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Where are the Visual Studio templates stored? Often, we've installed a later version of Visual Studio than VS Tools for Dynamics supports, and we need to migrate the template files up to the version that we're in. 

This article will list where the files are for each version, so that you'll know how to migrate between versions. 


A client has reported that someone is entering a setup form and editing something as the 'sa' user, and asked if there is any way to track it. 

I'd be interested if your approach would have been different than mine, feel free to chime in.

The script below will email every time a user logs on as the 'sa' user and report the machine name that they logged in from



I am getting an error while saving a Sales Order through EConnect and trying to track down what it means. the first one is just the lots that have already been allocated that I am gonna delete prior to the save. its the second one that i keep trying to duplicate. Everything seems to match up, and we dont even use the sop10101 table.




Error: Unable to update amount remaining on the invoice

Want to apply a $7,888 credit memo to a $78,900 invoice that I applied $10 previously now I want to apply $100.

Using GP2016(R2)


Input parameters:


Exception type:



Exception message:

Sql procedure error codes returned:


Error Number = 670  Stored Procedure= taRMApply  Error Description = Payment/Return is already applied to the invoice












Stack Trace:

   at Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect.ServiceProxy.CreateEntity(String connectionString, String xml)

   at Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect.eConnectMethods.EntityImportImplementation(String connectionString, String sXML, Boolean isTransaction)

   at Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect.eConnectMethods.ProcessEntityImport(String connectionString, String sXML, Boolean isTransaction)

   at Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect.eConnectMethods.CreateEntity(String connectionString, String sXML)


Event Xml:

<Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event">


    <Provider Name="Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect" />

    <EventID Qualifiers="0">0</EventID>




    <TimeCreated SystemTime="2017-10-12T19:26:02.377539200Z" />




    <Security />





I have an invoice in EURO, payment was made in USD [Functional currency]. I can't seem to apply and write off Gain/Loss on the same screen

Any help would be appreciated