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eConnect Training & Questions

 Hello, I'd like to learn eConnect.  I'm a C# developer but I don't know jack about eConnect.  Reading the MS manuals is not much help.  Is there any 3rd party training available?  videos? ebooks?  courses?  

I wrote a GP integration exe years ago.  It was a stand alone exe that read data from a website and imported it into GP by calling ta_ stored procs.  However, there was lots of business logic in the exe.  Simple things like determining which batch id to insert the transaction into, what date to use for the transaction vs the posting date, logic to check to see if the customer already exists and if not create them, etc. To more complex logic such as determining which posting accounts to use, determining tax schedules, etc.

From the little I've read about eConnect it seems like it's based on just calling the ta_ storeed procs.  What about all the middleware business logic?  Is that still custom programmed in the middleware component?  This logic has to reside somewhere.  Things are not as simple as just calling an sp. And each and every business has different logic needs so it seems like there is still a lot of custom programming to be done.

 Also, I did not use the pre & post stored procs back then.  I don't understand how these work.  So the pre enters some data, then the main sp writes data then if you need to change that you need to overwrite what the main sp entered with the post sp?  huh?  Don’t understand this methodology.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.



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