Casey Cottrell 1/9/2014 2:38:22 PM

Report Writer - Computer Checks Posting Journal - how to add PO Number

Can anyone offer advice on how to add PO Number to the Computer Checks Posting Journal?

I'm attempting to add the PO Number field to the Report Writer Computer Checks Posting Journal report.

I've already successfully removed the temp file that originally provided the body fields.  I've replaced the body fields with fields from the PM Payment Apply To Work File (PM10201).

The problem that I've found is that the PM10201 file and numerous other files do not contain the PO Number data even though the field is present.

I've found that the PM Transaction Open File (PM20000) has what I need in it.

I would like to be able to pull in the PORDNMBR field from the PM20000 table but have not been successful.

I was able to add the table to the report by first adding the PM Key Master File.

I established restrictions for each PM Key Master File and PM Transaction Open File using Control Number and Voucher Number respectively.

When I produced the report, I still found there was no data in the field.

I've seen an example on the web of someone using the Paid History transaction file to provide the information, but that won't work for my purpose since I want the user to review this report prior to printing checks.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Version: All
Section: Dynamics GP, Report Writer, VBA

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