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Ranger 1/31/2013 3:14:14 PM

econnect or dynamics web services

so i will have to use eConnect to create new timesheet? 

Im having a lot of trouble getting my eConnect to work with my project, as i keep getting "endpoint not found or no configuration file in project" errors when trying to execute CreateTransactionEntity().

It doesn't look like (from initial research) that i can use the web services, since the only things in PA are:

All methods in Common

  • GetProjectBudgetByKey
  • GetProjectBudgetList
  • GetProjectByKey
  • GetProjectChangeOrderByKey
  • GetProjectChangeOrderList
  • GetProjectContractByKey
  • GetProjectContractList
  • GetProjectEmployeeExpenseByKey
  • GetProjectEmployeeExpenseList
  • GetProjectList
  • GetProjectMiscellaneousLogByKey
  • GetProjectMiscellaneousLogList
  • GetProjectTimesheetByKey
  • GetProjectTimesheetList
  • what i dont see is "CreateTimesheet"

    am i correct?

    Version: GP 2010
    Section: .NET Development, Dynamics GP, eConnect, Web Services