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I have a client who would prefer to type in the starting and ending account number in a stock SSRS GL Trial Balance report.

The first step is to open Report Builder.



This simple script will insert missing item classes into the Item Class Master IV40400 table from another GP database

This script will search two databases and insert the missing lines from one to another.


Yesterday I was asked to move two tables from one database to another. Actually, it was to 'move the vendors from one database to the second database IF THEY DON'T EXIST'.

So, I wrote the code, and I blogged it. 'Cause that's what I do <smiles>

Today's request is to move 30 tables from one db to another, because of database corruption. Again, where the lines don't exist. 

So, I wrote a script that writes a script.

You enter in the from and to database, the table name, and the unique fields and it will write a script for you

You run it like this:

sp_MigrateTable '','fromdb', 'todb', 'SOP10100', 'docnumbr,rmdtypal'

You'll need several helper functions:

ddf_columnType: http://dyndeveloper.com/ArticleView.aspx?ArticleID=1707

DDReservedWords: http://dyndeveloper.com/ArticleView.aspx?ArticleID=2893 

ddv_DALTableColumnMetaData: http://dyndeveloper.com/ArticleView.aspx?ArticleID=2894  


This is a helper table that is used in several of our internal scripts. Nothing to see here. Move along


This is a view that is used in our internal scripts, it provides metadata about tables
You'll need several helper scripts

ddf_columnType: http://dyndeveloper.com/ArticleView.aspx?ArticleID=1707

ddf_columnTypeVB: http://dyndeveloper.com/ArticleView.aspx?ArticleID=2895

DDReservedWords table: http://dyndeveloper.com/ArticleView.aspx?ArticleID=2893

This is a helper function that converts SQL data types to VB datatypes
This is a working stored procedure that 'wraps' the eConnect taUpdateCreateItemRcd stored procedure and makes it easy to call

eConnect error taRMTransaction 482 Unable to calculate the discount and due dates

This was a very simple fix

This is a working stored procedure that wraps the taRMTransaction eConnect stored procedure and makes it easier to call
This is a piece of code that wraps the taPOLine eConnect stored procedure and makes it easier to call
This is a piece of code that wraps the taPOHdr eConnect stored procedure and makes it easier to call

Error: SQL error inserting into the RM Tax Work Table - RM10601

Error: Duplicate Tax Node ID in the RM10601 table

We have an integration that can update the Site Id (LOCNCODE) on a PO Line Item using econnect. We have noticed that the IV00102 Last Order Date and QTY are updated but the QTY on Order is not. This requires a reconcile to be corrected. Are we missing something or is this an eConnect bug?
How can I know which user is editing an open purchase order in gp?

Hi all,

I get the error "DOC 1 ERROR: Password required, but none specified" when I attempt to integrate SOP invoices and returns into GP. A google search came up with nothing.

Would anyone know what the reason could be?


Paul Chacko

Error: The currency id may not be passed in when entering transactions (Option = 1)

Saludos a Todos, estamos próximos a migrar a GP 2018 y nuestro proveedor no hará la migración de datos históricos, por lo que deseaba saber si existe algún para este tipo de tarea. desagradezco cualquier recomendación.




I'm using the stored procedures taBRBankTransactionDist and taBRBankTransactionHeader to create Bank Rec Receipts. 

They appear to be working properly (No Errors) but we don't see the BACHNUMB we are trying to create.

We've check in SY00500, GL10000 & GL10001. Also looked in CM20100, CM20200 & CM20300.

Not sure where to look, stumped.




My client wants to use an excel sheet [or CSV] to upload currency exchange rates to GP 10 every morning Monday to Sunday unattended. What are my choices here?Can I set up job in SQL? How?

Any suggestions will be appreciated.





Me pueden orientar, de que tablas requiero para poder ver todas las transacciones de inventarios, compras, ventas, salidas por consumo, devoluciones, ajustes, transferencias, contabilizadas y no contabilizadas.



Currently when we add new vendors, the Tax Type defaults to Miscellaneous. We really need it to default to Not a 1099 Vendor. I attempted to change this with modifier but now the 1099 Box is not populating... Is this not something that can be changed and if not, how do I revert the default setting to Miscellaneous? I changed the text in Modifier to show Miscellaneous but now the 1099 Box is blank. Please help