPriceListDtl_SBM IV00113
Inactive Items ivItemInactive IV00114
Multiple Manufacture Items Master IV_MFG_ITM_MSTR IV00115
Item Project Phase Options ivItemProjPhaseOpt IV00116
Item Site Bin Priorities ivItemSiteBinPriority IV00117
Item Cost Change History ivItemCostChangeHist IV00118
Item Serial Number Master IV_Serial_MSTR IV00200
Item Lot Number Master IV_Lot_MSTR IV00300
Item Lot Attribute Master IV_Lot_Attributes IV00301
IV_ItemList_View IV_ItemList_View IV00500
Inventory Transaction Work IV_TRX_WORK_HDR IV10000
Inventory Transaction Amounts Work IV_TRX_WORK_LINE IV10001
Inventory Serial and Lot Number Work IV_TRX_WORK_Serial_Lot IV10002
Inventory Transaction Bin Quantities Work ivTrxBinWork IV10003
Inventory Bin Quantity Transfer ivBinQuantityTransfer IV10004
Inventory Purchase Receipts Work IV_Purchase_Receipts IV10200
Inventory Purchase Receipts Detail IV_Purchase_Receipts_DTL IV10201
Stock Count ivStockCount IV10300
Stock Count Line ivStockCountLine IV10301
Stock Count Serial Lot ivStockCountSerialLot IV10302
Stock Count U of M ivStockCountUofM IV10303
Extended Pricing Price Group Work ivExtPricingGroupWork IV10400
Extended Pricing Price Sheet Work ivExtPricingPriceSheetWork IV10401
Extended Pricing Price Sheet UofM Work ivExtPricingPriceSheetUofMWork IV10402
Extended Pricing Promotion Free Item ivExtPricingPromoFreeItem IV10403
Inventory Transaction Batch History IV_TRX_HIST_Batch IV30100
Inventory Sales Summary History IV_SUM_HIST IV30101
Inventory Sales Summary Period History IV_SUM_HIST_Period IV30102
Inventory Transaction History IV_TRX_HIST_HDR IV30200
Inventory Transaction Amounts History IV_TRX_HIST_LINE IV30300
Inventory Transaction Detail History IV_TRX_HIST_LINE_DTL IV30301
Inventory Transaction Bin Quantities History ivTrxBinHist IV30302
Item Serial and Lot Number History IV_TRX_HIST_Serial_Lot IV30400
Inventory Distribution History IV_Distribution_HIST IV30500
Item Lot Attribute History IV_TRX_HIST_Lot_Attributes IV30600
Stock Count History ivStockCountHist IV30700
Stock Count Line History ivStockCountLineHist IV30701
Stock Count Serial Lot History ivStockCountSerialLotHist IV30702
Inventory Control Setup IV_SETP IV40100
Inventory U of M Schedule Setup IV_UofM_SETP_HDR IV40201
Inventory U of M Schedule Detail Setup IV_UofM_SETP_DTL IV40202
Item Class Setup IV_Item_Class_SETP IV40400
Item Class Currency Setup ivItemClassCurr IV40401
Item Lot Category Setup IV_Lot_Type_SETP IV40500
Item Category Setup IV_User_Category_SETP IV40600
Site Setup IV_Location_SETP IV40700
Site Bin Master ivSiteBinMstr IV40701
Site Intrastat Setup ivLocationIntrastatMstr IV40702
Price Level Setup IV_Price_Level_SETP IV40800
Price Group Master ivPriceGroup IV40900
Stock Calendar ivStockCalendar IV41000
Stock Calendar Exception Days ivExceptionDays IV41001
Inventory Landed Cost ivLandedCost IV41100
Inventory Landed Cost Group ivLandedCostGroup IV41101
Inventory Landed Cost Group Details ivLandedCostGroupDetails IV41102
Stock Count Assignment Temp ivStockCountAssignTemp IV50200
ABC Analysis Temp ivABCAnalysisTemp IV50300
Inventory Report Options IV_Options_ROPT IV70500
Version: Unknown or N/A
Section: Dynamics GP
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