We don't have a lot of experience connecting to Oracle. We've done it ... once now.  : )

But my policy is to blog all new code, so that if I need it again it'll be here. 

So... Connecting to Oracle from .NET:

The issue is that you're in SSRS in IE and the dropdowns don't work, so you can't edit or manage reports. 

Here's the fix

This is just a copy of what's on the Telerik site, but it's simpler and cleaner, easer to implement


I wrote an example that shows how to fire the RadAjaxLoadingPanel on a button press, this example shows how to fire it on page load

I think this will be more realistic for me, most of my use is just a page that shows a grid, so 'on load' seems better. 

The value of this article is not so much the content, but its place on the DD menu. Take a second and click on the line above that invites you to the menu page and familiarize yourself with where this article is on the menu. If you use Telerik (Progressive) products, you'll need this soon enough ... and the benefit is being able to find it when you need it. 


This article will show some code examples for the Telerik Winforms CellFormatting event


Dynamics GP Integration Manager: Data source name not found and no default driver specified.

There are a few other articles for this error on this site, but I came across another cause/solution today and wanted to document it. 

This has to do with an eConnect enabled Integration Manager integration using some VB Script. 

I have NEVER been one to 'want to go back'. Even at its worst, I've always struggled through and learned the new OS and dealt. Going back seems counterproductive. 


I don't like the Win11 menu. My issue is that I'm visual, I like to have all my apps arrayed before me, in logical groups (Productivity, Utilities, VPNs, Games, etc.). Win 11 took that away. There is not enough room for icons (on one page) and they can't be grouped. 

Today I've started testing Stardock Start11: Restore the Classic Start Menu in Windows 10 and 11.

It gives me the functionality I've... become accustomed to. 

Thoughts? (I'm not looking for help... just a discussion)


Have a customer using eConnect to populate SOP tables.  When passing in the econnect xml file, we usually only send the PRSTADCD and the ship to address info usually gets populated either by GP or eConnect.  


This is not happening and wondering if it's an issue with eConnect or a setting in GP?


GP 2016


Is there a way to tie from a GL transaction back to the SOP line item?

How to fix this eConnect error?

Error Number = 7381 Stored Procedure= taBRBankDepositsHeader Error Description = Input variable contains a negative value
Node Identifier Parameters: taBRBankDepositsHeader
depositnumber = 409-000000142

<DEPDATE>2022-06-01 00:00:00.000</DEPDATE>


Does it mean that taBRBankDepositsHeader does not allow negative depAmt? is there any workaround to pass negative deposit Amount?


Okay - I have a report that automatically runs every Monday. The dataset is all Invoices from the previous Saturday (9 days ago)  thru last Friday (3 days ago).

it's only accurate on Monday because I am using the Get Date minus days formula.


'APFM' Company, 
B.USERDEF2 YGLMasterNumber, A.CUSTNMBR as GPCustId, A.CUSTNAME as CustomerName,
Case when A.SOPTYPE='3' then 'Invoice'
when A.SOPTYPE='4' then 'Return' else 'NA' end as Type,
B.CPRCSTNM as ParentID, 
A.SOPNUMBE DocNumber, 
CAST(A.DOCDATE as Date) DocDate,
'Posted' Status
from APFM.dbo.SOP30200 A
left outer join APFM.dbo.RM00101 B
where DOCDATE  BETWEEN dateadd(day, -9, cast(GETDATE() as date)) AND dateadd(day, -3, cast(GETDATE() as date))
AND B.USERDEF2 in ('167','7885','890','9834','1440954','17','157351') and A.SOPTYPE in ('3','4')

My question is - Can I change the following where clause to work based on days - Basically last saturday to last friday regardless of what day of week I run it? 

"where DOCDATE  BETWEEN dateadd(day, -9, cast(GETDATE() as date)) AND dateadd(day, -3, cast(GETDATE() as date))"

Any guidance would be appreciated.........I researched it and could not find a way to do it in a where clause. Everything seemed to suggest using stored procedure - declaring a variable etc.


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