Often in an eConnect integration we need to get the default posting accounts. This script will allow you to do that.

This article is a complete example of the code needed to send an RMCashreceiptsInsert transaction to Dynamics GP


So if you open the Item Card and have typed in A100 previously then typing just A will bring back this value.

Our company creates hundreds of transactions a month buying inventory on a credit card. The challenge is matching the credit card statement to the individual PO receipts so that we can then pay with the credit card, and transfer the payable to the CC company. Most of these vendors do not supply individual invoices when they ship the product.


All of this is done manually at this time - is there an automated solution?


Thank you



Hi we have an Extender window that we only want to pop up when certain Accounts are enter in a GJ; The criteria is based on Account Categories;

The VB Code that was written by some consultants is

'Create a command to select all customers
linecounttxt.ActiveConnection = cn
linecounttxt.CommandType = adCmdText

linecounttxt.CommandText = "SELECT dbo.GL00100.ACCATNUM AS ACCATNUM FROM dbo.GL00100 "INNER JOIN dbo.GL00105 ON dbo.GL00100.ACTINDX = dbo.GL00105.ACTINDX WHERE dbo.GL00105.ACTNUMST = '" & AccountNumber & "' "

Set rst = linecounttxt.Execute
catnumber = rst!ACCATNUM
'check that the right cat is selected and popup extender screen

If catnumber >= 100 And catnumber <= 106 Then
    SendKeys "^a"
    If catnumber >= 225 And catnumber <= 229 Then
        SendKeys "^a"
        If catnumber >= 315 And catnumber <= 318 Then
            SendKeys "^a"
            If catnumber = 300 Then
               SendKeys "^a"
            End If
        End If
    End If
End If

End Sub

However what happens is the window comes up regardless of the account selected; I have conformed the data at a SQL level is correct (ie the ACCATNUM in GL00100) is correct.

Any ideas what is wrong?

Many thanks



It is occasionally convenient to add a comment row below each detail row, like this:


This article shows how to filter ASP.NET grids                       
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