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Module List > Module COMPANY..GL tables
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* the version information goes back to GP 9.

 Display NameTechnical NameFirst VersionWorkOpenHist
GL00100Account MasterGL_Account_MSTRGP 9SETUP   

This table contains nonfinancial information about account numbers.


Required fields:

Account Number

Account Index

Main Account Segment

Account Type

Account Description

Posting Type

Account Category Number


Typical Balance

Decimal Places

Fixed Or Variable

Balance For Calculation

Display In Lookups

Post Sales In

Post Inventory In

Post Purchasing In

Post Payroll In



The following fields are assigned values only for specific account types:

Typical Balance: posting accounts only

Decimal Places: unit accounts only

Fixed Or Variable: allocations only

Balance For Calculation: variable allocations only.

 GL00100F1Account Master Filter1GL_Account_MSTR_Filter1GP 9SETUP   
 GL00100F2Account Master Filter2GL_Account_MSTR_Filter2GP 9SETUP   
 GL00100F3Account Master Filter3GL_Account_MSTR_Filter3GP 9SETUP   
 GL00100F4Account Master Filter4GL_Account_MSTR_Filter4GP 9SETUP   
 GL00100W  GP 2010    
 GL00102Account Category MasterGL_Account_Category_MSTRGP 9SETUP   
 GL00103Fixed Allocation MasterGL_Allocation_Fixed_MSTRGP 9SETUP   
 GL00104Variable Allocation MasterGL_Allocation_Variable_MSTRGP 9SETUP   
GL00105Account Index MasterGL_Account_Index_MSTRGP 9SETUP   

This table stores all Account Index fields for each account number to insure data integrity should an account record be damaged in the Account Master table.  For each record in the Account Master table, there is a corresponding record in the Account Index Master table. 



All non-GL modules instead of the full-sized account number to store the Account Index conserve data space.  Should an account record be removed from the Account Master table, a check link can be run on the Account Master table and the Account Index Master table will be used to restore the connection between the Account Number and Account Index fields.  This will insure greater data integrity and prevent the loss of account number links in subsidiary modules.

 GL00105W  GP 2010    
 GL00200Budget MasterGL_Budget_MSTRGP 9SETUP   
The easiest method is to create the budget ID in the budget maintenance window (but adding no accounts) then to import to the Budget Summary Master. Accounts with a typical credit balance would import budget figures as negative to show correctly on financial statements. Note: the Account Summary Master is no longer used for importing Budget data; the summary information is contained in the Budget Summary Master.
 GL00201Budget Summary MasterGL_Budget_SUM_MSTRGP 9SETUP   
GL10000Transaction WorkGL_TRX_HDR_WORKGP 9WORK GL20000GL30000

Physical Name: GL10000
Display Name: Transaction Work

This table contains transaction header information for transactions entered in transaction and clearing entry windows in General Ledger. Line detail is stored in the GL_TRX_LINE_WORK table for transactions and the GL_TRX_Clearing_WORK table for clearing transactions.

Required fields:
Batch Number
Batch Source
Journal Entry
Source Document
TRX Date
Reversing Date
Balance For Calculation
Posting Status
Transaction Type
Ledger ID

Denomination Exchange Rate - Required for Euro Triangulation.
MC Transaction State - Required for Euro Triangulation.
Document Date

The following fields are assigned values only for specific transaction types:
Reversing Date: reversing transactions only
Balance For Calculation: clearing transactions only

The following fields are used to store transaction information when posting transactions from subsidiary modules to General Ledger:
DTA Control Number
DTA Index 
Originating Posted Date
Originating TRX Source


GL10001Transaction Amounts WorkGL_TRX_LINE_WORKGP 9WORK GL20000GL30000

Physical Name: GL10001
Display Name: Transaction Amounts Work

This table contains line information for transactions entered in transaction entry windows in General

Required fields:
Batch Number
Journal Entry
Sequence Line
Account Index
Debit Amount
Credit Amount

Originating Credit Amount
Originating Debit Amount
Denomination Exchange Rate - Required for Euro Triangulation.
MC Transaction State - Required for Euro Triangulation. 

 GL10002Transaction Clearing Amounts WorkGL_TRX_Clearing_WORKGP 9WORK   
 GL10100Quick Journal WorkGL_Business_Form_HDR_WORKGP 9WORK   
 GL10101Quick Journal Amounts WorkGL_Business_Form_LINE_WORKGP 9WORK   
 GL10110Account Current Summary MasterGL_Account_SUM_MSTRGP 9WORK   
 GL10110W  GP 2010    
 GL10111Account Summary HistoryGL_Account_SUM_HISTGP 9WORK   

This table displays period balances by Account Number.'

 GL10300General Ledger Tax WorkglTaxWorkGP 9WORK   
 GL11000GL Distribution Register TemporaryGL_Distribution_Register_WORKGP 9WORK   
 GL12000Budget Transaction WorkGL_BUD_TRX_HDR_WORKGP 2010WORK  GL32000
 GL12001Budget Transaction Amounts WorkGL_BUD_TRX_LINE_WORKGP 2010WORK   
GL20000Year-to-Date Transaction OpenGL_YTD_TRX_OPENGP 9OPENGL10000 GL30000
 GL20001  GP 2013OPEN   
GL30000Account Transaction HistoryGL_Account_TRX_HISTGP 9HISTORYGL10000GL20000 
 GL30001  GP 2013HISTORY   
 GL32000Budget Transaction HistoryGL_BUD_TRX_HISTGP 2010HISTORYGL12000  
 GL40000General Ledger SetupGL_SETPGP 9SETUP   
 GL40001Reporting Ledger SetupGL_Reporting_Ledger_SETPGP 2010SETUP   
 GL40100Quick Journal SetupGL_Business_Form_SETPGP 9SETUP   
 GL40101Quick Journal Account SetupGL_Business_Form_Account_SETPGP 9SETUP   
 GL40200Segment Description MasterGL_Segment_Description_SETPGP 9SETUP   
 GL40300Posting Numbers SetupglPostingNumbersSetupGP 9SETUP   
 GL40400GL_Reconcile_Module_Accounts_SETPGL_Reconcile_Module_Accounts_SETPGP 10SETUP   
 GL40401  GP 2013SETUP   
 GL40402  GP 2013SETUP   
 GL50010General Ledger Period Header TemporaryGL_Period_Balance_HDR_TEMPGP 9SETUP   
 GL50011General Ledger Period TemporaryGL_Period_Balance_TEMPGP 9SETUP   
 GL50102Audit Trail Code TemporaryGL_Audit_Trail_WORKGP 9SETUP   
 GL50400Period Consolidation ActivityGL_Period_Consolidation_ActivityGP 9SETUP   
 GL50500  GP 2013SETUP   
 GL50501  GP 2013SETUP   
 GL50502  GP 2013SETUP   
 GL50503  GP 2013SETUP   
 GL50504  GP 2013SETUP   
 GL50505  GP 2013SETUP   
 GL50506  GP 2013SETUP   
 GL50507  GP 2013SETUP   
 GL50508  GP 2013SETUP   
 GL70500General Ledger Report OptionsGL_Options_ROPTGP 9SETUP   
 GL70501General Ledger Report Options TemporaryGL_Options_TEMPGP 9SETUP