I need to be able to display a tool tip when I hover over a RadGridView cell

I just copied my live server to my test server.  This article will teach you what steps you need to take to keep it working. 

As an aside, I just looked at the Red-Gate 'clone db' product, $8k. 

For the rest of you... we'll help. Read on.


Session state can only be used when enableSessionState is set to true, either in a configuration file or in the Page directive


I come across this error twice a year, and the standard Bing searches don't work, it's all 'technical this' and 'server setup' that. 


The real answer is way simpler. See below

I'm implementing a RadGrid control, bound to SQL Server table, and which will be used by up to 12 people at a time. What's the best way to handle concurrency (to be clear, I mean when one person makes a change while others are working or viewing the same records and fields)?

My client likes the idea of having changes submit to the database on a per cell basis. If a User changes a cell, it gets saved to the DB as soon as the User leaves edit mode of that cell.

If we go that route, what's a good way to deal with the others who may be VIEWING data that's no longer current?

All - what's the best practice method for sending out a Mass Email communication to all Great Plains vendors?  No purchasing or Sales document is being sent. 

I've been developing a Proof of Concept Winforms application for a client, at their request. I've been using Telerik because that's what I have and am most familiar with . Just discovered the client uses DevExpress on other projects (with which I'm not involved) and I'm anticipating pushback when they discover I'm using Telerik.

Any suggestions on how I can convince them to stick with Telerik? Or would I be better off going with the flow and switching to DevExpress if that's what they request?

Of course, on the other hand, if DevExpress has serious advantages over Telerik in Winforms and GridView, let me know. In such a case, I'd actually advocate for DevExpress with my client.

My project is heavily dependent on GridView bound to SQL Server and will have about 12 users, often running concurrently.

Thanks for your insights.


I'm working on a data migration from GP to NetSuite.  I have 16 companies to migrate data from and I created a table in each company db with an account mapping master table called "dbo.GL00105ToNetSuite".  I'm trying to build a cursor to backup these tables into a separate database called Finlyte, because I have to restore over the original databases to pull a second set of data for migration.  So here is what I have:

DECLARE @db VARCHAR(50) --- Database Interid
DECLARE @S_TABLE VARCHAR(50) --- Source table
DECLARE @D_TABLE VARCHAR (50) ---- Backup table


OPEN db_curser
FETCH NEXT FROM db_curser into @db


SET @S_TABLE = @db + '.dbo.GL00105ToNetSuite' -- appends the source company database onto the table name
SET @D_TABLE = 'FINLYTE.dbo.' + @db + '_GL00105TONetSuite' -- adds the source company database to the table name in the Finlyte database.
EXEC('SELECT * INTO ' + @D_TABLE + ' FROM ' + @S_TABLE)  --executes the Select * into backup_db_table from source_db_table
FETCH NEXT FROM db_cursor INTO @db


CLOSE db_cursor
DEALLOCATE db_cursor

When I run it, it backs up the first database table correctly and then it crashes.  Below are the error messages that I get.  Help would be greatly appreciated.

Msg 16915, Level 16, State 1, Line 12
A cursor with the name 'db_curser' already exists.
Msg 16905, Level 16, State 1, Line 16
The cursor is already open.

(15127 rows affected)
Msg 16916, Level 16, State 1, Line 24
A cursor with the name 'db_cursor' does not exist.
Msg 16916, Level 16, State 1, Line 31
A cursor with the name 'db_cursor' does not exist.
Msg 16916, Level 16, State 1, Line 32
A cursor with the name 'db_cursor' does not exist.





Advanced SQL server option is where you decide password policies in GP. I want to know where in SQL server can I see the settings.

Auditors want to know GP Password settings in SQL server.



I am attempting to modify the analytical accounting posting journal that prints both from the edit list and after posting (purchasing module - GP2016 R2). I have tried many things to no avail - not a single edit will come through. I tested with simply moving/editing text. I am using the SA account to ensure the highest credentials.

I've tried editing several/all AA posting reports in the event the report that is actually printing is not the one I'm editing - even though I select 'Modify Report' from the report itself. Nonetheless, aaDistributionJournal-Sub-Ledger title matches both on the report and the one i'm attempting to edit so it would seem i have the right one.

Your help is much appreciated!

My AA Entry:

My report writer changes: I've misaligned 'Document Type' just as a test. My real intention is to simply add the AA Distribution Reference,

How report prints: Doc Type is not misaligned as I'd expect and no AA Dist Reference.



I have a query that brings back all of the Purchase Order Distributions and gives me all of the data I need -- except I cannot join POP30390 to the POP10110  or POP30110 through tables like POP30390, etc.  I have the PONUMBER field but cannot find how I get the LineNumber for the PO.  Shouldn't I be able to?  Thanks much.


select rcpt_ln_hist.PONUMBER, rcpt_hist.POPRCTNM, rcpt_ln_hist.RCPTLNNM, rcpt_ln_hist.VNDITNUM
, pm_dist_hist.DEBITAMT, pm_dist_hist.CRDTAMNT
from POP30390 pm_dist_hist -- 87734
inner join GL00100 mstr
on pm_dist_hist.ACTINDX = mstr.ACTINDX
inner join POP30310 rcpt_ln_hist -- 46265
on pm_dist_hist.POPRCTNM = rcpt_ln_hist.POPRCTNM -- there is a small cartesian here
inner join POP30300 rcpt_hist
on rcpt_ln_hist.POPRCTNM = rcpt_hist.POPRCTNM


Good afternoon,

We've noticed that when an amount on a distribution line is changed, any AA info associated with this distribution gets deleted. Obviously, the amounts on the AA codes would need to be updated to reflect the new distribution amount, but they could at least persist. In our case, AA distributions can be extensive, so this ends up becoming quite the burden. Has anyone else encountered this issue and thought of a potential solution?

Thank you.

Good morning,

  The system show me a notification that i don't have privileges for Employee Card Attachment (see below red circle and notification). I try in the System/Security option all check mark at all levels but don't work, only work with Power User. There will be a specific check mark for attachment access I don't see that?

Any suggestion is welcome,