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 Display Name
 PM00100PM Class Master File
This file holds all the vendor class setup information.  The primary purpose of a class is make changes to all vendors in a class quickly.  The information in the PM Class Master is so similar to the PM Vendor Master that it is not repeated here.  The 2 fields that are different are documented below. In SBF, this table is not available.
 PM00101Vendor Class Accounts

This table holds the extra purchases accounts for a class. In SBF, this table is not available.

PM00200PM Vendor Master File
 PM00201PM Vendor Master Summary
The PM Vendor Master Summary contains summary information about the vendors.  YTD, Last Year, & LTD totals as well as last amounts and highest balances for the vendor.  It would normally not be imported into unless you wanted imported last years or Life To Date information for comparative purposes.  The Vendor Master Summary totals for Current Balance, Unapplied Payments, Unpaid Finance Charges, & On Order amounts are recalculated on reconciling vendors
 PM00202PM Vendor Master Period Summary
This file would not normally be imported into.  An exception would be to provide totals for previous periods and years before dynamics was used for comparative reports to current data.
 PM00203Vendor Accounts

This table holds additional purchasing accounts for a Vendor.

 PM00204Purchasing 1099 Period Detail
This file would not normally be imported into.  An exception would be to provide totals for previous periods and years before dynamics was used for comparative reports to current data.  This contains 1099 data for each calendar period from the PM Vendor Master Period Summary table and breaks the 1099 amount into the specific 1099 Type and 1099 Box Number.
 PM00300PM Address MSTR
The PM Address Master holds the Primary Address ID as well as additional addresses for the Vendor.  The Primary Address ID (and any additional ID’s) from the Vendor Card must exist in this table
 PM00400PM Key Master File

The PM_Key_MSTR table is used to validate the uniqueness of control numbers in the system. A combination of the control number and control type ensure uniqueness. The control numbers used with transaction entry are Voucher Number - Work, Cash Amount Payment Number, Check Amount Payment Number, and Credit Card Amount Payment Number. The PM_Key_MSTR table also is used to ensure uniqueness for the Document Number and Check Number. The PM_Key_MSTR table will contain a record for the numbers it is tracking, no matter if they reside in work, open or history tables. A record will remain in the PM_Key_MSTR table until all transaction data for the control number it is tracking has been deleted (i.e. the transaction record, all distributions, all taxes).

 When a control number is initially entered, a PM_Key_MSTR table record is saved with the control number to prevent another user from using the same control number. This keys record will be given a Document Status of 0. This means the control number is reserved for use by an unsaved work record. When the transaction record is actually saved, this status will be changed to 1. As the transaction moves through the system, this status changes to reflect the current location. The other Document Status settings are 1 for work, 2 for open, and 3 for history.

In lieu of importing into the PM Key Master table, transactions can be imported into the Payables Transaction Work table, with an associated control number, and checklinks run on the Payables Transaction Logical table.  This will create the corresponding record in the PM Key Master table.

Display Name:              PM Key Master File

Physical Name:            PM00400

A keys record for the Voucher Number - WORK should be created first.  This record is also used to track Document Number uniqueness if Allow Duplicate Invoices of table PM_SETP is set to false.

 Display Name
PM10000PM Transaction WORK File

The PM_Transaction_WORK table has one record created for each transaction entered. Each record is assigned to a record in the Batch_Headers table. The vendor ID, shipping method, payment term, address ID and tax schedule are verified using their respective master tables. The Voucher Number - WORK field contains the unique number for this transaction. No two identical voucher numbers may exist in the PM_Transaction_WORK table. The Voucher Number - WORK field has a maximum length of 17 characters, while the Voucher Number field, which is used for posted documents, has a maximum length of 20 characters. This difference allows for recurring transactions to retain the same voucher number in the work table, while a 3-character extension is added during posting to ensure uniqueness in the posted tables. If the Allow Duplicate Invoice Numbers field in the PM_SETP table is set to false, the Document Number must be validated for uniqueness by reading the PM_Key_MSTR table. If Multicurrency is registered and the Currency ID of the transaction does not match the functional currency then the MC_PM_Transactions table will also contain a record for this transaction.

 Display Name:              PM Transaction Work

Physical Name:            PM10000


PM10100PM Distribution WORK OPEN

A record in PM_Distribution_WORK_OPEN must be created for each distribution line in each transaction. Each amount in the PM_Transaction_WORK table and its related amount in the MC_PM_Transactions table, such as purchase amount, freight amount, and cash amount, has a distribution created for it. A distribution type is assigned based on which amount the distribution is for. All amounts need to be taken into consideration when creating the distributions, since a transaction will not post if the amount distributed for a type does not balance with the amounts in the PM_Transaction_WORK and MC_PM_Transactions records. The balance must also be of the correct debit or credit balance, dependent upon the transaction type. The amount indicated by the 'Other' distribution type is not related to any amount in the PM_Transaction_WORK or MC_PM_Transactions records. This type permits balanced adjustments to General Ledger. The debit amount must equal the credit amount for all 'Other' type distributions for the transaction to post.  You can also enter unit accounts with a distribution type of UNIT. The amounts entered for unit accounts do not need to balance.  They are not validated since they may have varying numbers of decimal places. (In SBF, you cannot enter unit accounts.)

All amounts for the transaction must be accounted for in the PM_Distribution_WORK_OPEN table. There may be an unlimited number of distribution records for each transaction. By default, there will be only one distribution per distribution type, but the user may split that record into an unlimited number of distributions as long as the total for that particular type is correct.

The "Other" distribution type is useful for appending non-related distributions to the current transaction. These distributions will post to General Ledger with the distributions for the current transaction. Dynamics verifies only that for "Other" distribution types, debits equal credits. This allows for maximum flexibility while still allowing tight verification of the posting for the transaction.

Display Name:              PM Distribution WORK OPEN

Physical Name:            PM10100

 PM10200PM Apply To WORK OPEN File
One line for each PAYMENT that has a payment and is not fully paid
 PM10201PM Payment Apply To Work File
One line per payment/voucher; both work and history
 PM10300PM Payment WORK

PM10300 unposted APPLY header. On line per PAYMENT

A payment record will be created only when a check is printed from the transaction entry window. The sole purpose of this record will be to store the check information for Report Writer. If you do not print any checks from the transaction entry window, you will not need to create any records for this table.


If an alignment form is printed, Dynamics will set values only for fields needed for keys and other required fields. All other fields will be filled with maximum values for amount fields or strings of X's for string fields.

 PM10400PM Manual Payment WORK File

The PM_Manual_Payment_WORK table is the primary storage area for manual payments. It contains fields linking it to the Batch_Headers table where batch information is stored, to the PM_Keys_MSTR table where used payment numbers are stored, and to the CM_Checkbook_MSTR table where Document Numbers are stored. All of these tables must be maintained as to ensure unique control ID values. If Multicurrency is registered and the Currency ID of the payment does not match the functional currency then the MC_PM_Transactions table will also contain a record for this payment.

 PM10500PM Tax Work File

Records in this table contain the detailed tax information associated with the transaction. These records are created only if taxes have been computed for the transaction. They must balance to the total amount of taxes calculated for this transaction.


This table contains all of the tax detail records that need to be distributed for the document. The total of all these records must be equal to the amount of tax in the 'Tax Amount' field in the PM_Transaction_WORK table (with the exception of 'Tax Included With Item Price' details). There may be an unlimited number of tax distribution records used to distribute the tax amount for any given transaction. Posting requires that the amount entered into the 'Tax Amount' field (plus any backout amounts) must be accounted for in the distributions. Also, posting does not verify that the tax schedules are still valid at the time of posting; rather it verifies that the Tax Detail IDs are still valid at the time of posting.

 PM10600PM Distribution Void WORK Temporary File
 PM10801PM Payment Stub Duplicate
 PM10900Void Payment WORK Temporary File
 PM10901PM Void Transaction WORK Temporary File
 PM10902PM Tax Void Work Temporary File
 Display Name
PM20000PM Transaction OPEN File
PM20100PM Apply To OPEN OPEN Temporary File
PM20100 unposted APPLY detail
 PM20200PM Distribution OPEN OPEN Temporary File
 PM20400PM Scheduled Payments Header
 PM20401PM Scheduled Payment LINE
Work Tables
 Display Name
PM30200PM Paid Transaction History File
PM30300PM Apply To History File
 PM30401PM Scheduled Payments Header History
PM30600PM Distribution History File
 PM30700PM Tax History File
 PM30800PM Tax Invoices
 Display Name
 PM40100PM Setup File
 PM40101PM Period Setup File
 PM40102Payables Document Types
 PM40103Payables Distribution Type SETP
 PM40104PM 1099 Setup File
 PM50100PM History Removal Tempoary File
 PM70500Purchasing Report Options
 PM80100Reprint Transaction Batch Headers
 PM80200Void Reprint Void Payment WORK
 PM80300PM Reprint Void Transaction WORK
 PM80500PM Reprint Posting Journal Apply To File
 PM80600PM Reprint Distribution
 PM80700PM Reprint Tax
 PM80800PM Reprint Transaction Check Register File
 PM80900PM Mass Voucher Apply Temp File
 PM80905Payables Apply Document Browse
 PM80950PM Remittance Temp
 PM80960PM Exception List Temp
 PM81000Modified Vendor Class Accounts
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