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eConnect Errors Each eConnect node has specific errors that are associated with it
Param NameData TypeReqParamDescParam Mode
PAertrxtypesmallintYes PA Empl Expense Trx Type 1=Standard 2=Referenced IN
PAerdocnumberchar(17)Yes PA Empl Expense Document No. IN
EMPLOYIDchar(15)Yes Employee ID IN
PADTdatetimeYes PA Date IN
PAPROJNUMBERchar(15)Yes PA Project Number IN
PACOSTCATIDchar(15)Yes PA Cost Category ID IN
CURNCYIDchar(15)Yes Currency ID IN
LNITMSEQintNo Line Item Sequence IN
PAitemnumberchar(31)No PA Item Number IN
PAREFNOchar(17)No PA Reference Document No. IN
PAQtyQnumeric(19,5)No PA Quantity IN
PAUnit_of_Measurechar(9)No calculated look at script Get_Unit_Cost IN
UOMSCHDLchar(11)No Unit of Measure Schedule IN
PAUNITCOSTnumeric(19,5)No PA Unit Cost IN
PAPurchase_Tax_OptionssmallintNo PA Purchase Tax Options IN
ITMTSHIDchar(15)No Item Tax Schedule ID IN
TAXAMNTnumeric(19,5)No Tax Amount IN
BCKTXAMTnumeric(19,5)No Backout Tax Amount IN
PAPaymentMethodsmallintNo PA Payment Method 1=Cash,2=Company Credit Card IN
PAExpenseTypesmallintNo PA Expense Type 1=Reimbursable,2=Personal Expense IN
PAReference_Line_Seq_NintNo PA Reference Line Seq No IN
PAbllngtypesmallintNo PA Billing Type 1=STD,2=N/C,3=N/B IN
RequesterTrxsmallintNo Requester Transaction - 0=false,1=true - if true than populates Requester shadow table IN
USRDEFND1char(50)No User Defined field - developer use only IN
USRDEFND2char(50)No User Defined field - developer use only IN
USRDEFND3char(50)No User Defined field - developer use only IN
USRDEFND4varchar(8000)No User Defined field - developer use only IN
USRDEFND5varchar(8000)No User Defined field - developer use only IN
ErrorStateintNo Error Code INOUT
oErrStringvarchar(255)No Comma separated list of errors encountered INOUT

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