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Module List > Module Extender tables > EXT20500
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You are currently viewing the COMPANY database.

COMPANY..EXT20500 Table Definition


Field Definitions:

What is the 'source' column?

 Column NameData Type
Default Value
Extender_View_ID char

The unique...(more) Join Now
Extender_View_Desc char

The descri...(more) Join Now
View_Name char

Use_Display_Names tinyint

Save_Fields_As_Strings tinyint

NOTEINDX numeric

ID of the ...(more) Join Now
join ... more text available
CREATDDT datetime

The date t...(more) Join Now

The userna...(more) Join Now
MODIFDT datetime

The last d...(more) Join Now

The userna...(more) Join Now
join ... more text available
auto number (1,1)
Unique ide...(more) Join Now

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