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lcarness 12/16/2019 1:25:21 PM

AvidXchange and Binary Stream MEM Errors

We have a new instance of GP 2018 running with Binary Stream MEM for multiple entities within a database. However, we are trying to implement AvidXchange an AP automation tool for GP, which is supposed to be compatible with MEM. 

However, when we import invoices (it uses eConnect) to GP we only get the AP line and the first line of the distribution, even if there are actually multiple lines, and it causes an out of balance transaction that cannot be posted. 

We have done extensive testing and can see that it is transmitting the multiple lines to eConnect, and we have had our eConnect consultant review and check that eConnect was passing along the multiple lines, but when it comes into GP, we only see two lines no matter what we do.

Has anyone come across this problem, or something similar when using MEM? 

ANY ideas would be greatly appreciated. 



Version: All
Section: Dynamics GP, eConnect, SQL Scripts

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