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S2G 12/17/2019 3:06:04 PM

Dynamics GP 2013/2015 - Attach documents at Batch Level

Good morning/afternoon to everybody.

Our finance department currently has the need of be able to attach documents at batch level for auditing purposes but being able to see it on transaction inquiry window. I've been exploring the attachment functionality in GP and seems like the attachment happens at transaction level (if i attach at batch level, by the time it get posted i lost all information  in the module and it kind of makes sense sin batch is a system transaction)

I'm just wondering if somebody had this issue in the past, and what are the options (3rdparty tools or econnect) to add this this as a module in GP

If econnect allows this, i could do it, but i'm not sure if this can be done this way.

Any help would be appreciated,

Thanks in advance.

Byron Ranieri

Version: GP 2015, GP 2013
Section: .NET Development, Dynamics GP, Visual Studio Tools for Dynamics GP

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