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roberthyndman 10/22/2018 11:33:17 PM

Transaction Scroll Returns Zero Line Sequence Value

Hi, I am using VST to return some data off the Transaction Entry Zoom form.  The problem is that all lines return a line sequence of zero.  The Journal Enquiry form is fine as is the Journal Entry form.

This is what I am using to for return data;

string sourcedocument = Dynamics.Forms.GlZoomCurrentTransaction.GlZoomCurrentTransactions.SourceDocument.Value;
int journalnumber = Dynamics.Forms.GlZoomCurrentTransaction.GlZoomCurrentTransactions.JournalEntry.Value;
decimal lineseq = Dynamics.Forms.GlZoomCurrentTransaction.GlZoomCurrentTransactions.TransactionScroll.SequenceLine.Value;
int accountindex = Dynamics.Forms.GlZoomCurrentTransaction.GlZoomCurrentTransactions.TransactionScroll.AccountIndex.Value;

All data is returned correctly except for the sequence line, it is always zero - pretty critical for my solution and identifying the correct line.

Has anyone run into this problem before?  It looks like this is a problem on the Bank Transaction Enquiry Zoom also.



Version: GP 2015
Section: Visual Studio Tools for Dynamics GP

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