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COMPANY..GL50102 Table Definition

(COMPANY..Audit Trail Code Temporary)


Field Definitions:

What is the 'source' column?

* the version information goes back to GP 9
Column NameData Type SourceFirst Version
JRNENTRYint Journal En...(more) Join Now DTA10100.JRNENTRY
GP 9
TRXSORCEchar(13) Transactio...(more) Join Now
GP 9
USERIDchar(15) The user t...(more) Join Now
GP 9
join DYNAMICS..SY01400 on SY01400.USERID = GL50102.USERID
BACHNUMBchar(15) Batch Numb...(more) Join Now
GP 9
join SY00500 on SY00500.BACHNUMB = GL50102.BACHNUMB
BCHSOURCchar(15) Batch Sour...(more) Join Now
GP 9
RVTRXSRCchar(13) Reversing ...(more) Join Now GL10000.RVTRXSRC
GP 9
DEX_ROW_IDint Unique aut...(more) Join Now
GP 9