This might be the shortest piece of code I've ever blogged... but I can't seem so remember it and it's quicker to blog it than to Google it. 

This piece of code will keep trigger recursion from happening. 

Come on... you know you are. I have an easier way below. 

Earlier we coded a taPMTransacionInsertWrapper, but it was simpler

This one includes error handling, a TRANSACTION, and distributions

As far as I can tell, this has been going on for a very long time.


A client called today for help, and I printed out the current 'get next master' code and... it didn't make sense. That doesn't mean it's not right... it just didn't make sense. it was conditionally creating a transaction. 

The code below avoids that, and always creates a transaction. 

Please... if you you use this, test it carefully and get back to me if it works, or if it doesn't. I'd like to know.

This is a short piece of code that will show how to call the Shopify API

Does anyone know how to change the NACHA transaction code to 22 credit in the EFT format setup. My file will only create debits. I have looked everywhere but I cannot see how you change the codes. 

I see where it is under the batch control Line Type but there is the dropdown "Maps to" I can choose Constant, but I dont know where to go to set this Constant? 

using GP 2018



I am creating invoices and pushing into GP using eConnect. My question is whether there is a link between address code (shipping) and the invoice header? I do not see a column in header that relates to an address code. Do I simply choose the correct ship address from the address table and plug the values without a code? Thanks.


We are creating sales orders with econnect, and invoicing them also and have no problems with this. We noticed when we do a sales order to invoice transfer through gp, the salesorder moves from sop00100 tables to history. However when we batch the invoices, the invoices move to history,the original sales orders stay in the sop00100 tables.


What we are trying to figure out is if there is a way we can tie it all together and move the Sales order to history when we batch the invoices. If we need to add a particular field that we need to make sure is filled out on the invoice through econnect that we are missing or if maybe its some feature we need to turn on.


we currently have checkbox checked to maintain order history so it get's moved to sop30200 but we could only get it to work with transfers so far and not through regular invoice creation and batching

Anyone know a good trick on how to setup a Project in GP to show posted revenue and expenses at time of conversion?
I'm converting a company to use Project Accounting but they would like to see % Complete for open projects done at time of conversion.

I can put in a budget amount, but don't know how to reflect the billings.  Do I have to "fudge" the billings by Project by creating expenses, billing them and then delete the batches before they post to the GL?  If I post to AR as well, then I'll have unecessary invoices to void.    

Anyone know a good way to get this done?  

I was also thinking of updating SQL tables at the Project Level but a "reconcile" or "checklinks" might clean those out.



We are using GP 2018

I imported GL transactions data from GP 2013 through Smart Connect. It will not let you import certain fields which originate from Purchasing - such as Originating Master ID, Originating Master Name, and Originating Doc Number.

The lack of this information for current year transactions in our new system has made life much more difficult than originally anticipated. 

Has anyone ever appended this type of data to existing GL transactions using SQL?  Are there any unintended consequences for A/P? does it mess up the PM tables? I don't see how since this data is posted to GL20000?

Any advice would be appreciated. 



Good morning,

  When I try to install GP2018 in a PC an error occur see below and GP Rollback the installation, this only occur in one pc the others 6 install and work fine.

Any suggestions is welcome,

Mr. García

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