DD00100 Direct Deposit Employee Master ddEmpMstr
DD00200 Direct Deposit Employee Account Master ddEmpAcctMstr
DD10100 Direct Deposit Employee Deposits Work ddDeposits
DD10200 Direct Deposit ACH Copy ddACHCopy
DD10300 Direct Deposit ACH Cross Reference ddACHCrossRef
DD10400 Direct Deposit ACH Header ddACHHdr
DD10500 Direct Deposit ACH Items ddACHItems
DD10600 Direct Deposit Prenotes Completed ddPrenotesCompleted
DD10700 Direct Deposit Exceptions ddExceptions
DD30100 Direct Deposit Transaction History Header ddTrxHistHdr
DD30101 Direct Deposit Transaction History Detail ddTrxHistDetail
DD40100 Direct Deposit Setup ddSetup
DD40200 Direct Deposit Check Messages Setup ddChkMsgsSetup
DD40400 Direct Deposit ACH Header Setup ddACHHdrSetup
DD40400 Direct Deposit ACH Footer Setup ddACHFtrSetup
DD40500 Direct Deposit ACH Prenotes Setup ddACHPrenotesSetup
DD40600 Direct Deposit Deduction Link Setup ddDeductionLinkSetup
UPR00100 Payroll Master UPR_MSTR
UPR00102 Payroll Address Master uprMstrAddress
UPR00111 Payroll Master Dependent uprMstrDependent
UPR00112 Payroll Master Education uprMstrEducation
UPR00113 Payroll Master Contacts uprMstrContacts
UPR00300 Payroll Tax Information Master UPR_MSTR_Tax_Info
UPR00400 Payroll Pay Code Master UPR_MSTR_Pay_Type
UPR00402 Payroll Post Dated Pay Code Master uprMstrPayTypePostDated
UPR00500 Payroll Deduction Master UPR_MSTR_Deduction
UPR00501 Payroll Deduction Based On Master UPR_MSTR_Deduction_Based_On
UPR00600 Payroll Benefit Master UPR_MSTR_Benefit
UPR00601 Payroll Benefit Based On Master UPR_MSTR_Benefit_Based_On
UPR00700 Payroll State Tax Master UPR_MSTR_State_Tax
UPR00800 Payroll Local Tax Master UPR_MSTR_Local_Tax
UPR00900 Payroll Employee Summary UPR_Employee_SUM
UPR00901 Payroll Employee Tips Summary UPR_Employee_Tips_SUM
UPR10100 Payroll Year End Header UPR_Year_End_WORK_HDR
UPR10101 Payroll Year End Wage UPR_Year_End_WORK_Wage
UPR10103 Payroll Year End Pension UPR_Year_End_WORK_Pension
UPR10104 Payroll Year End Special UPR_Year_End_WORK_Special
UPR10105 Payroll Year End State UPR_Year_End_WORK_State
UPR10106 Payroll Year End Local UPR_Year_End_WORK_Local
UPR10107 Payroll Year End Other UPR_Year_End_WORK_Other
UPR10200 Payroll Work Master UPR_WORK_MSTR
UPR10201 Payroll Work Master Detail UPR_WORK_MSTR_Detail
UPR10202 Payroll Work Header UPR_WORK_HDR
UPR10203 Payroll Work Pay Code UPR_WORK_Pay_Type
UPR10204 Payroll Work Deduction UPR_WORK_Deduction
UPR10205 Payroll Work Benefit UPR_WORK_Benefit
UPR10206 Payroll Work State Tax UPR_WORK_State_Tax
UPR10207 Payroll Work Local Tax UPR_WORK_Local_Tax
UPR10208 Payroll Work Check UPR_WORK_Check
UPR10209 Payroll Work Post UPR_WORK_Post
UPR10210 Payroll Build Check Defaults UPR_Build_Check_Defaults
UPR10211 Payroll Build Check File Defaults Detail UPR_Build_Check_Defaults_Detail
UPR10212 Payroll Temp Report Destination UPR_TEMP_Report_Destination
UPR10213 Payroll Check Descriptions uprWorkChkDesc
UPR10214 Payroll Work Check YTD Amounts uprWorkChkYTD
UPR10215 Payroll Work Void Check Reasons uprWorkVoidCheckReasons
UPR10301 Payroll Batches UPR_TRX_Batch_HDR
UPR10302 Payroll Transactions UPR_TRX_Batch_Detail
UPR10303 Payroll Transaction Audit UPR_TRX_Audit
UPR10307 Payroll Manual Check UPR_Manual_Check_HDR
UPR10308 Payroll Manual Check Detail UPR_Manual_Check_Detail
UPR10309 Payroll Keys Master UPR_Keys_MSTR
UPR10400 Payroll Distribution Work UPR_Distribution_WORK
UPR19900 Payroll Flat Tax Records UPR_Flat_Tax_Records
UPR19901 Payroll Account Cache UPR_Account_Cache
UPR30100 Payroll Check History UPR_Check_HIST
UPR30200 Payroll Tax Liability UPR_Federal_Tax_Liability
UPR30300 Payroll Transaction History UPR_Transaction_HIST
UPR30301 Payroll Transaction History Header UPR_Transaction_HIST_HDR
UPR30400 Payroll Distribution History Header UPR_Distribution_HIST_HDR
UPR30401 Payroll Distribution History Detail UPR_Distribution_HIST_Detail
UPR40100 Payroll Unemployment Setup UPR_SETP_Futa/Suta
UPR40101 Payroll Unemployment TSA UPR_Futa/Suta_TSA
UPR40200 Payroll Setup UPR_SETP_Info
UPR40201 Payroll Auto Assign Employee ID UPR_SETP_Auto_EmpID
UPR40300 Payroll Department Setup UPR_SETP_Department
UPR40301 Payroll Position Setup UPR_SETP_Job_Title
UPR40500 Payroll Accounts Setup UPR_SETP_Account
UPR40501 Payroll Tax Expense/Withholding Setup UPR_SETP_Tax_Exp/With
UPR40600 Payroll Pay Code Setup UPR_SETP_Pay_Type
UPR40700 Payroll Workers Comp Setup UPR_SETP_Workers_Comp
UPR40800 Payroll Benefit Setup UPR_SETP_Benefit
UPR40801 Payroll Benefit Based On Setup UPR_SETP_Benefit_Based_On
UPR40900 Payroll Deduction Setup UPR_SETP_Deduction
UPR40901 Payroll Deduction Based On Setup UPR_SETP_Deduction_Based_On
UPR40902 Payroll Deduction Sequence Setup UPR_SETP_Deduction_Sequence
UPR41100 Payroll State Code Setup UPR_SETP_State_Code
UPR41200 Payroll Class Setup UPR_SETP_Class
UPR41201 Payroll Class Detail Setup UPR_SETP_Class_Detail
UPR41400 Payroll Local Tax Setup UPR_SETP_Local_Tax
UPR41401 Payroll Local Tax Table Setup UPR_SETP_Local_Tax_Table
UPR41500 Payroll Shift Code Setup uprSetupShiftCode
UPR41700 Payroll Setup Supervisor uprSetupSupervisor
UPR50000 UPR_EmployeeList_View UPR_EmployeeList_View
UPR70500 Payroll Report Options UPR_Options_ROPT
UPR70501 Payroll Cross Company Report Options uprCrossCompanyROPT

Hello Evry one

I need the best way to learning Econnect can you help me please?

As in many of us, we are all very new to VS Tools for GP. I have found the experience exciting and frustrating at the same time. I have a couple of questions that I hoped one with this experience could lead me in the right direction.

By the way I program in C#.

1. I have a custom window that is accessible (menu) through the GP employee inquiry window which if an employee is selected, I pass those parameters to the custom window. This works great. However, when I call the GP employee lookup window a second time from the custom window a couple things happen which I don't know how to fix.

a. If no employee is selected from GP employee inquiry window and GP employee lookup is fired from custom window, the window will place itself behind the custom window. I need it in front.
b. Secondly, when I place focus on the GP employee lookup window, my custom window minimizes which I do not want. I want it to stay behind the GP employee lookup window.
c. If an employee is selected from GP employee inquiry window and GP employee lookup is fired from custom window, an error is generated that states can not create object when object is disposed.

 Any help is greatly appreciated.



Hi All. I am a .NET programmer, however am new to great plains and just read the documention on VS tools kindly provided by Gray.

I am however having trouble understanding some concepts, and I did expect more explanations in the VS Intellisense.  Is there any documentation avaiable about the available components and their properties? 

 For example. I am even having trouble doing something simple like retrieving the count of records in a LineScroll component. I was expecting to find myForm.myWindow.LineScroll.Rows.Count or something, but went through the intellisense list and I drew a blank :( Anyone can help please?

We are implementing a custom Payables/Receivables integration from a custom app into Dynamics GP, and we are planning to use eConnect.  

Does anyone know of a way to void open and/or history PM or RM docs using eConnect? If not, is there any other way to do this other than through the interface?



I have used eConnect COM object with ASP pages in the past.  With version 10 requiring use of .NET assembly, I am trying to create an aspx web page that works with eConnect but I cant seem to get it to work.  I have added imports of namespaces at the top of the webpage as follows:

<%@ Import Namespace="System.IO" %>

<%@ Import Namespace="System.XML" %>

<%@ Import Namespace="System.XML.Serialization" %>

<%@ Import Namespace="System.Text" %>

<%@ Import Namespace="System.EnterpriseServices" %>

<%@ Import Namespace="System.EnterpriseService.ServicedComponent" %>

<%@ Import Namespace="Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect" %>

<%@ Import Namespace="Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect.Serialization" %>

<%@ Import Namespace="Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect.MiscRoutines" %>

 However, I am still getting an error at a part in the code when I try to do the following:

Dim eConnectObject As New eConnectMethods

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!



Error follows below:


Server Error in '/Intranet' Application.

Compilation Error

Description: An error occurred during the compilation of a resource required to service this request. Please review the following specific error details and modify your source code appropriately.

Compiler Error Message: BC30002: Type 'eConnectMethods' is not defined.

Source Error:

Line 176:Dim ConnectionString As String
Line 177:Dim eConnectResult As Boolean
Line 178:Dim eConnectObject As New eConnectMethods
Line 179:Dim xmlDoc As XmlDocument
Line 180:

Source File: E:\Inetpub\Files\Intranet\General\ImportCreditCardInvoicesRUN.aspx    Line: 178


xxxxx language=JavaScript type=text/javascript> function OnToggleTOCLevel1() { var elemSrc = window.event.srcElement; var elemLevel2 = document.all(elemSrc.level2ID); if ( == 'none') { = ''; if (elemSrc.usesGlyph == '1') elemSrc.innerHTML = '6'; } else { = 'none'; if (elemSrc.usesGlyph == '1') elemSrc.innerHTML = '4'; } }

Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:1.1.4322.2379; ASP.NET Version:1.1.4322.2379

Dear All,

1.) I am wondering if anyone has tried using crystal reports with VSTools?  What I have managed to do is to open a crystal report in the same form it was called from.  Howeer, what I would like is to open the report in a separate window.

Say we add a button 'Report" on EstimateFreight and added a CrystalReportViewer control to a new form 'ReportFreight'.  I would assume:

EstimateFreight frm = new EstimateFreight();


However, the crystalreportviewer in ReportFreight is not accessible from EstimateFreight, whilst any other controls are.

2.) Also, is it possible to add a new menu item under the existing GP9 Reports menu? or can forms only be added to Extras > Additional?


Hi All, in particular ;)

This might be a dumb question for people familiar with Great Plains, however I am a .NET developer and unfamiliar with Great Plains :)

1.) From visual studio, is it possible to add controls to an existing form? Example in Sales Transaction Entry, near Commissions button maybe I want to add a History Button? 

2.) Also is it possible to amend an existing report from VS?




Im working on GP and VBA and SQL 2000 but i need to learnig Visual Studio to develop some Module


So Please can any one tell me how i get start with VS ?




Hello. I am new to VS Tools for GP. I see that there is a way to add menu items to the Extras menu for a paricular form. Is there also a way to add an item to the extras menu which is available when no forms are open(ie right when the GP is launched and logged into)? I have created a maintenance window for a custom table but I have no way to open the window without first opening another form and then using the extras menu. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



        I want to post into GreatPlains Version 9 General Ledger using eConnect. I was wondering, how do I determine what the next unique Journal Entry ID is that I can use in my postings?

Thanks in advance.

How do I retrieve the next Payment number using eConnect?

This is the table definition for the RM30101 table

Name Physical Name Type Keyable
GPS_Reserved GPS_RESERVED Long Integer 10
Customer Number CUSTNMBR String 15
Corporate Customer Number CPRCSTNM String 15
Document Number DOCNUMBR String 20
Check Number CHEKNMBR String 20
Batch Number BACHNUMB String 15
Batch Source BCHSOURC String 15
TRX Source TRXSORCE String 13

RM Document Type-All
1- Sales
3- Debit
4- Finance Charge
5 - Service
6 - Warranty
7 - Credit
8 - Return
9 - Payment

RMDTYPAL Integer 2
Due Date DUEDATE Date 8
Document Date DOCDATE Date 8
Post Date POSTDATE Date 6
Post User ID PSTUSRID String 15
GL Posting Date GLPOSTDT Date 8
Last Edit Date LSTEDTDT Date 6
Last User to Edit LSTUSRED String 15
Original Trx Amount ORTRXAMT Currency 17
Current Trx Amount CURTRXAM Currency 17
Sales Amount SLSAMNT Currency 19
Cost Amount COSTAMNT Currency 19
Freight Amount FRTAMNT Currency 17
Misc Amount MISCAMNT Currency 17
Tax Amount TAXAMNT Currency 17
Commission Dollar Amount COMDLRAM Currency 17
Cash Amount CASHAMNT Currency 19
Discount Taken Amount DISTKNAM Currency 17
Discount Available Amount DISAVAMT Currency 17
Discount Returned DISCRTND Currency 17
Discount Date DISCDATE Date 8
Discount Dollar Amount DSCDLRAM Currency 11
Discount Percent Amount DSCPCTAM Integer 5
Write Off Amount WROFAMNT Currency 17
Transaction Description TRXDSCRN String 30
Customer Purchase Order Number CSPORNBR String 20
Salesperson ID SLPRSNID String 15
Sales Territory Code SLSTERCD String 15
Date Invoice Paid Off DINVPDOF Date 8
PPS Amount Deducted PPSAMDED Currency 17
GST Discount Amount GSTDSAMT Currency 17
Delete DELETE1 Boolean 0
Tax Schedule ID TAXSCHID String 15
Sales Schedule ID SLSCHDID String 15
Freight Schedule ID FRTSCHID String 15
Misc Schedule ID MSCSCHID String 15
Currency ID CURNCYID String 15
Shipping Method SHIPMTHD String 15
Payment Terms ID PYMTRMID String 20
Trade Discount Amount TRDISAMT Currency 17
Note Index NOTEINDX Currency 14
Void Status VOIDSTTS Integer 0
Void Date VOIDDATE Date 8
Balance Forward Number BALFWDNM String 20
Cash Receipt Type CSHRCTYP Integer 0
Tax Date Tax_Date Date 8
Apply Withholding APLYWITH Boolean 0
Sale Date SALEDATE Date 8
Correction CORRCTN Boolean 0
Simplified SIMPLIFD Boolean 0
Electronic Electronic Boolean 0
EC Transaction ECTRX Boolean 0
Backout Sales Amount BKTSLSAM Currency 19
Backout Trade Discount Amount BackoutTradeDisc Currency 19
Backout Freight Amount BKTFRTAM Currency 19
Backout Misc Amount BKTMSCAM Currency 19
Factoring Factoring Boolean 0
Direct Debit DIRECTDEBIT Boolean 0


Using VS Tools for Dynamics GP, I need to store a user configurable connection string in some sort of app.config file.

VS Tools is not reading the standard VB app.config file. I see a KB article about a Dynamics.config file, but I don't understand the article.

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