DavidC_IL 8/29/2018 5:40:54 PM

Smart Connect 18 PO Integration Issue

We recently upgraded from GP2013SP1 to GP2018 and have run into a few Smart Connect issues.  The most recent is with a PO Creation Integration we used 300+ times in GP2013 without an issue.

When we run the integration now in GP2018, the new PO Line does not natively check the INCLUDE button on the 'Purchasing Manufacturer's Item Number Entry' window, where an item was already checked as the PRIMARY, on the 'Manufacturer's Item Number Maintenance' windows, as it did in GP 2013.

When we manually enter a PO in GP2018, the PRIMARY does always automatically flow through to the the INCLUDE field 'Purchasing Manufacturer's Item Number Entry'.

I searched in the Purchase Order Processing Setup and did not see a place to have the PRIMARY automatically check INCLUDE, and as I said, this did always work in GP2013.

Hoping someone has seen this before and knows how to resolve it.

Version: All
Section: Dynamics GP, SmartConnect

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