Someone recently sent me this error:

Incorrect syntax near 'INDEX'. If this is intended as a part of a table hint, A WITH keyword and parenthesis are now required

That they were getting running an aging process in Dynamics GP.

I don't have the script, but when I did some testing of scripts against the Northwind database using SQL 2000, 2005, and 2008 and I discovered that 2008 won't run this script:


 Hey all,

 Does anyone know how well the Dynamics Intercompany module and eConnect interact?   I am trying to integrate with customer who has this module installed and I'm unsure as to what is possible.

1.  Can I read from the different databases directly just by specifying the database name for eConnect?  Is this valid, ie. does each database have the ability to be read from/to independently with eConnect?

2.  I assume I can't use GL Distributions across companies (for instance, on a Payables Transaction).. is this correct?  If so, is there any way to specify distributions for Intercompany?  (Or would I have to go directly to the database)

Thank you!

Hello, Is there a way I can print a duplicate of a report which is printed from GP? I see that there is an event handler I can register "PrintAfterOriginal" using VS tools, but I am not able to understand how I can reprint a report after the original one is printed. Is there a way I can achieve this using dexterity? My basic requirement is that I want to print a copy of the report as file for electronic processing after a report is printed. Regards Sreejith

While looking through a DEXSQL.LOG trying to solve a posting problem, I came across

Could not find stored procedure 'TWO.dbo.zDP_gpAppEnbSS_1

Not much documentation out there, but here is how I got it fixed:

 Hello, I'd like to learn eConnect.  I'm a C# developer but I don't know jack about eConnect.  Reading the MS manuals is not much help.  Is there any 3rd party training available?  videos? ebooks?  courses?  

I wrote a GP integration exe years ago.  It was a stand alone exe that read data from a website and imported it into GP by calling ta_ stored procs.  However, there was lots of business logic in the exe.  Simple things like determining which batch id to insert the transaction into, what date to use for the transaction vs the posting date, logic to check to see if the customer already exists and if not create them, etc. To more complex logic such as determining which posting accounts to use, determining tax schedules, etc.

From the little I've read about eConnect it seems like it's based on just calling the ta_ storeed procs.  What about all the middleware business logic?  Is that still custom programmed in the middleware component?  This logic has to reside somewhere.  Things are not as simple as just calling an sp. And each and every business has different logic needs so it seems like there is still a lot of custom programming to be done.

 Also, I did not use the pre & post stored procs back then.  I don't understand how these work.  So the pre enters some data, then the main sp writes data then if you need to change that you need to overwrite what the main sp entered with the post sp?  huh?  Don’t understand this methodology.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.



Hi there,


I want to modify the "Manufacturing Series Sales Item Detail" fields like “BOM Type” using VS tools.

For example I want it so that when this windows pops up, the value in the “BOM Type” field is changed to 3.

Is it possible if someone can give me a basic idea as to how can I achieve this?


Thank you in advance.




I am using <taUpdateCreateAccountRcd> to update account descriptions of an existing account. I am doing this by referencing the existing account and new description from a sql table I created. 

But I get the following error!  Can't tell what went wrong from this error.

Sql procedure error codes returned:

Any help will be appreciated.




So I ran into an issue where I set a textbox Visible property to False only to load the program and see the textbox disabled. Has anyone else come across this?

Dear All

I am asking for an example for how to use “taSopLineIvcInsert” with specific BIN “taSopMultiBin” using C#.

The items I am using are lot tracked.

please advise Thank you


Dear Sir,

i want to handle events occuring in Microsoft Dynamics GP using eConnect like after creating a new document, after deleting a document, or after creating a customer.. etc. but i don't know how!

Is it possible using eConnect? if not then is it possible using any other way but eConnect?

if this isn't possible at all, then may i get any idea on how i can send SMS Notification/Alert after these kind of operations.

by the way i know that i can send emails as notifications from GP itself but what i need more is that SMS part.


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