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 Display Name
 EXT00100Extender Window Key Values
 EXT00101Extender Window Field Strings
 EXT00102Extender Window Field Dates
 EXT00103Extender Window Field Numbers
 EXT00104Extender Window Field Times
 EXT00150Extender List Notes
 EXT00151Extender Note Key Values
 EXT00180Detail Window Lines
 EXT00181Detail Window Line Strings
 EXT00182Detail Window Line Dates
 EXT00183Detail Window Line Numbers
 EXT00184Detail Window Line Times
 EXT00185Extender Detail Window Key Values
 EXT00200Extender Form IDs
 EXT00201Extender Form Field Strings
 EXT00202Extender Form Field Dates
 EXT00203Extender Form Field Numbers
 EXT00204Extender Form Field Times
 EXT00301Form Extra Window Strings
 EXT00302Form Extra Window Dates
 EXT00303Form Extra Window Numbers
 EXT00304Form Extra Notes
 EXT00305Form Extra Window Times
 EXT00700Extender Detail Form IDs
 EXT00701Detail Form Field Strings
 EXT00702Detail Form Field Dates
 EXT00703Detail Form Field Numbers
 EXT00704Detail Form Field Times
 EXT00711Detail Form Extra Window Strings
 EXT00712Detail Form Extra Window Dates
 EXT00713Detail Form Extra Window Numbers
 EXT00714Detail Form Extra Notes
 EXT00715Detail Form Extra Window Times
 EXT00721Detail Form Line Strings
 EXT00722Detail Form Line Dates
 EXT00723Detail Form Line Numbers
 EXT00724Detail Form Line Times
 EXT00800Extender Exchange Rates
 EXT00900Lookup Values
 EXT01000Extender Activity
 EXT01101Extender Window Field Strings
String data
 Display Name
 EXT10100Extender Form SmartList IDs
 EXT10200Extender Lookup Numbers
 Display Name
Used to define the ExtenderID for different fields.
Work Tables
 Display Name
 EXT30200Extender Dialog Responses
 Display Name
 EXT40000Extender Multicurrency Settings
 EXT40010Calculated Fields
 EXT40011Calculated Field Fields
 EXT40012Calculated Field Options
 EXT40013Calculated Field Conditions
 EXT40020Extender Events
 EXT40021Extender Event Actions
 EXT40022Extender Event Conditions
 EXT40023Extender Event Fields
 EXT40040Extender Linked Lookups
 EXT40051Lookup Restrictions
 EXT40100Extender Window Setup
 EXT40101Extender Window Keys
 EXT40102Extender Window Lists
 EXT40103Extender Window Special Cases
 EXT40104Extender Window Field Link Settings
 EXT40105Extender Window Explorers
 EXT40106Extender Window Explorer Keys
 EXT40107Extender Window Tables
 EXT40108Extender Window Table Fields
 EXT40109Extender Window Template Setup
 EXT40110Extender Window Templates
 EXT40111Extender Window Template Fields
 EXT40117Extender Window String Formats
 EXT40150Extender Detail Windows
 EXT40151Extender Detail Window Keys
 EXT40152Extender Detail Window Lists
 EXT40153Extender Detail Window Special Cases
 EXT40154Extender Detail Window Field Link Settings
 EXT40157Extender Detail Window String Formats
 EXT40160Extender Detail Window Templates
 EXT40162Extender Detail Window Template Lines
 EXT40163Extender Detail Window Template Line Fields
 EXT40164Extender Detail Window Template Setup
 EXT40170Extender Detail Window Enquiry Setup
 EXT40171Extender Detail Enquiry Alternate Keys
 EXT40200Extender Macro Setup
 EXT40201Macro Lines
 EXT40300Extender Forms
 EXT40301Extender Form Extra Windows
 EXT40302Extender Form Lists
 EXT40305Extender Form Next Fields
 EXT40306Extender Form Field Link Settings
 EXT40307Extender Form String Formats
 EXT40309Extender Form Template Setup
 EXT40310Extender Form Templates
 EXT40311Extender Form Template Fields
 EXT40400Extender Enquiry Setup
 EXT40401Extender Enquiry Alternate Keys
 EXT40600Extender Dialog Setup
 EXT40601Extender Dialog Fields
 EXT40602Extender Dialog Restrictions
 EXT40700Extender Views
 EXT40701Extender View Tables
 EXT40702Extender View Fields
 EXT40703Extender View Table Links
 EXT40800Extender Menus
 EXT40801Extender Menu Items
 EXT40900Extender Imports
 EXT40901Extender Import Lines
 EXT43100Extender Detail Forms
 EXT43101Extender Detail Form Extra Windows
 EXT43102Extender Detail Form Lists
 EXT43103Extender Detail Form Details
 EXT43105Extender Detail Form Next Fields
 EXT43106Extender Detail Form Field Link Settings
 EXT43107Extender Detail Form String Formats
 EXT43109Extender Detail Form Template Setup
 EXT43110Extender Detail Form Templates
 EXT43111Extender Detail Form Template Fields
 EXT43112Extender Detail Form Template Lines
 EXT43113Extender Detail Form Template Line Fields
 EXT43200Extender Note Setup
 EXT43201Extender Note Keys
 EXT43202Extender Note Enquiry Setup
 EXT43203Extender Note Enquiry Alternate Keys
 EXT43204Note Types
Used as the pointer for note type fields. The note types are different between different companies
 EXT43205Extender Note Special Cases
 EXT43400Extender Lookups
 EXT43900Extender Window Groups
 EXT43901Extender Window Group Windows
 EXT43902Extender Window Group Conditions
 EXT44100Alternate Keys
 EXT44200Extender Table Links
 EXT44300Extender Table Link Fields
 EXT45000List Sorting
 EXT50100Extender Security
 EXT60100Extender Options
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