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mark4yesu 11/19/2019 8:31:05 AM

GP Project Accounting

Anyone know a good trick on how to setup a Project in GP to show posted revenue and expenses at time of conversion?
I'm converting a company to use Project Accounting but they would like to see % Complete for open projects done at time of conversion.

I can put in a budget amount, but don't know how to reflect the billings.  Do I have to "fudge" the billings by Project by creating expenses, billing them and then delete the batches before they post to the GL?  If I post to AR as well, then I'll have unecessary invoices to void.    

Anyone know a good way to get this done?  

I was also thinking of updating SQL tables at the Project Level but a "reconcile" or "checklinks" might clean those out.



Version: All, GP 2015, GP 2013
Section: Dynamics GP

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