There are a number of 'allow' fields in SOP40200 and their usage is not... straightforward. This query will help you sort them and, and will return the query below. 


I can think of several ways to add a variable number of controls to a web page... repeaters, grids, etc. 

Today I'm looking at a much simpler approach. I'm going to drop a Placeholder control on a web page, and run code that puts a dynamic number of link buttons in the placeholder. 

Earlier today we published code to add buttons to a web page dynamically. 

This code will do the same thing in a Telerik RadGrid. The technique is similar, with some twists. 

Note below that the grid lines have 0-many 'takeoff' links added. 


Just got off the phone when my friend Peter from Onterio, and wanted to get this written down because it's a pretty interesting technique. 

The idea is to open an SSRS subreport in a new window (it's always possible to do his with CTRL + Click, but Peter needed it to be the main way it worked). The code below is the code that you put in the link window in SSRS to make this work. 

I'll also include a version that will send parameters

I have been around awhile, and I have never done the following in Great Plains at Year End.

Company is getting ready to close 2021.

2020 is closed - as you all know - Great Plains allows user to post into the latest historical year.

This morning I did something I have done before (in TEST Company) I opened to posting last period of 2020. I then entered two AP vouchers for two different vendors. I then posted them (dated 12/31/2020). I then applied the documents to open unapplied payments for the two vendors.

Great Plains seems to have done everything perfectly. GL looks correct (we did take a hit on Retained Earnings because we reduced accrued payables).

Has anyone ever posted from subledger into a Historical Year in GP? Is there anything I should worry about? 

The company close the subledger at all - so vendor amounts, and all that stuff doesn't seem to matter. 

Thanks in advance - I hate to do this in LIVE and then discover something I missed.............


Version: Dynamics GP 2010 ver: 11.00.2351 SP4

Under Sales Order Processing Setup - for all document types (Quotes, Orders, BackOrders, Invoices, Returns) we removed the check for the ability to DELETE documents.  Thus for audit trails, everyone must VOID.   (did this over a year ago)

Today a document disappeared.  We couldn't process it to an invoice because it didn't exist, but we had a paper copy of the picking ticket.  I then searched SQL under unposted and history and the document wasn't anywhere.  The only thing that could make sense was a DELETE.  Going around to various workstations, some users can call up any unprocessed (not transferred to an invoice) document from "open orders" and under ACTION they have the DELETE option.  Other users do not have the delete option.  

So I called up two users (with and without delete ability) and there are no differences in their checked security roles.  

Where is this ability to override SOP setup coming from?



We are receiving the "This item-site combination is inactive" popup from the Item Transaction Entry window in GP. 

The respective item is active and as well as the site. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



Asha M

Is there a way to get the distributions at the item level for Posted SOP orders?

year, month, itemnmbr, account, amount


We use the comment1 field in the RM00101 (Customer Master Table) to store a customer identifier from a separate external billing system.

Example: CUSTID in GP =HOME345. Comment1 in GP for HOME345=589632.

We have to be certain 589632 is not stored in RM00101 for any other CUSTID. 

Therefore, in the GP RM00101 Table I need to query and find any customers with duplicate comment 1 values. We have over 46,000 CustID's in the table. We know we occasionally enter a duplicate value. 

Basically, our business requires a one-to-one relationship between GP Customer ID and the Comment 1 field. However, the comment 1 field is not designed to enforce the business requirement, so we need to see if we have any duplicate comment 1 field values.

Thanks in advance, 


Good afternoon,


If I have a BOM that has several sub-assemblies(sub-BOMs), can you close/complete the top level BOM if those sub-BOMs are still in an open status?

Thank you,


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