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BenD 1/13/2007 7:22:50 AM

Visual Studio Tools for GP Customizations

Dear Forum Members,
I am new to this GP Customizations and I am facing some issues with my current project.
Please assist me with some valuable informations for the following queries. The issue is critical in terms of deadlines to be met:
We have developed one window from VB.NET, by referencing Dynamics DLL in VB.NET and from the front end, this window would be called from the Extra >> Additional Menu of one GP form.
    Issue #1: This .NET GP window is actually produced out of Dyamics GP (an stand-alone/Independent window), which means my new window is no longer a child window to the Dynamics GP.
    Query: We would like to keep all the .NET windows also inside Dynamics GP, like child windows. Is there any known solution for this issue? If yes, could you please provide us with the same?
    Issue #2: (Which seems to be a continuation of Issue #1) From our new .NET GP window, we are calling one Dex GP Lookup window, which needs to be shown above this .NET GP window, but actually not. Apparently this Dex GP Lookup window would be inside Dynamics GP and this new .NET GP window which we have developed would be outside the Dynamics GP.
    Query: Do we have any other solution that we can follow to avert the same?
    Issue #3: We require to populate certain values from the Dex GP Lookup window, to the new .NET GP window, which we are not able to achieve. There is no link established between this new .NET GP window and the Dex GP Lookup window.
    Query: Would you please suggest anything for this, on how to establish a link and populate the values from the Lookup window to the .NET window?

Hope I have been clear in explaining things. Please lend some useful informations on the above.

Thanks in advance.
Vaidhyanathan Mohan
Version: Unknown or N/A
Section: Visual Studio Tools for Dynamics GP

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