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fmongero 8/7/2019 9:16:00 PM

modifying analytical accounting report

I am attempting to modify the analytical accounting posting journal that prints both from the edit list and after posting (purchasing module - GP2016 R2). I have tried many things to no avail - not a single edit will come through. I tested with simply moving/editing text. I am using the SA account to ensure the highest credentials.

I've tried editing several/all AA posting reports in the event the report that is actually printing is not the one I'm editing - even though I select 'Modify Report' from the report itself. Nonetheless, aaDistributionJournal-Sub-Ledger title matches both on the report and the one i'm attempting to edit so it would seem i have the right one.

Your help is much appreciated!

My AA Entry:

My report writer changes: I've misaligned 'Document Type' just as a test. My real intention is to simply add the AA Distribution Reference,

How report prints: Doc Type is not misaligned as I'd expect and no AA Dist Reference.



Version: GP 2015
Section: Dynamics GP, Report Writer