I need to add an SSRS report to My Reports in GP.

My intuition for building the functionality below is to use a CheckBoxList or the RadCheckBoxList, but the events that I need really aren't there. Much easier to use a RadGrid with a check box column. The code below is a working example

Rather than code a CheckBoxList or a RadCheckBoxList, code this:

A previous version of Microsoft Dynamics GP has been detected. 

To proceed, you need to upgrade your Microsoft Dynamics GP system database. 

Other users are currently using Microsoft Dynamics GP. You cannot update tables while anyone is using Microsoft Dynamics GP

The actions taken to fix are below

I vowed a number of years ago that I would blog all the error messages that I could, thinking that at some point, I'd have them all... right?


Today I'm upgrading Dynamics GP 2015 to the latest service pack, and I get the standard 'New Code must be included' message, but it was followed by 'Unable to find a table' and then 'Unable to include new code'. 

Guess at the answer, before you peek. 

We have a new instance of GP 2018 running with Binary Stream MEM for multiple entities within a database. However, we are trying to implement AvidXchange an AP automation tool for GP, which is supposed to be compatible with MEM. 

However, when we import invoices (it uses eConnect) to GP we only get the AP line and the first line of the distribution, even if there are actually multiple lines, and it causes an out of balance transaction that cannot be posted. 

We have done extensive testing and can see that it is transmitting the multiple lines to eConnect, and we have had our eConnect consultant review and check that eConnect was passing along the multiple lines, but when it comes into GP, we only see two lines no matter what we do.

Has anyone come across this problem, or something similar when using MEM? 

ANY ideas would be greatly appreciated. 



Hi Guys

Does Dynamics GP 2018 compatible with SQL server 2017 if so what ODBC driver should I use that will works?


Thank You

Good morning/afternoon to everybody.

Our finance department currently has the need of be able to attach documents at batch level for auditing purposes but being able to see it on transaction inquiry window. I've been exploring the attachment functionality in GP and seems like the attachment happens at transaction level (if i attach at batch level, by the time it get posted i lost all information  in the module and it kind of makes sense sin batch is a system transaction)

I'm just wondering if somebody had this issue in the past, and what are the options (3rdparty tools or econnect) to add this this as a module in GP

If econnect allows this, i could do it, but i'm not sure if this can be done this way.

Any help would be appreciated,

Thanks in advance.

Byron Ranieri

I'd like to update the taPMTransactionInsertPost procedure so that 1099 amounts are filled in correctly after running a SmartConnect map for payables transactions.

I have this code that could be added to it, but I'm not sure where it should be placed within the existing code. Would this just go at the end of the existing code?









Working on a SmartConnect map that will create a new GP project  / project budget using a SQL table as a source.  I am in the testing phase, so prior to running the map I set the associated Contract status to 4 prior to execution.


The map fails with an eConnect error of 6149, "Invalid Project Number (PAPROJNUMBER) - Project Number already exists in the PA01201 Table".  But there is no existing project in the PA01201 with the same number.  I even rebuilt the indexes on PA01101 and PA01201 to see if the issue was with an indexed lookup.  


Anyone come across this before?

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