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NaomiP 4/28/2007 11:48:00 AM

Dynamics GP Payables Management (PM) Tables

MC020103 Multicurrency Payables Transactions MC_PM_Transactions
MC020105 Multicurrency PM Revaluation Activity MC_PM_Revaluation
PM00100 PM Class Master File PM_Class_MSTR
PM00101 Vendor Class Accounts pmClassAccounts
PM00200 PM Vendor Master File PM_Vendor_MSTR
PM00201 PM Vendor Master Summary PM_Vendor_MSTR_SUM
PM00202 PM Vendor Master Period Summary PM_Vendor_MSTR_Period_SUM
PM00203 Vendor Accounts pmVendorAccounts
PM00300 PM Address MSTR PM_Address_MSTR
PM00400 PM Key Master File PM_Key_MSTR
PM10000 PM Transaction WORK File PM_Transaction_WORK
PM10100 PM Distribution WORK OPEN PM_Distribution_WORK_OPEN
PM10200 PM Apply To WORK OPEN File PM_Apply_To_WORK_OPEN
PM10201 PM Payment Apply To Work File PM_Payment_Apply_WORK
PM10300 PM Payment WORK PM_Payment_WORK
PM10400 PM Manual Payment WORK File PM_Manual_Payment_WORK
PM10500 PM Tax Work File PM_Tax_WORK
PM10600 PM Distribution Void WORK Temporary File PM_Distribution_Void_WORK
PM10801 PM Payment Stub Duplicate PM_Payment_Stub_Duplicate
PM10900 Void Payment WORK Temporary File PM_Void_Payment_WORK
PM10901 PM Void Transaction WORK Temporary File PM_Void_Transaction_WORK
PM10902 PM Tax Void Work Temporary File PM_Tax_Void_WORK
PM20000 PM Transaction OPEN File PM_Transaction_OPEN
PM20100 PM Apply To OPEN OPEN Temporary File PM_Apply_To_OPEN_OPEN
PM20200 PM Distribution OPEN OPEN Temporary File PM_Distribution_OPEN_OPEN
PM20400 PM Scheduled Payments Header PM_SCH_HDR
PM20401 PM Scheduled Payment LINE PM_SCH_LINE
PM30200 PM Paid Transaction History File PM_Paid_Transaction_HIST
PM30300 PM Apply To History File PM_Apply_To_HIST
PM30401 PM Scheduled Payments Header History PM_SCH_HDR_HIST
PM30600 PM Distribution History File PM_Distribution_HIST
PM30700 PM Tax History File PM_Tax_HIST
PM30800 PM Tax Invoices PM_Tax_Invoices
PM40100 PM Setup File PM_SETP
PM40101 PM Period Setup File PM_Period_SETP
PM40102 Payables Document Types PM_Document_Type_SETP
PM40103 Payables Distribution Type SETP PM_Distribution_Type_SETP
PM50100 PM History Removal Tempoary File pmHistRemovalTemp
PM70500 Purchasing Report Options PM_Options_ROPT
PM80100 Reprint Transaction Batch Headers PM_Reprint_Batch_Headers
PM80200 Void Reprint Void Payment WORK PM_Reprint_Void_Payment
PM80300 PM Reprint Void Transaction WORK PM_Reprint_Void_Transaction
PM80500 PM Reprint Posting Journal Apply To File PM_Reprint_Apply_To
PM80600 PM Reprint Distribution PM_Reprint_Distribution
PM80700 PM Reprint Tax PM_Reprint_Tax
PM80800 PM Reprint Transaction Check Register File PM_Reprint_Transaction_Check
PM80900 PM Mass Voucher Apply Temp File PM_Mass_Voucher_TEMP
PM80905 Payables Apply Document Browse PM_Apply_Document_Browse
PM81000 Modified Vendor Class Accounts pmModifyAccounts
PMV0100 PM Scheduled Payment Header View PM_SCH_HDR_VIEW

PO Workflow located here

POP00101 Buyer Master POP_Buyer
POP01303 POP PA Budget IV Items View POP_PA_BudgetIVItems_View
POP10100 Purchase Order Work POP_PO
POP10110 Purchase Order Line POP_POLine
POP10140 Purchasing Manufacturer Numbers POP_MFG_ITM_MSTR
POP10150 Purchase Order Comment POP_POComment
POP10160 Purchase Order Tax POP_PO_Tax
POP10300 Purchasing Receipt Work POP_Receipt
POP10306 Purchasing Receipt User-Defined POP_ReceiptUserDefined
POP10310 Purchasing Receipt Line POP_ReceiptLine
POP10330 Purchasing Serial Lot Work POP_SerialLot
POP10340 Purchasing Bin Quantities Work popBinWork
POP10360 Purchasing Tax POP_Tax
POP10390 Purchasing Distribution Work POP_Distribution
POP10500 Purchasing Receipt Line Quantities POP_PORcptApply
POP10550 Purchasing Comment POP_Comment
POP10600 Purchasing Shipment Invoice Apply POP_ShipIvcApply
POP10700 Purchasing Landed Cost popLandedCost
POP11100 POP PA PO View POP_PA_PO_View
POP11110 POP PA PO Line View POP_PA_POLine_View
POP11300 POP PA Receipt View POP_PA_Receipt_View
POP11310 POP PA Receipt Line View POP_PA_ReceiptLine_View
POP30000 Purchasing Batch History POP_BatchHist
POP30100 Purchase Order History POP_POHist
POP30110 Purchase Order Line History POP_POLineHist
POP30160 Purchase Order Tax History POP_PO_TaxHist
POP30300 Purchasing Receipt History POP_ReceiptHist
POP30310 Purchasing Receipt Line History POP_ReceiptLineHist
POP30330 Purchasing Serial Lot History POP_SerialLotHist
POP30340 Purchasing Bin Quantities History popBinHist
POP30360 Purchasing Tax History POP_TaxHist
POP30390 Purchasing Distribution History POP_DistributionHist
POP30700 Purchasing Landed Cost History popLandedCostHist
POP31100 POP PA PO Hist View POP_PA_POHist_View
POP31110 POP PA PO Line Hist View POP_PA_POLineHist_View
POP31300 POP PA Receipt Hist View POP_PA_ReceiptHist_View
POP31310 POP PA Receipt Line Hist View POP_PA_ReceiptLineHist_View
POP40100 Purchasing Setup Table POP_Setup
POP40400 Purchasing User-Defined List Setup POP_UserDefined_Setup
POP40600 Purchasing Non-IV Item Currency Setup popNonIVItemCurr
POP40800 Purchase Order Generator Site Mapping popPOGenMapSites
POP40900 Purchase Order Document Delivery Setup popDocumentDeliverySetup
POP70100 Purchasing Process Documents List POP_ProcDocList_TEMP
VAT10200 PM Class Intrastat MSTR PM_Class_Intrastat_MSTR
VAT10201 PM Vendor Intrastat MSTR PM_Vendor_Intrastat_MSTR
Version: Unknown or N/A
Section: Dynamics GP
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