This piece of sample code will show how to display a PDF in an ASP.NET web page

I know, you don't need this right now... but you might later. Follow the link above to the menu page and look at where the link is, and it'll be there when you need it. 

Today we received a requirement to add a line to existing POs. The need is to scan the open POs at an interval and if the PO does not have a line for 'xxx', add it. 

How would you do it? What approach would you use?

My approach is below 

From a user: 

When I’m looking at the DEX_ROW_TS column the time is GMT, correct?

This code snippet will hide the close button on a Telerik Winforms RadDock control

Someone brought up something a little while ago about decrypting stored procedures, and I don't see a post on the method that I use most, so...

We do have a piece of code that will decrypt

but... I always use the free SQL Decryptor product from Devart. It works perfectly

This is a helper function to use when coding extender inserts. 

The user supplies the window id and field name and the field id is returned


Is there a way to add line items to an existing timesheet header record using eConnect? 

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to figure out how to delete line items off of an invoice and have already come up with the code to do so.

The problem I'm having is that it can only delete one line at a time per eConnect document.

According to Visual Studio its telling me that the 'taSopLineDelete' property of the 'SOPDeleteLIneType Class' will not accept an array of objects and even when I separate it into separate declarations it only deletes the last item number in the array of objects.


            SOPDeleteLineTypeObj.taSopLineDelete = itemArray[0];
            SOPDeleteLineTypeObj.taSopLineDelete = itemArray[1];

In this case the values of object itemArray[1] are the only values present in the xml, thus that is the only item that get's deleted off of the invoice.

Does anyone know how to get this to work with multiple line items on the same eConnect Doc?

I've only seen examples here on DynDeveloper of the functions deleting 1 line item.

The Microsoft documentation explicitly states that the 'taSopLineDelete' property describes "A collection of nodes that remove one or more sales invoice lines".

If this is true then how come it won't accept an array of the relevant objects?


I can post the code or XML if required but it won't be anything different from what all of you have seen before.

Any help is appreciated and thanks again.

I'm trying to list all GP company database names and current versions via SQL query. We have over 200 company databases and would like a query to monitor what databases have been upgraded. We are upgrading from 2015 to 2018.

Thanks You,

Jeff S.

I am having issues trying to get the below XML imported using eConnect, Dynamics GP 2016 R2.

taPopEnterMatchInvToShpMultiLine is returning a "divide by zero" error, as I can't access that stored procedure I am not exactly sure what is causing it? 

Any help appreciated.

        <eConnectProcessInfo />


Is there a way to get GP to post Revenue Recognition entries to the GL in detail.  We are currently seeing only summary entries which is making it difficult / impossible to reconcile to the PA tables.


It seems that when using taPopEnterMatchInvToShpMultiLine to match an invoice line to multiple shipments the ACCRUED distribution amount is being duplicated, I have 2 lines so its doubled the amount.

A bit of "Googling" and it seems that taPOPCreateDistributions may have a bug, does anybody have a working version of this stored procedure? I have decrypted but can't work out where it's going wrong.


I am the sa and I need to restrict users from accessing the Integration Manager.

See the screen shot below:

I want them to ONLY 'Run Integration'.

Can someone please tell me how to restrict this in security set up? GP2013



Somewhere in the past, someone was able to make a transaction against an item in our inventory which is now a Flat fee item.

It now shows a quantity of three on hand, but as it is a Flat fee item it tells you that you cannot make a transaction against it to adjust.

What is the safest way to clean up this mess?

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