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TaniaMofflin 7/9/2019 2:54:04 AM

Creditor Limit Exceeded

Good afternoon,

I've been having an issue releasing a back order: every time we try to release, a warning comes up in regard of the creditor's limit being exceeded if we decide to proceed.

We've run the below query to find out the outstanding payments against the account:



from RM20101

where CUSTNMBR = custnumbr
and VOIDSTTS = 0
and CURTRXAM <> 0
and DINVPDOF = '01-01-1900'

This gives only one result.

The issue is that the unpaid invoice plus the back order that we are trying to release do not reach the credit limit that we've entered for the customer.

Please note that there is no other orders/invoices in the SOP10100 table but the above mentioned back order.

Is there something I'm not looking at that could breach the customer's credit limit?

The only thing that I can see is if I don't take in consideration the already applied markdown, the creditor's limit is exceeded, although the subtotal of the back order does take it in consideration.

Thank you for your help.

Version: GP 2013
Section: Dynamics GP