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NaomiP 6/22/2007 9:42:00 AM


This is the table definition for the RM30101 table

Name Physical Name Type Keyable
GPS_Reserved GPS_RESERVED Long Integer 10
Customer Number CUSTNMBR String 15
Corporate Customer Number CPRCSTNM String 15
Document Number DOCNUMBR String 20
Check Number CHEKNMBR String 20
Batch Number BACHNUMB String 15
Batch Source BCHSOURC String 15
TRX Source TRXSORCE String 13

RM Document Type-All
1- Sales
3- Debit
4- Finance Charge
5 - Service
6 - Warranty
7 - Credit
8 - Return
9 - Payment

RMDTYPAL Integer 2
Due Date DUEDATE Date 8
Document Date DOCDATE Date 8
Post Date POSTDATE Date 6
Post User ID PSTUSRID String 15
GL Posting Date GLPOSTDT Date 8
Last Edit Date LSTEDTDT Date 6
Last User to Edit LSTUSRED String 15
Original Trx Amount ORTRXAMT Currency 17
Current Trx Amount CURTRXAM Currency 17
Sales Amount SLSAMNT Currency 19
Cost Amount COSTAMNT Currency 19
Freight Amount FRTAMNT Currency 17
Misc Amount MISCAMNT Currency 17
Tax Amount TAXAMNT Currency 17
Commission Dollar Amount COMDLRAM Currency 17
Cash Amount CASHAMNT Currency 19
Discount Taken Amount DISTKNAM Currency 17
Discount Available Amount DISAVAMT Currency 17
Discount Returned DISCRTND Currency 17
Discount Date DISCDATE Date 8
Discount Dollar Amount DSCDLRAM Currency 11
Discount Percent Amount DSCPCTAM Integer 5
Write Off Amount WROFAMNT Currency 17
Transaction Description TRXDSCRN String 30
Customer Purchase Order Number CSPORNBR String 20
Salesperson ID SLPRSNID String 15
Sales Territory Code SLSTERCD String 15
Date Invoice Paid Off DINVPDOF Date 8
PPS Amount Deducted PPSAMDED Currency 17
GST Discount Amount GSTDSAMT Currency 17
Delete DELETE1 Boolean 0
Tax Schedule ID TAXSCHID String 15
Sales Schedule ID SLSCHDID String 15
Freight Schedule ID FRTSCHID String 15
Misc Schedule ID MSCSCHID String 15
Currency ID CURNCYID String 15
Shipping Method SHIPMTHD String 15
Payment Terms ID PYMTRMID String 20
Trade Discount Amount TRDISAMT Currency 17
Note Index NOTEINDX Currency 14
Void Status VOIDSTTS Integer 0
Void Date VOIDDATE Date 8
Balance Forward Number BALFWDNM String 20
Cash Receipt Type CSHRCTYP Integer 0
Tax Date Tax_Date Date 8
Apply Withholding APLYWITH Boolean 0
Sale Date SALEDATE Date 8
Correction CORRCTN Boolean 0
Simplified SIMPLIFD Boolean 0
Electronic Electronic Boolean 0
EC Transaction ECTRX Boolean 0
Backout Sales Amount BKTSLSAM Currency 19
Backout Trade Discount Amount BackoutTradeDisc Currency 19
Backout Freight Amount BKTFRTAM Currency 19
Backout Misc Amount BKTMSCAM Currency 19
Factoring Factoring Boolean 0
Direct Debit DIRECTDEBIT Boolean 0
Version: Unknown or N/A
Section: Dynamics GP
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