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These are our POP scripts. All of our scripts for Dynamics GP can be found here
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 Display Name
 POP00101Buyer Master
 Display Name
POP10100Purchase Order Work
The POP_PO table contains the identifying document information for non-historical purchase orders.
POP10110Purchase Order Line
 POP10140Purchasing Manufacturer Numbers
 POP10150Purchase Order Comment
POP10160Purchase Order Tax
Purchase Order Requisition Work
Purchase Order Requisition Line Work
POP10300Purchasing Receipt Work
The POP_Receipt table contains the identifying document information for receipts
 POP10306Purchasing Receipt User-Defined
POP10310Purchasing Receipt Line
 POP10330Purchasing Serial Lot Work
 POP10340Purchasing Bin Quantities Work
 POP10360Purchasing Tax
 POP10390Purchasing Distribution Work
The POP_Distribution table contains the distribution information associated with a given POP_Receipt
POP10500Purchasing Receipt Line Quantities
 POP10550Purchasing Comment
POP10600Purchasing Shipment Invoice Apply
 POP10700Purchasing Landed Cost
 POR10310Purchasing Return Line
Work Tables
 Display Name
 POP30000Purchasing Batch History
POP30100Purchase Order History
POP30110Purchase Order Line History
 POP30160Purchase Order Tax History
 POP30300Purchasing Receipt History
 POP30310Purchasing Receipt Line History
 POP30330Purchasing Serial Lot History
 POP30340Purchasing Bin Quantities History
 POP30360Purchasing Tax History
 POP30390Purchasing Distribution History
 POP30700Purchasing Landed Cost History
 Display Name
 POP40100Purchasing Setup Table
 POP40400Purchasing User-Defined List Setup
 POP40600Purchasing Non-IV Item Currency Setup
 POP40800Purchase Order Generator Site Mapping
 POP40900Purchase Order Document Delivery Setup
 POP70100Purchasing Process Documents List
 POP70200Purchasing Print Exception List Temp
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