Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'Print_Phone_NumberGB'; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails. The statement has been terminated.                      
Here are a couple of things that are new in eConnect 2013                       

This is a sample of a piece of code that executes a SQL statement in VBA and uses an ADODB parameter.

Why go to all the trouble? Google 'SQL Injection Attack' and you'll find out. Using an ADO Parameter object will protect you.

We're frequently called upon to write simple validations behind forms in Dynamics GP, this piece of code is boiler plate for us - cut and paste, edit the SQL, done.

For the record, we're a 'stored procedure only' shop... but for things as small as this the direct SQL make sense. The  query is small, and the customer doesn't have to maintain the stored procedure.                        

Note that there are no quotes around the parameter question mark... that took me a while to get. Using this method, you don't use quotes even for string params.

Along the way we caused a few errors:

Run-time error '3708': Parameter object is improperly defined. Inconsistent or incomplete information was provided.


Run-time error '1006': Unsafe Operation. This operation cannot be performed in the target field's AfterUserChange, BeforeLostFocus, or AfterLostFocus Events. This operation could compromise the integrity of the application.



This script can be easily modified to return 'sub items' like 'holds for an order' in a comma separated value.

If you need any help using it, open a thread and reference this one and we'll help.


This function will return all the POs on a POP contract

I have a batch ID but the source document is incorrect.  How do I change the source document field after a GL batch has posted?

Can I do this with sql in the database?

Can anyone offer advice on how to add PO Number to the Computer Checks Posting Journal?

I'm attempting to add the PO Number field to the Report Writer Computer Checks Posting Journal report.

I've already successfully removed the temp file that originally provided the body fields.  I've replaced the body fields with fields from the PM Payment Apply To Work File (PM10201).

The problem that I've found is that the PM10201 file and numerous other files do not contain the PO Number data even though the field is present.

I've found that the PM Transaction Open File (PM20000) has what I need in it.

I would like to be able to pull in the PORDNMBR field from the PM20000 table but have not been successful.

I was able to add the table to the report by first adding the PM Key Master File.

I established restrictions for each PM Key Master File and PM Transaction Open File using Control Number and Voucher Number respectively.

When I produced the report, I still found there was no data in the field.

I've seen an example on the web of someone using the Paid History transaction file to provide the information, but that won't work for my purpose since I want the user to review this report prior to printing checks.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am trying to tie invenotry transaction to a G/L transactions to explain variances in different accounts. I want to be able to explain each entry by the items that are causing the entry. I have pulled data from IV10201 table and IV30301 table. I can link IV30301 to the G/L. But I can't seem to link IV10201 to IV30301 on a logical manner to figure out the part number for the transaction... I thought I could use ORIGINDOCID and LNSEQNBR to link IV10201 and IV30301... but I must be missing a logical piece to the puzzle...





hi all,

we have the ssrs reports for gp installed.  If I wanted to tie project numbers into the historical aged trial balance report (purchasing), how would I add that?



Work In Progress GL Account: 15000

Default WIP Posting Account: 15000-C (Tools->Setup->Posting->Posting Accounts [under Projects/PM/Work In Progress TM])

Project Sub Account Override Segment ID: S

eConnect Error Code: taPoLine(20158): Segment Override Account does not exist   

Using the eConnect stored procedures directly I am able to build a POP transaction with taxes and header.  It works swimmingly until I include a Project's Sub Account Overrides.

In a Time & Materials-When Billed typed Project the TM: Work In Progress check box is active indicating that GP should apply costs to our Service department's WIP account ("15000-S").  Again, the default Posting Account is "15000-C"  and it works fine when the Sub Account Overrides are not defined.  When the segment Id is defined as "S" or "C" they continue to output the eConnect error above.  Peculiar behavior since "15000-C" is the same account the Posting Accounts have set as the default.

In a Fixed Price-Cost to Cost typed Project the FP: Work In Progress check box is active and the POP transaction succeeds and the line items display the correct "15000-S" account.

I have looked at the Posting Accounts and both the 15000 account exists for both 15000-C and 15000-S.  Additionally, using the native GP interface, there are no problems submitting the exact same entries.

For the record, I am not an accountant in any way, shape, and/or form.  Any hints, suggestions, or clues as to how one may tackle this issue??

Thanks in advance!                                                    

This short example shows how to change the background color of a row conditionally                       

This is my first foray into Telerik reports, and I'm very pleased. The code below has two parts, launching a report in a web page, and printing the report to a printer ON THE SERVER. Obviously this is not normal ASP.NET functionality; but this was for an intranet and we were printing packing slips to an internal printer.

Great, great functionality.

This code example demonstrates the Gridview Cell Validating Event. In this piece of code, we're only validating the new row.                       

There are two ways to save edited grid data. You can trap UserAddingRow, UserDeletingRow, and the CellEndEdit event.

The other way is to put a save button on the form and loop through the grid's data source as show below and make the CRUD changes enmasse.

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