Where are email addresses stored in Dynamics GP?

It's not as straight forward as you might think...

This article contains sample code for the Telerik ASP.NET GridButtonColumn when used in LinkButton mode. The resulting column looks like this:

This article will provide code samples for the Telerik ASP.NET RadToggleButton

This article will demonstrate the use of a RadCheckBox control in a RadGrid GridTemplateColumn to allow selecting and deselecting grid rows.

What makes this different is that you can check any of the rows without unlocking the row

I tried to create an Extender SQL Script Action today and couldn't get the syntax correct. 

In this article I show the correct code. 

Hi, one of my users were attempting to post an AP check batch in GP 2013SP2 and she got the error: 

"The batch cannot be posted. Actual batch total does not equal the control total"

I told her what to do and how to fix it but why is it important for them to match? Just curious.



We have a check stuck in "Work" status that is holding up payment on an entire batch.  Have reviewed similar issues in this forum & may well have missed a solution that would work here but for those I have tried, still not able to delete.  Either there is no Delete option, or data is greyed out or other but not able to delete this.  I have attached screen capture of the offending payment.  Any guidance sincerely appreciated.  

Thank you!  Andre 


Getting this error message when creating a credit card batch in GP 2016


Need help!!!!! please

Good afternoon,

I've been having an issue releasing a back order: every time we try to release, a warning comes up in regard of the creditor's limit being exceeded if we decide to proceed.

We've run the below query to find out the outstanding payments against the account:



from RM20101

where CUSTNMBR = custnumbr
and VOIDSTTS = 0
and CURTRXAM <> 0
and DINVPDOF = '01-01-1900'

This gives only one result.

The issue is that the unpaid invoice plus the back order that we are trying to release do not reach the credit limit that we've entered for the customer.

Please note that there is no other orders/invoices in the SOP10100 table but the above mentioned back order.

Is there something I'm not looking at that could breach the customer's credit limit?

The only thing that I can see is if I don't take in consideration the already applied markdown, the creditor's limit is exceeded, although the subtotal of the back order does take it in consideration.

Thank you for your help.

Hello :)

I am trying to create a PO using GP dynamic web Service. I found that the tax amount is zero (TAXAMNT field in both pop10100 and pop10110).

I tried to set the tax amount for each purchase line separately but the total tax amount for the header is zero and not calculated automatically.

For example: 

PurchaseOrderLine.TaxAmount = new MoneyAmount();
PurchaseOrderLine.TaxAmount.Value = 0.22M;
PurchaseOrderLine.TaxAmount.Currency = "CAD";


Hello :)

I am trying to create a PO using GP dynamic web Service. I found that the tax amount is zero (TAXAMNT field in both pop10100 and pop10110).

I tried to set the tax amount for each purchase line separately but the total tax amount for the header is zero and not calculated automatically.

I am getting the following error: 

Hi there I was trying to use this following script to update customer class. But the customer class did not get updated. Appreciate if any one has a clue. Thank you!

using GHTCA

declare @ErrorState int = 0
declare @ErrorString varchar(1000) = ''

exec dbo.taUpdateCreateCustomerRcd
@I_vUpdateIfExists = 1,
@O_iErrorState = @ErrorState,
@oErrString = @ErrorString

if @ErrorState <> 0 select @ErrorState ErrorState, @ErrorString ErrorString


Error: Unable to update/create the batch number

What would cause a Net 60 Days or Net 45 Days Invoice to calculate due date at 30 days?

I need to find a way to undo an Add New Record in Radgrid.

So, a user adds a new record and moves off the new record row. That locks it in the grid (but has not yet been submitted to the underlying database).

How can I UNDO that via code (VB)?

I know that under normal circumstances, it would be better to run validation code and merely cancel the New Record before it locks in, but I have reasons for not doing that.

Conceptually, I think I just need a way to identify what the new record's ID is and then delete it. But, I can't figure out how to do that. I'm open to other solutions, as well.

I'm working on a multi-user winforms app that uses RadGrid, bound to a SQL Server table.

What's the best way to handle concurrency issues?

  • Two people trying to save the same record at the same time?
  • One person is working on a record (or set of records) while another person saves (commits changes to db) that record(s).
  • One person deletes a row and commits changes to db while another is viewing that row
  • Other scenarios?

I have this code that formats items in a list when a certain condition exists.

    Private Sub RadListFamilies_VisualItemFormatting(sender As Object, args As 



Telerik.WinControls.UI.VisualItemFormattingEventArgs) Handles RadListFamilies.VisualItemFormatting
        If isFamilyInProj(args.VisualItem.Data.Value) > 0 Then
            args.VisualItem.Font = fontBold
        End If
    End Sub







When I select an item in the list, I want to run that code. Currently, I have to select a different item and then click back on the original to refresh the formatting.

How can I force that without clicking out and back?

We are standing up a new development environment and the moving logins script ( does not seem to be working.  We have to manually re-enter a password in GP or SQL inorder for a user to be able to log into the new server.  Has anyone else run into this and if so, how were you able to resolve the issue?



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