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Accessing all the columns in a GridViewMultiColumnCombo in a Grid. That's a mouthful, right?

The issue is this - I have a grid, and in the grid I have a MultiColumnCombo. Once the user selects an item in the grid I need to access the other columns in the MultiColumnCombo and use that data to populate other columns in the grid.

The code sample below gives a simple example of how to do just that.

This article contains a code sample for doing data access in Integration Manager. The source of the code is the IM script library, but there are bugs in that code and it also does not allow you do select a specific database.

The connection string includes a hard coded sa password, and the sql is 'pass through SQL', both techniques that we don't recommend. They're in this sample because they're the quickest thing to do.


When writing an SSRS report, it happens that formulas get a little too complicated or use logic that would be better if it was in a Function. This article describes how to write a report-level function in SSRS and call that function from a field expression

This example was written in Visual Studio 2008 against SQL 2008 R2


Again, this article does not contain any ground breaking code. It's just convenient to have a library of code examples that we can access rapidly when needed.

This article contains a code example of how to dynamically add a user control to an aspx page at run time.

As ususal, a link to this code can be found on the .NET development menu

I don't have any idea if this is the correct way to use DataBindingComplete. I'd welcome any input. My intent here is to format the number of decimal places in a cell after data binding                       
This article will give the VBA code needed to move a file from one directory to another after an integration in Integration Manager
Copying an integration in Integration Manager is not as straight forward as you'd think. This article details the steps needed to copy an integration

This article will show how to add a column filter to a Telerik grid in code


Recently I was given the task of updating the text in all the stored procedures on a server; the client had changed one of their servers and we had to update the code to point to it.

This article contains a select statement that will show you how to search the text of all stored procedures on a server


A recent job called for editing SQL Server T-SQL code that called an executable. This particular code runs an SSIS package, but it works the same for any executable.

The code sample below shows how to run any executable code from a stored procedure


This article will give consultants and customers enough information to be dangerous on the subject of barcodes for Dynamics GP    

This article contains a VBA function that will encode a Code 128 barcode. It is taken directly from a working Crystal Report. To use it in Crystal, be sure to set the syntax to 'Basic Syntax'

Since it is VBA, it should translate directly into VB.NET

I suffer with not being able to remember the various properties for the Telerik RadDropDownList autocomplete property.

This article discusses the autocomplete property briefly


This article shows a few tips that will make developing a Visual Studio tools Addin for Dynamics GP a little easier

When coding a Visual Studio Addins application, you often need to store configuration data. In the past, I've added to the Dynamics.exe.config file... but that method is harder to deploy.

This article describes an easier method

The first error that you usually get when setting up eConnect is the Functional Currency Setup error.

This article will walk you through the function currency setup.


This is an example of an eConnect Enter Match Invoice document (POPEnterMatchInvoiceType) provided by Dan Jones from Data Masons software.
This article is a short script that you would place in the After Document script area for a customer integration in Integration Manager. It will update the 'Set_Send_Email_Statements' field in the customer table

In many applications I need to create a table of US states to populate a dropdown in an address form. I always have to go scramble for the code to get it all correct.

If you haven't noticed, our goal here at DD is Rapid Application Development. Our articles are geared toward giving you what you need to get the job done, quickly.

This article contains a script that will create a table of US states



I would like to change a tax schedule.  Right now the BASE ON box is pointed to "PERCENT OF SALES/PURCHASE PLUS TAXABLE TAXES", I would like to change it to "PERCENT OF COST".  Is this possible?




I'm working with Dynamics GP version 10, project accounting module. I need to automate the creation of project data.

I'm able to create the project, cost category, access list using eConnect API.

I'm facing a issue with creating project accounts, cost category accounts data, I cannot find any eConnect API or tables in Dynamics GP to create project or cost category accounts.

Appreciate if anyone here can help me with this issue, to find the API or table which I can work with project , cost category accounts

Thank you and best regards,


i get this error when executing the CreateTransactionEntity() function:

 strReturnDoc = oeConnectFunctions.CreateTransactionEntity(oeConnectType)

Message "Could not find default endpoint element that references
contract 'ServiceReference1.eConnect' in the ServiceModel client
configuration section. This might be because no configuration
file was found for your application, or because no endpoint
element matching this contract could be found in the client element."


im not sure what this means. 

How can I tell which tables are being using with the smart lists that come with the install of GP?

so i will have to use eConnect to create new timesheet? 

Im having a lot of trouble getting my eConnect to work with my project, as i keep getting "endpoint not found or no configuration file in project" errors when trying to execute CreateTransactionEntity().

It doesn't look like (from initial research) that i can use the web services, since the only things in PA are:

All methods in Common

  • GetProjectBudgetByKey
  • GetProjectBudgetList
  • GetProjectByKey
  • GetProjectChangeOrderByKey
  • GetProjectChangeOrderList
  • GetProjectContractByKey
  • GetProjectContractList
  • GetProjectEmployeeExpenseByKey
  • GetProjectEmployeeExpenseList
  • GetProjectList
  • GetProjectMiscellaneousLogByKey
  • GetProjectMiscellaneousLogList
  • GetProjectTimesheetByKey
  • GetProjectTimesheetList
  • what i dont see is "CreateTimesheet"

    am i correct?