I'm not a fan of email blasts, like you, I have a job. But this is important. Please read, and forward to whoever needs it. The link is an 'open' link, non-members can see it.


Continuing in our series of wrapping the eConnect procs to allow them to be more easily called, today we have a wrapper for the taUpdateCreateCustomerRcd stored procedure. 

There are two scripts, the first is the wrapper and the second is the table that we populate before calling the wrapper. Note that some of the fields are defaulted, these are required fields and if you don't populate them, you get a cryptic 'at least one field is null' error. Defaulting them fixes that. 

The remaining fields can be left null (except for the required ones) 

We have a process for issuing refunds to vendors that involves creating an SOP return and posting it, creating a refund check from that return and using that to generate a payable transaction that we can use to send a payment to a vendor. I am trying to enhance this process so that the customer PO number from the original SOP document flows through the RM and PM tables so I can add that to the check stub and a custom report we send to the vendor at the time of payment.

I've looked for standard processes that would do this since the payables transactions seem to already have a PO number field, but I haven't found any configuration that allows for the PO number to be copied over during transfer. I am trying to find a way to modify it myself to transfer the PO number over, but I am having a hard time figuring out how the tables and processes work from SOP to RM to PM so that I can add some custom code to do this. 

Has anyone done anything like this before or have any insights about how these tables or processes are structured that might help me figure out how to modify it to get the PO number to copy over when it transfers to RM and PM? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Saludos y salud...

Al ingresar al GP10.0, ocurre que sale una ventana gris, con un botón de menu, que dice archivo, y debo escogeré el Dynamics.set para poder entrar. Pero esto no me pasaba antes. ¿Que habré cambiado en la configuración y como podría restablecerla? ver imagen adjunta.



When entering the GP10.0, a gray window, with a menu button, that says file, comes out, and I must choose the Dynamics.set in order to enter. But this didn't happen to me before. That I've changed the settings and how could I reset it? see attached image.


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    I have the following problem when i try to print or generate a PDF in Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices or Purchase Oders instead of printing the company logo print a black square, this happen in any PC or printer. This worked fine for years but it happened suddenly with no apparent explanation.

 Please any sugestion is welcome.



Mr. García

How to know the last date an item was sold? Is there any sql table that contains a field of last sales date?

We have GP2016 running on a terminal server with Windows Server 2012R2.  The database is running on a separate server.


I want to know my options for upgrading the GP / Terminal Server's OS to Windows Server 2016.  

If anyone has done this or anything similar, your insight would be appreciated.


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I wanted to know if Microsof already solved the problem of the black logo in GP with a new update? Actually i solved the problem temporary doing a roll back updates and pausing the Microsoft automatic updates. Please any new information please let me know.


 Mr. García


Estamos remplazando GP10.0 por GP2018 y desearía poder ver videos de uso de los distintos módulos, compras, ventas, inventario, etc. pero los cursos de MS son muy costosos. ¿Tienen alguna sugerencia?

Un caso particular por ejemplo: cuando uso la ventana de Cumplir pedido, en ocasiones me indica que: "La Cantidad para esta linea de artículos no esta preparado para entrega"  y no sé donde se Prepara...

Edit 3/23/2021

We are replacing GP10.0 with GP2018 and would like to be able to watch videos using the different modules, purchases, sales, inventory, etc. but MS courses are very expensive. Do you have any suggestions?

A particular case for example: when I use the Fulfill Order window, it sometimes tells me that: "The Quantity for this item line is not ready for delivery" and I do not know where it is prepared...

Hi All 

In the UK we have to be MTD and therefore have to start using the VAT Daybook this meant we had to upgrade GP to  18.3.1233. However there seems to be a problem with this version that Microsoft have now acknowledged but have no timetable to a solution! 

The issue is that with invoices that have multiple lines of VAT on them the new VAT Daybook report completely ignores them! So if the seqnumber is > 100 in the TX table the report ignore the entire invoice.

We have trading with Europe that means we need to have reverse charging, I (and im not an accountant! ) have been told that the process of entering the data is to have the original line of tax say 

Euro21% 100 then also

 UKZero 0

this then triggers the reverse charging element, but also means that there are multiple lines in the TX table and therefore the data isnt on the VAT report!! 


Has anyone else come across this and has anyone got a solution that doesn't involve a load of development work :-)


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