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You are currently viewing the COMPANY database.

COMPANY..PM80960 Table Definition

(COMPANY..PM Exception List Temp)


Field Definitions:

What is the 'source' column?

* the version information goes back to GP 9
Column NameData Type SourceFirst Version
ORDint Ord Unique...(more) Join Now BM00111.ORD
GP 2010
Statussmallint Status Ind...(more) Join Now BM10400.Status
GP 2010
STRNG132char(133) PAM70102.STRNG132
GP 2010
USERIDchar(15) The user t...(more) Join Now
GP 2010
join DYNAMICS..SY01400 on SY01400.USERID = PM80960.USERID
Process_IDsmallint Integer P...(more) Join Now SY01300.Process_ID
GP 2010
DEX_ROW_IDint Unique aut...(more) Join Now
GP 2010