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10/12/2020 1:04:30 PM

GET a signature

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I've spent two days getting this figured out, thought I'd share the pain

The code sample below is complete instructions on how to send this JSON document to Docusign. Docusign will then email the customer a pdf and request a signature. When the signing process is complete, Docusign will email you the signed pdf. 

Mostly, this web site handles code related to Dynamics GP and 365. I'm a full time Dynamics developer, and this code resulted from a Dynamics customer project. 

But I know that we'll get a lot of 'non Dynamics' traffic on this subject, and the 'membership' thing will irritate them. 

Here's the deal: I spent 16 hours developing this code, and it works. That's worth $9.99, IMHO. It was pretty challenging. Not the JSON API, I've done that lots. Sending the correct auth info, that took some figuring out. 


  "documents": [
      "documentBase64": "[PDF]",
      "name": "signme.pdf",
      "fileExtension": "pdf",
      "documentId": "1"
  "emailSubject": "Please sign this document",
  "recipients": {
    "signers": [
        "email": "joe@sample.com",
        "name": "Joe Sample",
        "recipientId": "1",
        "routingOrder": "1",
        "tabs": {
          "signHereTabs": [
              "documentId": "1",
              "pageNumber": "1",
              "recipientId": "1",
              "tabLabel": "SignHereTab",
              "xPosition": "195",
              "yPosition": "147"
  "status": "sent"
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