It happens that someone else creates an SSRS scheduled report and you need to edit that schedule. 

This is not my code, I got it from here

I didn't want to take a chance on losing it, it's too valuable to me. 

It only ran on the server (without editing) and IE would not work, had to use Chrome.

Complete procedure

I've spent two days getting this figured out, thought I'd share the pain

The code sample below is complete instructions on how to send this JSON document to Docusign. Docusign will then email the customer a pdf and request a signature. When the signing process is complete, Docusign will email you the signed pdf. 

Mostly, this web site handles code related to Dynamics GP and 365. I'm a full time Dynamics developer, and this code resulted from a Dynamics customer project. 

But I know that we'll get a lot of 'non Dynamics' traffic on this subject, and the 'membership' thing will irritate them. 

Here's the deal: I spent 16 hours developing this code, and it works. That's worth $9.99, IMHO. It was pretty challenging. Not the JSON API, I've done that lots. Sending the correct auth info, that took some figuring out. 


  "documents": [
      "documentBase64": "[PDF]",
      "name": "signme.pdf",
      "fileExtension": "pdf",
      "documentId": "1"
  "emailSubject": "Please sign this document",
  "recipients": {
    "signers": [
        "email": "",
        "name": "Joe Sample",
        "recipientId": "1",
        "routingOrder": "1",
        "tabs": {
          "signHereTabs": [
              "documentId": "1",
              "pageNumber": "1",
              "recipientId": "1",
              "tabLabel": "SignHereTab",
              "xPosition": "195",
              "yPosition": "147"
  "status": "sent"

The code below will query an envelope's status using the REST API. 

There is some information that we assume you know, be sure that you are able to run this code

Before you look at this. 


An 'Envelope' is the Docusign container that contains everything about a communication. 

After I send an Envelope, I want to be able to programmatically check to see if it has been signed. If it has, I want to save that signed document to a SQL table and then kick off some business logic. 

This code shows how to download a signed document (pdf)

This is a short piece of code that will Deserialize a JSON document in string form into a class


We already have an article that prints an .rdlc report, this article is simpler and shows only how to make the call. Too, this article targets ASP.NET. Winforms code should work the same, but the other article uses an embedded report, this uses one in the root directory. 

The report is printed to disk after processing instead of displaying it; we're going to send it to a customer via Docusign

This is a piece of sample code that will allow you to easily insert an item into Dynamics GP using the taUpdateCreateItemRcd eConnect stored procedure. 


This piece of sample code will show you how to get a list of orders from Square


You need to run Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities before you can run Microsoft Dynamics GP


Well... I have. Easy solution below

Is the PK010033 table a "transient" table?
Does it get cleared as Manufacturing orders are completed and closed?


I am trying to build a item utilization routine and I was going to use the EXPV1003 table but that appears to have MO's transition in and out as well.


We have an Item that is a BOM, but it can be a child-bom.  I am trying to query where it has been used as a child-bom.

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


El lote en la imagen lleva varios días en estado actualizando. ¿Cómo puedo hacer para sacarlo de ese estado? Gracias por la colaboración.

The batch in the image has been updating for several days. How can I get him out of that state? Thanks for the help.



I am trying to update lot quantity in sales invoice using e-connect, but it not working and I got the following error

 "quantity fulfilled doesn't match quantity allocated"


My Question is: 

Is it applicable to update Lot quantity in Sales invoice using econnect or webservice?

if yes, please give me an sample code or xml.




I created an asset that was placed into service on 5/20/20. The original cost of the asset was $146,066.35 and in June another $17,148.36 was added for a total asset cost of $163,214.71.

When I look at the asset books, AMT, Fed, & Internal, or run a smartlist that includes this asset, the cost basis is $163,214.71 but the Begin Year Cost is $146,066.35.


Is there a way to change the Begin Year Cost?

I have had this problem in the preparation of Sales documents.

Sales, Quote, Order, and Invoice documents are not calculating tax. Both the Client has configured the tax and also the articles, so I do not understand what could have happened. We are in GP10.0 .. If anyone has an idea or a solution I appreciate them.

When we create a new project in GP the Project by default is set to Open. We need to reset them to Estimate to add new items to the list. Looking for a way to do this with a procedure.





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