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NaomiP 6/1/2007 11:38:00 AM

Dynamics GP Payroll (UPR) Tables

DD00100 Direct Deposit Employee Master ddEmpMstr
DD00200 Direct Deposit Employee Account Master ddEmpAcctMstr
DD10100 Direct Deposit Employee Deposits Work ddDeposits
DD10200 Direct Deposit ACH Copy ddACHCopy
DD10300 Direct Deposit ACH Cross Reference ddACHCrossRef
DD10400 Direct Deposit ACH Header ddACHHdr
DD10500 Direct Deposit ACH Items ddACHItems
DD10600 Direct Deposit Prenotes Completed ddPrenotesCompleted
DD10700 Direct Deposit Exceptions ddExceptions
DD30100 Direct Deposit Transaction History Header ddTrxHistHdr
DD30101 Direct Deposit Transaction History Detail ddTrxHistDetail
DD40100 Direct Deposit Setup ddSetup
DD40200 Direct Deposit Check Messages Setup ddChkMsgsSetup
DD40400 Direct Deposit ACH Header Setup ddACHHdrSetup
DD40400 Direct Deposit ACH Footer Setup ddACHFtrSetup
DD40500 Direct Deposit ACH Prenotes Setup ddACHPrenotesSetup
DD40600 Direct Deposit Deduction Link Setup ddDeductionLinkSetup
UPR00100 Payroll Master UPR_MSTR
UPR00102 Payroll Address Master uprMstrAddress
UPR00111 Payroll Master Dependent uprMstrDependent
UPR00112 Payroll Master Education uprMstrEducation
UPR00113 Payroll Master Contacts uprMstrContacts
UPR00300 Payroll Tax Information Master UPR_MSTR_Tax_Info
UPR00400 Payroll Pay Code Master UPR_MSTR_Pay_Type
UPR00402 Payroll Post Dated Pay Code Master uprMstrPayTypePostDated
UPR00500 Payroll Deduction Master UPR_MSTR_Deduction
UPR00501 Payroll Deduction Based On Master UPR_MSTR_Deduction_Based_On
UPR00600 Payroll Benefit Master UPR_MSTR_Benefit
UPR00601 Payroll Benefit Based On Master UPR_MSTR_Benefit_Based_On
UPR00700 Payroll State Tax Master UPR_MSTR_State_Tax
UPR00800 Payroll Local Tax Master UPR_MSTR_Local_Tax
UPR00900 Payroll Employee Summary UPR_Employee_SUM
UPR00901 Payroll Employee Tips Summary UPR_Employee_Tips_SUM
UPR10100 Payroll Year End Header UPR_Year_End_WORK_HDR
UPR10101 Payroll Year End Wage UPR_Year_End_WORK_Wage
UPR10103 Payroll Year End Pension UPR_Year_End_WORK_Pension
UPR10104 Payroll Year End Special UPR_Year_End_WORK_Special
UPR10105 Payroll Year End State UPR_Year_End_WORK_State
UPR10106 Payroll Year End Local UPR_Year_End_WORK_Local
UPR10107 Payroll Year End Other UPR_Year_End_WORK_Other
UPR10200 Payroll Work Master UPR_WORK_MSTR
UPR10201 Payroll Work Master Detail UPR_WORK_MSTR_Detail
UPR10202 Payroll Work Header UPR_WORK_HDR
UPR10203 Payroll Work Pay Code UPR_WORK_Pay_Type
UPR10204 Payroll Work Deduction UPR_WORK_Deduction
UPR10205 Payroll Work Benefit UPR_WORK_Benefit
UPR10206 Payroll Work State Tax UPR_WORK_State_Tax
UPR10207 Payroll Work Local Tax UPR_WORK_Local_Tax
UPR10208 Payroll Work Check UPR_WORK_Check
UPR10209 Payroll Work Post UPR_WORK_Post
UPR10210 Payroll Build Check Defaults UPR_Build_Check_Defaults
UPR10211 Payroll Build Check File Defaults Detail UPR_Build_Check_Defaults_Detail
UPR10212 Payroll Temp Report Destination UPR_TEMP_Report_Destination
UPR10213 Payroll Check Descriptions uprWorkChkDesc
UPR10214 Payroll Work Check YTD Amounts uprWorkChkYTD
UPR10215 Payroll Work Void Check Reasons uprWorkVoidCheckReasons
UPR10301 Payroll Batches UPR_TRX_Batch_HDR
UPR10302 Payroll Transactions UPR_TRX_Batch_Detail
UPR10303 Payroll Transaction Audit UPR_TRX_Audit
UPR10307 Payroll Manual Check UPR_Manual_Check_HDR
UPR10308 Payroll Manual Check Detail UPR_Manual_Check_Detail
UPR10309 Payroll Keys Master UPR_Keys_MSTR
UPR10400 Payroll Distribution Work UPR_Distribution_WORK
UPR19900 Payroll Flat Tax Records UPR_Flat_Tax_Records
UPR19901 Payroll Account Cache UPR_Account_Cache
UPR30100 Payroll Check History UPR_Check_HIST
UPR30200 Payroll Tax Liability UPR_Federal_Tax_Liability
UPR30300 Payroll Transaction History UPR_Transaction_HIST
UPR30301 Payroll Transaction History Header UPR_Transaction_HIST_HDR
UPR30400 Payroll Distribution History Header UPR_Distribution_HIST_HDR
UPR30401 Payroll Distribution History Detail UPR_Distribution_HIST_Detail
UPR40100 Payroll Unemployment Setup UPR_SETP_Futa/Suta
UPR40101 Payroll Unemployment TSA UPR_Futa/Suta_TSA
UPR40200 Payroll Setup UPR_SETP_Info
UPR40201 Payroll Auto Assign Employee ID UPR_SETP_Auto_EmpID
UPR40300 Payroll Department Setup UPR_SETP_Department
UPR40301 Payroll Position Setup UPR_SETP_Job_Title
UPR40500 Payroll Accounts Setup UPR_SETP_Account
UPR40501 Payroll Tax Expense/Withholding Setup UPR_SETP_Tax_Exp/With
UPR40600 Payroll Pay Code Setup UPR_SETP_Pay_Type
UPR40700 Payroll Workers Comp Setup UPR_SETP_Workers_Comp
UPR40800 Payroll Benefit Setup UPR_SETP_Benefit
UPR40801 Payroll Benefit Based On Setup UPR_SETP_Benefit_Based_On
UPR40900 Payroll Deduction Setup UPR_SETP_Deduction
UPR40901 Payroll Deduction Based On Setup UPR_SETP_Deduction_Based_On
UPR40902 Payroll Deduction Sequence Setup UPR_SETP_Deduction_Sequence
UPR41100 Payroll State Code Setup UPR_SETP_State_Code
UPR41200 Payroll Class Setup UPR_SETP_Class
UPR41201 Payroll Class Detail Setup UPR_SETP_Class_Detail
UPR41400 Payroll Local Tax Setup UPR_SETP_Local_Tax
UPR41401 Payroll Local Tax Table Setup UPR_SETP_Local_Tax_Table
UPR41500 Payroll Shift Code Setup uprSetupShiftCode
UPR41700 Payroll Setup Supervisor uprSetupSupervisor
UPR50000 UPR_EmployeeList_View UPR_EmployeeList_View
UPR70500 Payroll Report Options UPR_Options_ROPT
UPR70501 Payroll Cross Company Report Options uprCrossCompanyROPT
Version: Unknown or N/A
Section: Dynamics GP
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