prcomputer 8/24/2018 5:07:03 PM

I need to short the length of the "Next Call Number" to 4 total places in Field Services

Good evening,

  I need to short the length of the "Next Call Number"  to 4 total places, by example right now you enter the 80 like the next service call number, automatically the system created a 0000000080 service call number, I need only something like a service call number like that 0080 but if you try to enter by example 0080 in this field when you create a service call the system created a 0000000080. In other words always GP place 8 zeroes before the next serice call number.

Any suggestion is welcome.


 Mr. García


Dynamics GP 2016 - See in Field Services Module (Tools/Setup/Services Setup/Services) 

Version: GP 2015
Section: Dynamics GP

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