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NaomiP 1/11/2007 8:19:00 PM

POP Transaction Flow Primer for Dynamics GP

This is a primer for the transaction flow in Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains).

POs are entered into POP10100 and POP10110

There are three types of receiving docs - Shipments, Shipment/Invoices, and Invoices. Shipments and Shipment invoices are entered directly into the POP10500 through the TRANSACTIONS > PURCHASING > RECEIVINGS TRANSACTION ENTRY form.

Invoices are entered through TRANSACTIONS > PURCHASING > ENTER/MATCH INVOICES. These lines also go into the POP10500 table, and links to the shipment are entered in the POP10600 table. So in this case there is a link from POP10500 (invoice) to POP10600 to POP10500 (shipment)

This query will show all items on order that have outstanding quantities:

select pol.qtyorder- pol.qtycance- shipments.qtyshppd as qtyOnOrder, pol.itemnmbr, pol.itemdesc, pol.uofm
    from pop10100 po
    join pop10110 pol on pol.ponumber = po.ponumber
    --get the total amount already received
    left join (select ponumber, polnenum, sum(qtyshppd) as qtyshppd
        from pop10500
        group by ponumber, polnenum)
        shipments on shipments.ponumber = pol.ponumber and shipments.polnenum = pol.ord
    where pol.qtyorder - pol.qtycance - shipments.qtyshppd > 0


POs are entered via PURCHASING > PURCHASE ORDER ENTRY, into POP10100 and POP10110

There are two types of receipts, SHIPMENT and SHIPMENT/INVOICE

Shipments (when posted) create a line in POP10500 and lines in POP30300 and POP30310

Shipment/Invoices (when posted)...

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Section: Dynamics GP
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