Are you using an AOL email address? For Business?

Is your email address something like ''? Or worse, ''? If you can spare me a minute, I've got something that I'd like to share.

First though, let me say that I don't mean to single out AOL. (AOL lawyers please take note...) It's just that AOL is the biggest email provider out there and more people will relate to them. Please feel free to substitute any email provider - Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail... I spent 10 years as a retail salesman and retail sales manager before becoming a software developer, and in that time I think that I read every word that Zig Ziglar ever wrote. (Mr. Ziglar is a world renowned sales trainer)

One thing that I took away from that was that successful sales professionals don't ever miss a trick. And there are thousands of tricks. Another way of saying this would be to relay a story that Mr. Bernard Castro (of the New York furniture dynasty) told me. He was retired and I was visiting him at his house, and he told me that he had arrived in the U.S. from Italy as a boy of 16 during the depression. Every day the New York paper would print an editorial that was motivational, trying to show the light at the end of the tunnel.

He told me that one day he opened the paper to see a picture of a man's hand, held up with the thumb and index finger separated by just a little bit. The story related that 'a race was run today at Belmont, and the winning horse won by this much' . The editor went on to wonder that if the horse and jockey of the second place finisher knew in advance that they would lose by 'this much', don't you think that they could have tried 'this much' harder?

"Well", opined the editor, "I'm telling you now. You are getting beat by the next guy by 'this much', and you need to try harder".

I'll never forget that. My point here is that you should be using I can think of tons of reasons why.

It Sounds More Permanent . Using an AOL address sounds like you might be out of business anytime (or that you have only been in business a short time.

It Adds an Air of Technical Savvy . People that use AOL addresses are the same people that say things like 'Oh, I'm not very good at computers'. Corporate big wigs would say 'I'll have my tech people look into that'.

It Makes People Type Your Name. Every time someone sends me an email, they have to type ''. Over and over and over. And it is likely that each one of those people have been to my web site, to look at the products and services offered by my company. Make them type your name.

When Using a Free Email Provider, You Can't Fire Them. Half the time when I suggest to a business owner that he get a domain name and start using his own email address, they'll tell me that 'my friends all send email to my old address...' So what? Get your own domain, and use both for a while. Every email that you get on the old address, tell them to start using the new one. You'll need to get a company like 4Penny to 'host' the email, but you can fire that company at any time and move your domain to anyplace else. That business owner is in a position where he can't fire AOL. His business depends on them.

This is a primer for the transaction flow in Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains).

POs are entered into POP10100 and POP10110

There are three types of receiving docs - Shipments, Shipment/Invoices, and Invoices. Shipments and Shipment invoices are entered directly into the POP10500 through the TRANSACTIONS > PURCHASING > RECEIVINGS TRANSACTION ENTRY form.

Invoices are entered through TRANSACTIONS > PURCHASING > ENTER/MATCH INVOICES. These lines also go into the POP10500 table, and links to the shipment are entered in the POP10600 table. So in this case there is a link from POP10500 (invoice) to POP10600 to POP10500 (shipment)

This query will show all items on order that have outstanding quantities:

select pol.qtyorder- pol.qtycance- shipments.qtyshppd as qtyOnOrder, pol.itemnmbr, pol.itemdesc, pol.uofm
    from pop10100 po
    join pop10110 pol on pol.ponumber = po.ponumber
    --get the total amount already received
    left join (select ponumber, polnenum, sum(qtyshppd) as qtyshppd
        from pop10500
        group by ponumber, polnenum)
        shipments on shipments.ponumber = pol.ponumber and shipments.polnenum = pol.ord
    where pol.qtyorder - pol.qtycance - shipments.qtyshppd > 0


POs are entered via PURCHASING > PURCHASE ORDER ENTRY, into POP10100 and POP10110

There are two types of receipts, SHIPMENT and SHIPMENT/INVOICE

Shipments (when posted) create a line in POP10500 and lines in POP30300 and POP30310

Shipment/Invoices (when posted)...

Is there a global function or procedure that I can use to get the current
great plains username?

I'm looking through the Dynamics.Functions and have not been able to find


Using Visual Studio Tools for Dynamics, I need to open the Sales Transactions
Inquiry Zoom window. (Edit 11/9/2010: This worked for the SOP Transaciton Entry form, too)

I assume the code is something like
intSopType, False, "", 0)

but I can't find documentation for the functions. Intellesence shows only
the param types, not what data it needs.

The GP SDK does not mention this form, that I can see.

What is the easiest way to create SOP Invoice with Visual Studio Tools for GP9?

I have read somewhere (on this forum) that exists some samples how to create 
SOP Invoice with Importing the Item, qty, UnitPrice from text file. Is it 
true? Does anyone know where are these samples?

I am looking at the same problem and I have tried a few things but with no
success. If MS expect any success with this thing, we need to have the window
"in" GP not outside.

The only other tool I know of is DexToNet, which is an Add-In for VS, but
the version 1.5 did not have the look & fell of a GP window; do not know
about version 2.1.

How can you install the VS GP runtime in a second instance of great plains?
Has anybody found more documentation and samples than the developer guide
that comes with the tools.


Juan Mejia
Can any one help me how can I add menu to Transaction|Sales ..
and can one give some sample how we can connect to Company Database
using GPConnection Class..

Does anyone has a VB.NET app that loads Misc logs using eConnect? 
My users want a reoccurring solution to import Excel "Misc Log" data into GP.

Anyone have a eConnect demo or sample app I could see?

We use GP 8.0 & eConnect 8.0.4. And I have Visual Studio 2005 & 2003 
available to me.
Are there any code examples or programming reference materials?  I've 
installed the SDK that goes along with the plug-in but there doesn't seem to 
be a developer’s chm file or anything of the sort.  The only thing I could 
find is 2 examples in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\GP\Samples 


I'm trying to place a new menu on the Transactions | Sales | Collections
Main window using Visual Studio Tools.

I can see all kinds of miscellaneous forms in the intellisense.  e.g.
static SopEntryForm SOPEntryForm = Dynamics.Forms.SopEntry;
static RmCustomerMaintenanceForm custMaint =

But for the life of my I can't find the Collections Main or Collections Task

Does anyone know the name of this form or even what module it is considered
part of.  e.g.  RM or CM.


I get an error when trying to install the Visual Studio Tools for
Microsoft Dynamics GP SDK 9.0.

"Requires Microsoft Visual Studio 2005"

I've got Visual Studio 2005 Professional installed, from MSDN. Does
anyone have any ideas?

n Vallarian
In a post a few weeks ago, Patrick said

You can pretty much do anything with vstools that you can do manually 

I need to create a stand alone form that allows a user to navigate to a set 
of specific SOP documents. To do this, I'll need to save the current doc, 
enter the new SOP number in the doc number field, and tab out. All this will 
be done from a custom 'nav' form. 

I'm having trouble with step 1. How do I save a document? In VBA, I would 
set the button = 1 but in VS Tools, 
Dynamics.Forms.SopEntry.SopEntry.SaveButton = 1 give a 'read only' error. 

Pls help...
I am new to GP and my company is looking at developing some custom add-ons 
to GP 9.0 using the Visual Studio Tools and VB.Net. Our question is that we 
want to add our own items to the Navigation Bar/ Pane so that if a user 
clicks our item (I'll call it NEW ITEM) then a list of our modified/ new 
forms is displayed. We want it to work in the same way as if I click on 
Financial, I see a list of financial forms under the heading Financial Lists, 
which I can then select from to display the required form.

Can this be done and if so can someone please point me in the right 
direction (preferably with samples).

All help greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I'd like to have a button on a Dynamics form that opens a customer window, 
and be able to be sure that window does not open twice. In the 'Estimate 
Freight' example, the C code declares a STATIC form variable at the top of 
the code, and then later we check to see if it is visible. 

This is not working in VB. In fact, if a create a PUBLIC variable, I can't 
even get into Dynamics. 

Any ideas?

The sample applicaition with the GP9.0 SDK -- EstimateFreight refers to
Microsoft.Dexterity.  I can't find this DLL.   Does anyone know where
can I get it ?

using Microsoft.Dexterity;
using Microsoft.Dexterity.Bridge;
using Microsoft.Dexterity.Applications;
using Microsoft.Dexterity.Applications.DynamicsDictionary;

namespace EstimateFreight {

I am trying to submit a requestor using eConnect 7.5.3.  I have in the 
includes both Microsoft.eConnect and Microsoft.eConnect.Serialization.  When 
I submit the requestor, I receive the following error "The method 
eConnect_EntryPoint was not found on the interface/type 
Microsoft.eConnect75.eConnectMethods, eConnect_API75, Version=, 
Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=11fb86fdbea77482."  
I am stumped becasue the intellisense in Visual Studio is showing the method 
as available.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I m having problem to add new menu to Transactions -> Purchasing ->
using VSTool, can anyone assist me how to do it?

I have create an application that run through GP. i followed the examples 
but i am not able to debug my application being run through GP. i have added 
the app in the Addins folder. the code runs and my app works but i could not 
debug while i was running it. i attached the dynamics process in VS 2005 but 
on my break points say "No symbols are loaded for this document". i had to 
resort to message boxes and actually changing the solution to be a windows 
application and then running it through VS 2005 for the Forms not directly 
linked to GP. is there anything i am missing or any suggestions on what i can 
do to debug my app?

I have created a for GL, but I do not want to hang it off any other form.
How can I add it to the main window? Can I use the "addcommandtomenu"
function and if so how do you use it.
Does anyone know why scrolling windows don't have the Fill event exposed in 
the Developer Toolkit?  Is this by design?
The length of the Vendor Email ID in the Vendor Maintenance Option screen is 
not long enough. Any suggestions or is there a Hot Fix to lengthen this field?


Dear Forum Members,
I am new to this GP Customizations and I am facing some issues with my current project.
Please assist me with some valuable informations for the following queries. The issue is critical in terms of deadlines to be met:
We have developed one window from VB.NET, by referencing Dynamics DLL in VB.NET and from the front end, this window would be called from the Extra >> Additional Menu of one GP form.
    Issue #1: This .NET GP window is actually produced out of Dyamics GP (an stand-alone/Independent window), which means my new window is no longer a child window to the Dynamics GP.
    Query: We would like to keep all the .NET windows also inside Dynamics GP, like child windows. Is there any known solution for this issue? If yes, could you please provide us with the same?
    Issue #2: (Which seems to be a continuation of Issue #1) From our new .NET GP window, we are calling one Dex GP Lookup window, which needs to be shown above this .NET GP window, but actually not. Apparently this Dex GP Lookup window would be inside Dynamics GP and this new .NET GP window which we have developed would be outside the Dynamics GP.
    Query: Do we have any other solution that we can follow to avert the same?
    Issue #3: We require to populate certain values from the Dex GP Lookup window, to the new .NET GP window, which we are not able to achieve. There is no link established between this new .NET GP window and the Dex GP Lookup window.
    Query: Would you please suggest anything for this, on how to establish a link and populate the values from the Lookup window to the .NET window?

Hope I have been clear in explaining things. Please lend some useful informations on the above.

Thanks in advance.
Vaidhyanathan Mohan
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