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This is a short code example that shows how to use the Telerik GridClientSelectColumn column, and how to retrieve selected values in the codebehind
I have a need to sort an existing Data Table by a given column.  I know I can sort in my stored procedure, but for processing, I may need it in an order other than what is returned and/or displayed. 
When an autopostback occurs, the groups in my RadGrid all expand, even though I have collapsed several of them.  Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

Increment a document number:

This routine takes the input number and increments it by 1

Document numbers commonly are in the format of a few alpha characters followed by a number --like 'ORD0001' or 'PO0001'

This routine will strip off the trailing numbers, increment, and then put the two parts back together again

I did an interesting VBA mod yesterday to copy a customer. This article will document all the code. 

There is a form mod to add the 'copy' button, VBA code behind the window to copy the customer, and three stored procedures to do the work. 



I've seen some code online to handle the Action button in the SOP Transaction entry form, and none of it worked for me. Below is the code that I ended up using. 

The Action button is the one that lets you Transfer, Void, Delete, etc


With this article we begin a new era, the era of Dynamics 365. We believe that D365 is what Microsoft wants to sell, so... that's what we're going to see predominately in 10 years. 

Today we'll begin teaching developers about D365. 

Where to start? How about "how to log in"?


Error: Post Custom Business Logic returned an error value

We are using the eConnect option to transfer invoices into GP. The general document outline of these transactions uses the <RMTransactionType> setup.

Everything comes across fine expect for the "Original Amount" on the Sales Transaction Distribution screen. The "Functional Amount" is set correctly.

How can I set the "Original Amount"?




Which table in GP holds the transaction details in a batch? I have a batch called "TEST" and I have 5 transactions in that batch. Which table holds that information?


Paul Chacko

We have heavy dex customization. I have a custom table in which one column is size 20. I want to increase it to 30.

I am dex developer with beginner capabilities. I went into Dexterity and changed the field size from 20 to 30. I checked the table and it reflects the field with new size of 30. I have a macro to create a chunk file. I create the chunk file and it extracts, GP starts. I went into Tools -> Resources, find the table and when I look the respective field, it still shows as size 20, when i drop and recreate the table through GP, it recreates it with size 20. 

I am stumped, please help.



We have an issue where we get the error Reconciliation for this chequebook has already started. If the process was interrupted use the check links window to check links on the CM logical files


We run check links and it resolves the issue


the question I have is does anyone know why it happens

We have companies that have to run it numerous times






I have a user that gets this error:

error the cost of goods sold amount is incorrect and will not be posted on sales return

I have defaulted the distributions on the transactions

I have run this in sql and checked:



WHERE (SOPNUMBE = 'the document number')

No luck, any suggestions please



Does anyone know if it is possible to have the Smartlists point to a different database (we have a replicated db of our GP data) ?

We have had issues where a user will run a huge list that ties up resources and hangs GP.

If we could point all Smartlists to the replicated data, then the Live DB would not be at risk.



ello, somebody knows where I can find a description of the GP2018 tables, similar to the one in the knowledge base section of this page.


I need to highlight all payments in Green and invoices in Black in an SSRS report so I edited the formula as follows:

=SWITCH(Fields!Document_Type.Value = 'Payment', "Green", Fields!Document_Type.Value = 'Invoice', "Black")

This is not working. I get the error: The Color expression for the textrun ‘Document_Type.Paragraphs[0].TextRuns[0]’ contains an error: [BC30201] Expression expected.

Does anyone know what it means and how do i fix it?



why does a purchase requisition not convert to a purchase order in dynamics GP

in GP2016


We have vendors set up with one or more vendor address records.   I need to come up with a query that will show all these address records and whether they are marked as EFT or not.   Any suggestions will be appreciated. 


Is there any way to search this site (or any part of it) by keyword?

I am trying to find information related to in-transit transfers and cant find any way to search.

Thank you,